Sunday, October 13, 2013

Clarins Skin Spa @ Bangsar Shopping Centre

It's Sunday yet again. This could only mean one thing, it's back to work tomorrow!
Nonetheless, Tuesday is a public holiday so, Selamat Hari Raya Haji to those who are celebrating it! :)

Yesterday I decided that since it has been a hectic week for me at work, I should make it a point this weekend to pamper myself and in this case, it's to give my face some TLC. :)
As usual, I did lots of research prior to visiting any facial spa because it's my face we're talking about, heh..

Before this, I've visited two facial spas/outlet - Cres Wellness and Assata Skin Care.
I got a free facial treatment from Cres Wellness after joining their blogging contest and I really liked how my face felt after the treatment but the price is exorbitant. @.@
As for Assata, I bought the Groupon voucher for my first try since I heard good reviews on it from a close friend. Assata was a disaster for me...I'm not sure if it was because I bought the voucher from Groupon or it's just not my kind of facial treatment. I literally had breakouts at places where the esthetician did extraction on.

So this time, I decided to go to a place I've always passed by with only curious eyes - Clarins Skin Spa at Bangsar Shopping Complex.
A self-proclaimed skincare/make up junkie like me has obviously heard of the French brand before but I have never really bothered to try any of their products.
The only reason I decided to go there is because I can't think of any other facial spas that are reputable..either that or I'm just not aware of other names. Of course, I have also read some positive reviews on the facial treatment they provide as well!

But we had lunch before that at Dome's! Die die must put lunch photos. I have crap appetite these days..I blame it on work. >:(

Anyway...back to the facial treatments, all Clarins facial treatments are priced at RM248 for 60mins treatment. They have tonnes of facial treatment types available and it can be customised to your skin concerns.
At the same time, someone went to Karabuning Boutique Spa to have a body massage..I don't fancy massages..I'd rather go for facial anytime! :P

Photo taken with Babe's Samsung Galaxy S3.

After analysing my skin concerns, the esthetician explained to me the products she'll be using on my face and the benefits they come with.
One thing to note about Clarins' facial treatment is that they don't do extraction nor do they use any sorts of machine during the treatment, instead they use deep cleansing method to unclog your pores and remove dead skin cells etc.
Anyway, the next hour was a bliss~~

Fast forward to after treatment, poor Baby had to wait for me for almost half an hour because his massage duration was shorter than mine. :P
I read that Clarins Skin Spa outlets have a make up counter which you can use after your facial so I did just that since I don't have my stuffs with me.

My esthetician putting on make up for me hehe.

The make up counter! :)

My verdict after the facial : Face felt softer and smoother and I think the Shaping Facial Lift Serum she used on me lifted my face albeit only a slight difference.

Will I go back again? Yes, because I'm now a member... =.= but I also like what they did to my face of course!

Also got some of their products for charity - Feed 10.

Can't wait to try all of them! That's all for now!

PS: Thanks Babe for partly sponsoring my facial. :P


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