Friday, February 28, 2014

Brunch @ Ante Kitchen & Bar, Publika

So...I have actually drafted a post on our 10th anniversary but looks like Babe beat me to it!
If you haven't read it, click on the link and have a read! :)

So on the ValentineSunday, we decided to go to somewhere nice for brunch because why not!
As usual. I'll do the homework while Babe will just come along and I decided to go to Ante Kitchen & Bar!

Ante Kitchen & Bar is located at Solaris Dutamas aka Publika. It's pretty easy to find the restaurant as it's facing the main road.

We were there at about 2pm (what BRUNCH?!) so it was pretty empty....that could only mean more snaps!!! :P

Oh yes, nice coaster.

Babe ordered their citron presse juice (it claims to be 100% juice). It was priced at RM7.
(I hope I got the name of the drink right)

Me, as usual, ordered a cuppa latte (known as Caffe Latte here) to kick start my day!
Okay, who am I kidding, I'm a morning person, obviously I've already started the day long time ago and even did my laundry!

Caffe Latte - RM10

For mains, Babe ordered Ante Caesar because he claims that he's a flob - fat blob. Can't blame that dude, he's a health freak!

Ante Caesar - RM12, served with the usuals

I thought the salad was not bad though, the croutons get a few brownie points from me! :)

As for myself, I had their - The Real Bacon Carbonara because really, who can resist carbonara?!
Okay I know there are lots of people who don't fancy cream, aka Babe but I decided to order anyway because there's a little hat icon beside the dish on the menu - it's recommended!

The Real Bacon Carbonara - RM27, very creamy and yummy! Recommended, INDEED!

Love the ambience! Dim lights for more romantic feeling.

Smoking area outside the restaurant.

It's good hair + skin day! Rarely get that these days so yes, it calls for more photos! :D

OOTD: Cropped top from Bershka (got it at half price!) and skirt is from Nichii,

RANDOM: Photo of Momo!!

Momo's probably the best dog I've ever met. She's so friendly, anyone could just fall in love with her anytime.
She wags her tail ALL the time when her name is called and she doesn't bark (not even when you don't give her food, well we fall for her puppy eyes anyway) except when she sees us coming back!!

PS: None of the photos above are edited. Gotta love my Canon G15 (Ginny)! :)


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