Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sharing Sunday #3 - Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush vs Real Techniques Foundation Brush

Don't know what to talk about for #SharingSunday! Thought I'll just make a quick post on the foundation brushes I have and now I'm only sticking to one! Find out which one below!

1. Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush

Dense but soft synthetic bristles, feels really comfortable on the skin. 

2. Real Techniques Foundation Brush (from which is now acquired by Sephora!)

Curve in at the middle part of the brush allows good grip of the brush during application.
The bristles are out of this world. I'll explain below.

So the background of the Urban Decay brush is that I wasn't happy at all with the Real Techniques foundation brush I bought from Luxola.
In fact, because of that, I actually thought Luxola could potentially be a scam website because after all RT brushes are highly raved and with the first use of the brush, I already wasn't excited about it anymore!

Not too sure whether it applies to everyone but I noticed some of the reviews on (the now obsolete) Luxola's website has poor review due to the same issue which I'll share below.
If you're thinking why I still bought it even reading those poor reviews, it is because I was stupid laaa ish.
I was in the impression that if so many people raved about it, a few bad reviews should be quite common, no? How wrong I was!

Upon my first foundation application using the RT brush, I was appalled to see visible streaks from the bristles on my face! Everyone knows you're not supposed to have those streaks on your face if you apply your foundation correctly.
It happened every single time I used it without fail and as much as I tried to smooth out those streaks, it just takes too much of an effort and the bristles are honestly a little rough for the skin.

As for the UB Optical Blurring felt like man made heaven I tell you.
If not mistaken, I had Babe bought it for me for Valentine's Day (men say you have to tell them exactly what you want, hinting doesn't work) and I have been loving it since!
The application was easy and the bristles are oh-so-soft!
I have been using it with the various liquid foundation I have and so far it's nothing but great!
The optical blurring term used on this brush is true! In fact, it's a Photoshop term and it means blurring the flaws (my own definition hahaha).

So there you have it. UB is more expensive than the RT one but so far, it's really worth it!


Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Beautiful Saturday With My Girls

It's been too long of a super hectic week!

Boy am I glad it's finally the weekend. CKQ suggested to go to The Row, KL and Waze took me one whole big round using Sprint. =__=

Didn't quite know what to eat so we ended up at Limapulo, which serves Nyonya food at a pretty reasonable price. Food was not too bad for the price.

Tamarind chicken lunch meal @ RM9.90

Part of the rustic decoration in the restaurant.

After lunch, we went to Butter + Beans which is just down the row of restaurants for some quick coffee!

Kinda quite like the vibe there and The Row is just located next to Sheraton Imperial...and I had NO idea at all!
With the gf.

Shall end the post with an #OOTD photo of myself:

Shades: Prada
Top: Off shoulder from Kitschen
Skirt: Factorie
Bag: Michael Kors
Accessories: Flowers courtesy of OCY haha


Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sharing Sunday #2 - Happy 12th Anniversary & Proposal Day

Wow, I have been so busy this past week I almost forgot about the existence of Sharing Sunday!

This week, I'll share on what I've been up to since yesterday! It is our 12th Anniversary today and we decided what better day than to splurge if not on an occasion that happens once a year!

I've always wanted to visit Majestic Hotel KL ever since I saw it's huge bathtub and 4 poster bed!
We got the Junior Suite which comes with an extended living area!

Credits to Majestic Hotel KL website.
Views of the Junior Suite room:

Presenting to you, the 4 poster bed I have been dreaming of!! The king bed was so plush I fell asleep almost immediately hahaha.

I can't help's too pretty!

Next on my to do list was to soak in their bathtub!! It was really nice and huge! I'm glad I still had my Spa Sanctuary bath bubbles and it was oh-so-fun!

If I could suggest anything to the hotel, it would definitely be great if it could provide their hotel guests with bath bubbles instead of just the shower/bath gel.

Babe said I'm giving him ideas on our future next house!

Hahah!! Really have to make full use of the room, don't I!

We have the sunset view too!

In fact, we have both the sunrise and sunset view! Too bad there was a huge tower building that blocks the sunrise or else it would have been the most perfect room!

I realised I forgot to take another side of the room which has the study desk and the walkway to the room from the main door!
No matter, I'll just post a link here when I got the video up on YouTube!

Breakfast view.

The next day, Babe decided to go for a high tea since the hotel is famous for it.
I almost got taken aback because never in my life does Babe ever mention to have a high for real!

Our view at the high tea.

We've come a long way! :)

A closer look at the ring! It was very beautiful and all I ever wanted. :)

To be fair, I am not a jewellery/accessory person so I'm pretty much okay with anything (lucky dude :P) as long as it's not too puny hahahaha or too huge?!

I've seen before friends with huge diamond rings and I honestly got quite turned off because it was too huge to be worn?!

Anyway, the size is a little too big but we might get it resized after CNY!

Happy Anniversary dear! The proposal was exactly how I've always wanted it to be and thank you for always being there for me.


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sharing Sunday #1 - Sephora Galactica Loots!

Okay. I totally came up with the title randomly.
I thought if I come up with specific series, I might actually stick to it at least on a weekly basis. :P
Let's see how it goes!

To kick start my first Sharing Sunday, I'm gonna talk about the beauty stuff I received from Sephora recently.
Sephora is undeniably every vain girl's heaven. Ever since it came to Malaysia, I have made it my go-to beauty shop even if I am only interested in feasting my eyes without making any purchase. :P

Last month, the Sephora Gift Galactica bus made a brief stop at Nu Sentral and I was lucky that my office is right next to it! Since I was waiting for Babe, so I decided to join in the fun and it was fun, indeed (for me at least)!

There were tonnes of goodies to give away and guess who was one of the ultimate winner haha!!

Here's what I got from them:

I have not used these goodies yet so I'll review them when I do! :D

Sephora sleeping mask.

I've always wanted to try this Sephora sleeping mask since they launched it not long ago but could not justify spending the amount for something so...little. But am so excited now that I got it for free!

Nail buff!!

Hehe another goodie that has always been on my list since my (very few) pampering manicure sessions. Never got around to buying because again, it's not cheap!

Sephora Pearl eye mask

I'm gonna try this tonight! Will review it soon!

Fresh beauty goodies!

One of the most expensive ones in my loot of freebies! Am totally excited to use them up during my short travel trips! :)

First Aid Beauty (FAB) face cleanser! 

Can someone tell me how do I use these? Are they cleansing wipes aka make up remover? Or can I use them as a replacement for facial cleanser?

Butter London in Ruby Murray.

I have wayyy too many nail polish so this is on my Carousell list now.

Look up for me on @clconquers to see my listing!

That's it for now! Will share more when I've used them. :)


Monday, January 11, 2016

First Meal of 2016: Nutmeg, Bangsar

HAPPY 2016!

So we had our first meal at 12pm (because we came back late from our NYE celebration hur hur) and headed to Nutmeg, Bangsar for a filling brunch (or rather, lunch)!

#OOTD: Shades from Burberry, Top and bottom from H&M, shoes from Tizio and bag from Michael Kors.

We were starving and it didn't help that we had to wait for about 20 mins because of the crowd. :(

But woohoo! Window shopping it is! :)

My cuppa latte to kick start the new year!

Babe ordered the Southern Fried Breakfast with scrambled eggs.

He ended up couldn't finish the muffin but it was good he said!

I, of course ordered my favorite Eggs Benedict with salt beef! Didn't really fancy the toasts, though.

That's all we had at Nutmeg! What was the first meal you had this year?


Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Forum at The Signature, Desa Sri Hartamas

The Forum is one of my best cafe findings recently.
I read that the cafe is inspired by the city of Melbourne which explains the large floor-to-ceiling windows.

The Forum is located at The Signature, which is slightly hidden from the main road.
You will need to locate The Signature in order to find the cafe maybe because it was still new few weeks back.
Park your car at the opposite shop lots and just walk across to the cafe.

I loveeee places that allow lots of sunlight to penetrate through.
The weather was nonetheless hot but it feels just right to be sitting inside the cafe and just chilling.

Selection of desserts at The Forum.

Fresh iced lemon tea to cool down on such a hot day!

I had the mushroom risotto. I'm a sucker for anything mushroom and rice as you can probably tell already.

I was lucky to have the owner around when I visited the cafe and he was nice enough to walk over to ask how my food was and if I had any opinions on it.
I told him I really loved the portion of the risotto. Seems small but it was actually just nice maybe because of the cheese.
And that I wouldn't mind more mushrooms, of course. :P

He suggested me to try their desserts but I'm not a dessert person and am definitely not a good person to tell if it's good or not..

Thumbs up!!

You can opt to have an al-fresco dining too.

You might wanna find out the latest opening hours as this was taken during their soft launch period.

Overall, I had a good time at The Forum and upon my recommendation, some of my friends went to try it out too!

Would definitely love to go back again. :)


Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year's Eve Dinner at Beast, The Intermark

Here's us right for our New Year's Eve dinner!
Initially, we didn't have any plan but Babe said it's New Year's Eve and we should do something nice. 
I've always wanted to visit Beast at The Intermark so we called to book on 30th Dec. Thankfully it wasn't fully booked! :)

My date for the past (almost) 12 years. ;)

Yours truly.

I kinda love the ambience at Beast. It's a little too dimmed but overall it's fine because it gives out that rather romantic vibes and the staff were attentive as well.

Took some shots while waiting for the food.

If not mistaken, steaks are one of the main purposes people come to Beast.
I ordered the pan seared sea bass (I had way too much steaks for the past weeks, so I'll just pass) while Babe ordered the tenderloin (if not mistaken).

Pan seared sea bass with potato risotto and mushroom.

I love the potato risotto! It's my first time having it and I thought it was commendable.

Babe said the steak was pretty good too. I tried it but I still think nothing beats Maria's Steakhouse's steaks! :P

Tenderloin steak.

We ordered the portobello mushroom for was yums!
This side dish cost RM45 but it tasted really unique with the cheese cubes which tasted salty but they complement the mushroom really well.

Some shots of the menu:

A happy girl after a satisfying last dinner of the year. :D

After dinner, we moved on to the rooftop bar on the 29th floor - The View at G Tower.
Thankfully we came here to The Intermark at about 7.30pm and avoided all the jam!
The huge crossroad in front of The Intermark was in a grid lock by the time we finished our dinner, around 9.30pm.

Our New Year's Eve view.

There's a club and a bar at G Tower. We're too old for clubbing so we went to the bar instead haha.

One last photo together before we call it a year!

Last but not least, Babe surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of roses!
He knows I didn't have a good year in 2015 and he wanted to make sure that at least I ended it in a more beautiful way.

Especially after he told me how much he went through just to secure these flowers! :-X

Thank you dear. I can't help but to keep saying how pretty these roses are.

Have a good year ahead, everyone!


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