Saturday, June 15, 2013

Bring It On, Life!

I should have seen it coming.

Nobody can have such streaks of good luck for such a long time!

Now that my bad luck has started to make its way into my life, I think I feel more balanced now.

Bring it on, LIFE!

I believe this will only make me a stronger person than I am now.

*really in need of some self motivation, what's better than to do it yourself than relying on others!


Saturday, June 8, 2013

May, May You Stay A Lil Longer

So many thoughts, so little time. Kinda cliché, isn't it?

Oh well, since I haven't been updating lately, I thought it'd be a good opportunity to jot down what I have been up to so that my future self can have a glimpse of it.

May 2013 has been a rather interesting month being the first time I travelled out of the country this year (ignoring the fact that I was in Singapore on 1st January :P ).
Babe and I decided to buy a pair of return tickets to Osaka, Japan and it was hilarious how we even got to the decision of buying it!

It goes something like this (somewhere around April 2013):

KK : Hey dear, I'm looking at some flights to Japan around mid May, rather affordable. Will you be available by then?
Me : I'm not too sure..I have ongoing projects but I don't think they're at the critical phase yet.
KK : Okay then, how about 18th of May to 25th of May? Hmm?
Me : Hmmmmm...........I don't know! (not shouting but more of like freaking out because if we don't buy it then, the price might differ)

*me texting away to the girls enquiring on visas and expenditure*

Me : Okay, I think maybe we can do on that date.
KK : Sure? Have to prepare a lot of things in 1 month you know - booking accommodations, finding places to visit, figuring out the subways and trains...
Me : Hmmm.
KK : Click buy already ya?
Me : *still freaking out because hello, Japan is not cheap!* I don't know!!
KK : Faster decide!!
Me: Hmmmmphhh!!! ok ok click click!!

*few milliseconds later*

Me: Are you sure?? What if I can't make it?!?!?
Me: Ok ok fine!! Just click!! *closes eyes*

That's pretty much how it went down. If we weren't alone in the house, others would have thought we are one crazy couple.
So yes, we finally bought it and I'm glad we did, actually! :)
More on that when I have the pics up!

Other than travelling, I haven't been very productive during the weekends.
Oh, that reminds me, I was back in Penang on the 1st weekend of May for an obvious reason - to vote for my country for the first time.
I'm not gonna touch on that because I believe in karma and like they say, karma's a bitch.

Besides that, most of my time was spent working in the office, shopping, thinking about the origins of the universe and all those bimbo stuffs you can possibly think of.

Oh and I came across my team's newsletter which I shamelessly said that my resolution for year 2013 is to work out without having to find excuses and no prize for guessing what happened after that...but I'm gonna do that tomorrow!! NO MORE EXCUSES! *crosses fingers hard*

Am also thinking of revamping my blog layout with the boyfie's help!

PS: Besides the origins of the universe, I'm also thinking that time is flying by too quickly and it's another weekend again. :( Sad face because, well, I like weekends, they're wonderful but to have them come too quick makes me feel like weekends are part of weekdays as well! :S

Back soon!


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