Saturday, March 26, 2016

Rabbit SoftServe @ First Avenue, Penang

While trying my best to keep myself updated with all the latest hype in Penang, of course I didn't miss this out: Rabbit Softserve at First Avenue

I've seen the dessert getting famous on Instagram and made it a point to try it out when I was back during the CNY break.
To my surprise, it was just a small stall with probably 3 tables and we were lucky to get a table the moment we got there. 

So apparently from week to week, the owner will come up with new flavors or collaboration with local brands/influencers to create the themed softserve ice cream of the week.
Of course mine was the CNY theme and I love the little piece of paper they stuck on the ice cream. :)

What I don't quite fancy was the marshmallow which was soggy. Eeww.
Also, don't be fooled by the size of the cup you see from the photo, the actual content of the ice cream is less than half the size of the cup. Yup.

Taste wise...if I'm not mistaken this pink one was the watermelon taste. It tasted pretty diluted but for a non-dessert person like me, this is good enough for me to not feel sick of it after a few spoonful.

I would still recommend it for first-timers because it's instagram-worthy!

This cost me about RM13. Would you get it?


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