Sunday, April 19, 2015

Random Photos Over The Months

While I try to salvage whatever that's left of my Sunday, I shall do a quick post on the happy things I've gone through since the beginning of the year.

Lots have happened, but I'll just share the ups! :)

Let's go!

1. Having a place on our own means a lot to me partly because it means I'll have my own little private space to experiment with anything I want which includes cooking! :) 

Have always loved eggs Benedicts so I prepared one! Hollandaise sauce totally need more practice. :-/

2. Spending CNY in Penang as usual. Went up to Kek Lok Si again despite all the jam but we made it! Here's a photo of myself with mom.

I just noticed that big grin on mum's face! Hahaha.

3. In desperate mode of having a quick getaway. Babe and I decided to go to Avani Sepang Gold Coast while we keep dreaming about Maldives for now... :P

Beautiful day in Avani!

4. Spent our 11th Anniversary in Krabi!

Sunset right outside the balcony of our room. :)

5. Celebrated my 28th birthday with the ladies. Ahhh, what more could a girl ask for!

Thanks again for the wonderful time, ladies! Much lovesss

6. I just have to, don't I? :P

Taken while having dinner at Pasta Zanmai in MidValley but man, they are closed now?!?!

7. My 28th birthday present from Babe!! Which I'm blogging from now yo. :D

Good to have a birthday that falls before GST kick starts in Malaysia. :D

8. Random coffee photo.

9. Dolled up for brunch with Babe at Red Bean Bag and requested for an #OOTD shot.

Haha. Erm..moving on..

10. Left the company I've been working with since 2011. Too much love lost in (for) the company.

Missing my ex-colleagues!!

11. Moving on to a new role the following week. Regretted not taking any break at all between jobs!

Can you guess where?

12. Wild night out with ex-colleagues while I still can. Love my make up that night!

Should have taken a close-up shot of my eye make up. :P 

13. Invited friends over for dinner while I tested the new oven. Babe's mom got us the oven! :)

14. Brunch with my ex-stars ladies. Missing them lots! Caught up at Wanderlust, Solaris Mont Kiara.

Colorful brunch! A twist to the normal brunch menu I must say.

Okay now moving on to cooking dinner for tonight! Ciao!


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