Sunday, July 14, 2013

Etihad Airways - Pearl Business Class

I'm so relieved it's the weekend finally. I've been so busy settling and moving around and getting used to new places, it's so tiring.

Anyway, I'm gonna share my experience boarding the Etihad Airways as well as being on their Business Class.
FYI, it's a business trip which explains the business class! :)

Since it was my first time, it is not surprising for someone like me to snap pics! I don't really mind if anyone gave me any weird stares because it's not like we know each other. :P

Firstly, when you're on business class, there's always a special lounge at the airport for you to chill. Etihad shares the same lounge as MAS - Golden Lounge Satellite.

Inside the lounge is just like a hotel buffet, where you can have all sort of food and beverages but note that some of the airport lounges do not notify you when your gate is opened, so just be aware.

Wanton noodles, anyone?

Waiting area at the lounge.

Also, do note that Etihad's first class and business class customers have a separate lane to get onto the plane. Talk about class! Not sure if all airlines provide the same facility though.

I can't resist but to snap pics as soon as I boarded because hello, I don't know when's the next time I'll be on business trip again! :P

To be honest, it looks quite narrow and small.

Places to put your lil gadgets plus wall lights.

Another angle of the seat.

Business class means you get special treatment or should I say, you actually get served better. The cabin crew seemed more attentive to your needs. Did I mention that the moment I got onto the plane, one of them came to ask for my drinks preference. I wasn't even seated!

Etihad has a list of ala carte food which you can choose from, from starters to desserts plus alcoholic beverages to those drinkers out there. :P

Grass-fed beef with mushroom sauce , roasted new potatoes , Vichy carrots and asparagus spears. I could barely understand what I'm eating based on the name itself wtf.

When they're not serving the food, the main lights are switched off and the colorful lights are switched make you feel comfortable? Colorful because the lights will change color alternately.

Etihad Airways transits at Abu Dhabi International Airport in the UAE. The airport looks very new and modern. I like how they infused some Arabian culture in the airport.

Etihad's First and Business Class Lounge in Abu Dhabi Airport.

In the lounge.

To add to the above, Etihad's First and Business Class lounge offers a variety of services.

This awesome and high tech looking room is for the kids! I'd want this playroom if I were a kid! Actually even now I don't mind having such playroom. :D

You can also register yourself to a pampering session at the Six Senses Spa at the lounge. Spa services include facial and massages but you can only choose one. I chose facial because my skin was deteriorating like mad after Bali.

Some decorations at the mall in the airport. Abu Dhabi Airport sells all types of designer brands from Fendi to Burberry and Hermes. Don't even get me started on the skincare line in the airport!

As the airport is quite big, do make sure that you go to the lounge nearest to your flight gate else it's gonna be a pain in the ass if you were to walk all the way with your handcarry!

Good morning, world!

The little lights in the plane when you're sleeping. Quite a pretty sight, really.

The next thing I know, I was fed again. This time it's breakfast! My order was English breakfast. Yums!

Beautiful white clouds from my view. The propellers are crazy hugeeee. Oh it's a Boeing 777 btw.

Just wanted to show the leg room. You can adjust the whole seat to your liking. 

Another plus point as the First and Business Class customer is that you'll get a Fast Track invitation where you get to queue up at the Fast Track lane at the immigration. Skip the long queue!!! :D

Oh one last thing, Etihad also provides chauffeur services to anywhere you wanna go to upon landing, again not too sure if it applies to all airports which Etihad lands though.

I almost fainted for being treated like a princess! This guy's from Bulgaria. Quite a nice and funny guy to talk to. :)

Overall, being a Business Class traveler really gave me quite an experience which I didn't think I would have if it wasn't for the business trip. I love the service and I got so much rest on the plane that I didn't even get any jet lagged when I'm in London.

With this post, I hope those who are as noob as me and about to travel on First/Business Class for the first time will be able to benefit from this post! :)

That's about all I have to share for today! Finally able to sit down and update my blog and gosh, it's already 1am. *yawns*


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