Monday, August 31, 2015

Happy "Independence" Day?

Today, the country I was born in 28 years ago is supposed to achieve its 58th years of "Independence".

However, the word "Independent" has slowly losing its meaning to a lot of my countrymen because of all the corrupted politicians we have in the country and it made us wonder if we have ever truly being Independent after so many years.

We have billions of donation that appeared in the PM's account, we have top people in the country like the A-G being sacked after the donation issues, murder cases related to top politicians yet the criminals are still at large, plummeting of the local currency, etc. 

So, are we still celebrating the 58th Independence Day today? 

The power is in the hands of the people, not the leaders. I can't wait for the day my lovely country is truly INDEPENDENT.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

CLINIQUE Take The Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes & Lips

As someone who puts on make up everyday, I am always on the lookout for the best make up remover in town so that my skin can be thoroughly cleaned after a long day.
I've tried a lot of make up removers throughout the year - oil-based, water-based, cream and gel type..etc.
I usually use different removers based on my liking but I will only use cleansing oil for heavy make up because I find that the oil dissolves the make up faster.
As for this one, I have been using the Clinique Makeup Remover for more than a year now (hehe because I don't use it everyday!) and I'm still loving it!
I bought it when I was in the UK and I love how gentle this remover is to my skin.

Haha! You can see that I've almost used up all that's left of the remover. :P

Noticed the dual-phase formulae?  
I love how this remover removes waterproof make up effectively.
Do note that it leaves a slightly greasy residue upon removing the make up so be sure to use a facial cleanser to completely remove the residue from your face!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

That Asian Girl - Have You Seen Her?

Not sure if the same happens to other Asian countries, but in Malaysia, this Asian girl is everywhere! (my bad, it's not only in Malaysia as I'm pretty sure I've seen outside Malaysia before)...

Photo from Shutterstock.

I have seen her on billboards, adverts, commercials, magazine articles....EVERYWHERE and I'm not even kidding!

Babe and I found ourselves telling each other, "It's her again!" every single time we see her on an advert, which is quite often mind you. :-/ 

Have you seen her before? Do you know where she originates?
UPDATE: She has a freaking tumblr page with the exact answer to my question...goodness -


Saturday, August 22, 2015

Rat Race No More?

Another day, another weekend! It's been 3 weeks since I started my new job and so far, I'm loving it!
I might not be doing exactly what I have been wanting to do since early last year, but I know I'm getting closer to it and I can feel it!
Ahh, the liberation of being able to express my feelings ever so genuinely on my blog really kind of makes me miss the good ol' times I had while blogging.

As I'm typing these on my Mac, I'm reminded of how lucky I've been.
I have everything I need in my life and a lot of my wants have been fulfilled as well.
For months I have been trying to escape the rat race that is overwhelming me to a point which I was about to lose my mind and I'm so glad I finally did it.
My job is still a rat race now but at least, I stop racing the way I did before.
Of course, my new job comes with a cost. 

Anyway, signing off for the day with a photo of my current view!


Sunday, August 16, 2015

Mews Cafe at Muntri Street, Penang

Oh yes finally managed to squeeze in some time for a short blog post.
So I went back to Penang last weekend since it was my mom's birthday weekend and I thought it would be nice to be able to spend some time with her and dad.
But I'll leave the post on her birthday dinner for some other time. :P

Anyway, every single time I go back, I will always make it a point to visit the new places I might have missed out over the few months when I'm in KL.
This trip, I found out about Muntri Mews Cafe (mainly because of its al-fresco dining) and I initially decided to have my mom's birthday dinner there.
But due to the really bad weather in Penang, all their guests had to be seated in the restaurant and the staff could not guarantee me a table for dinner.

Still not satisfied, I went to have lunch with mom the next day haha.
The cafe wasn't difficult to spot with Waze (yes, sadly I'm beginning to get lost even in my own hometown) and it was quite empty when we were there around 1pm.

Ordered a cuppa latte to kick start the day! Loved their mug!

Mom thinks that the flower on the table was worth a capture too. Haha.

At first glance, the cafe is pretty dimmed even during the broad daylight and the staff weren't the friendliest.
But one plus point to them is the antique-looking wooden furnitures in the cafe! Reminded me a lot of the time I spent in the coffee shop with my grandma when I was just a little kid. :)

Love the old wooden furnitures.

The food menu wasn't very elaborated, only a handful of local food which are exorbitantly priced unfortunately.
They serve mainly local cuisines so if you're local, you'll probably won't like paying that kind of price...
We ordered the beef rendang with nasi kunyit while mom had the vegetarian kerabu meehoon.

Beef rendang with nasi kunyit.

Vegetarian kerabu meehoon.

I thought the beef rendang was not bad actually while mom also quite liked the meehoon!
But we don't think the food was worth price tags though.

Great weather outside and as Penangites, we had to make full use of the money paid so we took a few shots outside the cafe! Hehe.
Oh yes, we didn't dine outside as mom preferred to be inside with air-cond. Hot la.

That's all for now! I think the cafe's worth a one-time visit. Don't plan to go back there anytime soon!



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