Friday, April 22, 2016

Blog Filler: So Many Things Are Still Pending!

Before Babe proposed, I've always thought I had it all. Wedding may be a huge thing but hey, I have it at the back of my hand. *blows nails*

But prize for guessing who's freaking out now with 3 weeks to go before the photoshoot.

1. Gowns not chosen
2. No wedding shoes
3. Hair not dyed
4. No idea for casual shoot

and the list goes on...

On the bright side, I still managed to squeeze some time in to have brunch with my fiancé. hehe.

So excited for the weekend!! (Actually it's just gonna be like any other weekend but who doesn't love weekends?!)


Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Wedding Diary Episode 2: Of Choices and Advices

I'm sure we all have heard it all before: Marriage is NOT a 2-person affair.
It's more than that.

If you're lucky, it will usually involve just the family and the couple.
If you're a little unlucky, it will also involve the family, the friends and the couple.
If you're just pure unlucky, it will involve all of the above and people whom you have not even heard of but decided to stick their nose into your marriage affair anyway.

Depends on how you see it, my marriage planning so far involves the family, the friends and us.
I have no one to blame but myself because I'm always the play-nice type where I don't like to hurt anyone's feelings and eventually I end up being the one getting hurt.

In terms of family, there'll be issues on...well, everything.
As much as you want to have your OWN say in certain things, there'll always be some family members who will think that it's best if you do it their way because after all they are the ones who have the experience, not you.
They will think that you do not know how to look for reception venues, pre-wedding shoot, bridal gowns, bridesmaids' (and best men's) attires and duties, flower bouquet, videography, well, you get the gist. Pretty much EVERYTHING.
Worse is when you tend to deviate from their opinions, they will end their sentences with, "Ok la it's up to you. It's not my wedding anyway." I can practically see my blood veins ON my skin now.

As for friends, from selecting bridesmaids (AND MOH), to deciding who does what and when, who to follow you to the bridal shop to select the gowns, etc, all these should sounds rather easy, you'd say?
See what I meant when I said I always play nice?
I know it's my wedding and I should just do what I want. 

But...if you think of it, my wedding is just one most 2 days. 
These people will be around more than just those 2 days. 

Anyway, quick update:

We have finally decided on our bridal shop and pre-wedding photography!

More to come!


Saturday, April 2, 2016

My Wedding Diary Episode 1: Of Wedding Date, Reception Venue and Bridal Shops (& Photography!)

Ah. I've been thinking of doing this ever since the time I decided that one day I'll grow up and marry the guy whom I truly love and now that I've found him, I guess it's about the right time to pen this down!

So, after we got engaged, like any other bride (or is it really just me wtf), I was a little nervous because I obviously have no experience in this and because our budget doesn't allow us to hire a wedding planner (or rather I prefer to be more hands on for MY wedding...does that make me a bridezilla?!), I was left to figure out things myself. My sister and a few friends who are married did offer me some help but because I just didn't know what I want at that time, I pretty much turned down all their help. Haha.

But the first thing that came to my mind was to:

1. Set the wedding date
As any typical Buddhist, I wouldn't say I'm extremely superstitious but I would like to get the best date for my once-in-a-lifetime wedding. So the best person to approach for this is, of course, my mom (thank God for mothers, really)! She went to the temple (or somewhere, seriously I'm just not into this but I just want to have a good date haha) with my aunt and ask the medium for the dates based on my and Babe's birth dates and time. 

It didn't take her very long to get me the dates but the next one almost killed me:

2. Find the wedding reception venue
This is one of the most difficult tasks for me so far. It wouldn't be this difficult if:
a. You have a year (at least) to plan for the wedding; and
b. You have a rough number of people you are inviting to your wedding.

For (a), it sounds easy and most would ask, "Why the rush?" Well, FYI, I made a promise to myself that I do not want to get married at the age of 30 and above. I have made it known to Babe as well because if anything, I want my wedding as another milestone of my life in my 20s. I'll leave 30s for the babies (haha). :P

But for (b), while it may not be that difficult to find out who you'll be inviting, it does get a little exhausting because most of the numbers are from your parents. Remember, the reception is for your parents, not you or your spouse. It took soooo freaking long just to get a rough (note: still no final number) of the amount of pax we will be having for our wedding.

After all that, then you'll be able to shortlist the venues which can accommodate that number. BUT, if you're having your wedding in less than a year and hoping to get a good venue, you can pretty much forget about it wtf. We were lucky to secure quite a good hotel (not top of my list sadly) and placed the deposit after much hoo-hahs!

3. Get a bridal shop (usually comes together with pre-wedding photography)
Oh my god. I just came back from a wedding expo and nearly suffocated. I think I probably suffered from a minor headache while leaving the expo. I really hated how pushy the sales people are but thankfully I am someone who doesn't succumb to pressure easily (in terms of controlling myself against sales people).

So I went to the expo with Babe and the moment we walked towards the entrance, a group of people (I'd like to call them ushers) suddenly charged towards us and one of them passed us a card which offers the bridal gown + photography services. He was lucky we weren't there for any specific bridal shop so we agreed to sit and let them tell us what their offer was.

But the moment we sat down, we basically couldn't get our ass of the seats for almost 2 hours? IT WAS RIDICULOUS PLEASE. We already made it clear to her (the pushy sales person) that we are not able to decide there and then because we want to have options but she just kept pushing.

While I admired her persistence, it's her luck to meet me because as anyone would know me, my self-control is pretty admirable hahaha and too bad, we still got up and left although their package is the cheapest (not the nicest though).

The 3rd point is still pending as I type. Tomorrow we're going to hunt down the bridal shops because I do not want to get a package by looking at picture. This bride here wants to look and feel the dresses TQVM. :P

I mean, we have all heard from other brides how these wedding expos always try to cheat the hell out of you. They'll show you the best they have in the albums but when you are at their actual shop, their clothes are totally different and you'll have to pay extra to get the nicer one! I'm not going to be another victim to fall for that.

Till my next episode!


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