Sunday, November 15, 2015

Yeast Bistronomy At MidValley

Brunch time yesterday! I seldom do brunch outside these days but yesterday was an exception because I got to hang out with the ladies!

We went to Yeast at MidValley and oh boy I was late. I always somehow tend to dilly dally when it comes to unofficial appointments with family and friends but thankfully I am not like that professionally. :P

Eggs Benedict with turkey ham - RM22

Girls being girls, after months of not catching up, we had SO MUCH to talk about!
We basically sat there from 10am (well I was there at 10.30am :-/ ) until 3pm. Yup..that was how long we chatted!
Soooo good to see them again! :D

With ma ladies from ex company!

Then on my way back, since I didn't have coffee at Yeast, I decided to grab a quick cup from Starbucks..also because I wanted to buy their Christmas tumbler.
I have been resisting myself from splurging since August so just let me be ok!! :(

Oh #redcup, sometimes I feel like I live from Christmas to Christmas only for you.


Saturday, November 7, 2015

IKEA Work Desks and Jumpstreet KL!

Productive Saturday! Today marks our first year of moving into the new place and it's been really exhilarating and tiring all the same.
Exhilarating because we have all the freedom to do anything we want (or don't want :P) and tiring because it's not easy to be cleaning the house, making sure everything is in order, well, at least we try. Haha.

So ever since we moved in, we have been using the dining table as our working table and I really wanted to get a proper work desk for Babe because he works till the wee hours at night and I think he deserves at least a chair that will provide sufficient support.
We decided to go to IKEA and it turned out great because we got almost all that we wanted!

Vain pots on the way to IKEA early in the morning!

We cannot possibly leave IKEA without having their meatballs!

This is half of what we bought: Hers.

Haven't put up the photo frames though.

His side is basically the same table but black in color and a Torkel swivel chair with cushion to provide better support when sitting.
Nope, he does not have any decoration like mine ahahah what! I only thought of how to decorate mine and initial plan was to have one table only ok. :P

Anyway, I asked Babe to accompany me to Jumpstreet because I've always been wanting to go there. He obliged (hehe) and so we went!
I bought the 2pm session but we were late so we only had 30 mins left by the time we stepped into the court.

Jump Babe, jump!

Crazy hair don't care!

I was a little disappointed when I found out we only had 30 mins left but Babe said it's more than enough!
Indeed, I almost felt like puking in the first 5 minutes but got better after that haha.
Honestly, 30 mins for a beginner like me is really more than enough!

All them flush after all the jumping and sweating!

I will definitely be back again next time, Jumpstreet!


Thursday, October 29, 2015

Taiwan Day 5 & 6 - Sun Moon Lake and Taichung City

In a blink of an eye, we're on our 5th day in Taiwan!
As usual, we will have breakfast nearby our AirBnb and this time, we tried the doujiang (aka soya bean drinks) with you tiao (aka yao char kwai or eu zhar kuey) which is located right next to our AirBnb.

Honestly, the soya bean was a little bland, almost tasteless. We were supposed to wrap the you tiao in the roti canai-lookalike dough but we didn't we ate them separately hahaha.
Still disappointed though. :-/

Our breakfast for 3!

Then we checked out from our lovely AirBnb and headed south to Sun Moon Lake (SML)!
To go to SML, you'll have to take the High Speed Rail (HSR) from Taipei Main Station to Taichung HSR Station (NT$700 each way, you can use credit card for this).
From there, take a bus (we used Nantou) for slightly more than NT$100 one way to head to Sun Moon Lake straight. No transfer is needed.

We stayed at Doris Home which was amazing (will share the photos at the end of the post)!
Greg, the host was so welcoming and he made sure that we had all we needed. Definitely the best host I've ever come across.
We even got ferry tickets prepared for us by Greg so after a short rest at Doris, we headed to the pier for a ferry ride around SML.

Shuishe Pier at SML.

First stop was a disappointment. All we did was walked down from the ferry and bought each a tea egg. THAT'S ALL. I didn't even bother to take any photos because there were too many people around and it was a little uncomfortable tbh.

2nd stop was slightly better. There were shops selling food, snacks and souvenirs but it felt like a deserted little town..

The stretch of road with the most food stalls.

I think we walked for about an hour and decided that it's not worth our time anymore. Haha!

On the ferry while heading back to the main side of the island.

At night, nothing is ALIVE..most shops close at 9pm and the only shop still opens (besides 7-11) is this bar called Sunny Lake Wonder.
Loved the vibes and cooling weather though. :)

In the next morning, we woke up at 5am to cycle around the lake.
It costs NT$200 for an unlimited riding hours as it easily takes up to 2 hours to return (NT$100 for an hour).
The view was really worth it! So if cycling is part of your itinerary, do remember to wake up earlier (maybe not as us), the bicycle shops open at 6.30am.

Beautiful scenery early in the morning but the sun was already so high up..

Group pic one last time!

Before ending this post, let me show you how Doris home looks like:

Entrance to the guestrooms.

Lovely breakfast prepared by the host!

The name of the room we took.

That's all for our Taiwan trip! To head to Taoyuan Airport from SML, you can take the same Nantou bus and reach Taichung HSR.
From there, you can take the train to Taoyuan (NT$590/pax) and pay NT$30 for the bus ride to Taoyuan Airport. It's cheaper that way!

Oh actually we went to Shin Kong Mitsukoshi shopping mall to kill time when we reached Taichung HSR before heading to the airport.

Beautiful sunset on our last day in Taiwan. :)

Till then,


Monday, October 26, 2015

Taiwan Day 4 - Eating & Shopping at Yongkang St., Zhongxiao Dunhua and Taipei 101

4th day in Taiwan! The days in Taiwan seem a little draggy now because we were quite tired from all the walking and roaming around Taiwan on the previous days but it's ok! That's what we were here for anyway!

OOTD includes striped dress from Zara and denim jacket from H&M.

Shopping day is finally here! Our main shopping venue is at Yongkang Street, which is easily accessible via the MRT at Dongmen Station.

Walk out towards Yongkang Street exit and this is what you'll see:

Noticed Taipei 101 in the distant?

There's the Din Tai Fung restaurant a few shops away from this exit, on the right.
Can't really see in the photo above as it's blocked by the tree with the 4F sign.
So if you're a BIG fan of DTF like yours truly, do take note!

For breakfast, we went to 永康牛肉麵 which is a block away upon turning 2 rights from the exit.
I think the shop is literally called Yongkang Beef Noodles.
We had the spicy and non-spicy beef noodles plus the sweet potato rice (I think).

The beef was delish! I only tried the non-spicy one because I don't want to mess with my boss (my tummy rules my mind).

Walking out from the beef noodles shop, you'll see this "CNN recommended" Taipei food, which is this flaky scallion pancakes. Not very nice according to my friends. Haha.

Looks pretty much like roti telur minus the tossing.

Cross the road and you'll find a dessert shop called 18degree.
I'm not a snack nor dessert person so I can't comment much on the taste except that this shop has pretty nice surroundings!

Us outside the shop.

Actually we were expecting Yongkang street to have more shopping but too bad, we didn't manage to find that side of the street.
Part of the day's itinerary was also to do cafe hopping so our first cafe (after a disappointing search of the shopping street) was at Eating Time.

Really nice interior (only on the side of the cafe facing the street unfortunately)!

This is how the entire cafe looks like. Inside is pretty dimmed.

Before leaving YK Street, I just had to do this!

Left with disappointment, we headed to another shopping district which is Zhongxiao Dunhua (ZXDH) in hopes of finding more places to shop.
ZXDH can be reached via MRT line as well with the stop having the same exact name.

They have lots of big brands at ZXDH including Zara, Forever 21, Mango, Uniqlo and GU.
Other than that, there were also lots of individual boutiques once you cross the road to the opposite side of the station.

The range of clothes there is priced from RM100 and above.
I'm not the kind who will shop at boutiques because I think the style is a little too extravagant for me.
I prefer those which are plain, simple yet elegant like those in Zara. :P

Guess who shopped the most on that day:

Not me, of course! Haha! Both of them win equally I would think.

Oh and we had dinner at DTF at YK Street because I really can't leave Taipei without having their DTF, can I??!
After that, we went to Taipei 101 and found out that the shopping centre below is so very posh, just like Pavilion in KL.

The good thing is, we stumbled upon Agnes B. cafe which was subconsciously in my to-go cafe list and rested there for a bit before continuing to walk around.

After walking about at Taipei 101 shopping centre, we walked to the opposite of the street so that we can see clearly of the tower and realized that there was another shopping mall called Att 4 Fun!
This shopping mall is like the Midvalley we have in KL. Haha.

One with Taipei 101!
That's all for Day 4! 
To recap, Day 4 itinerary was:
Yongkang Street --> Zhongxiao Dunhua --> Taipei 101
We left Taipei on Day 5 to Sun Moon Lake!

My Traveled Map

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