Sunday, July 22, 2012

How To Treat Dry & Dehydrated Skin

Being the typical vain girl, it is not surprising that I spend more on skincare products than I do on clothings and cosmetics. Read this.
Reason being I believe that one can look great in anything with great skin while make up, clothings and accessories are bonuses.
On top of that, although Malaysia's weather is humid, our skin will still become dry due to the harsh environment from the vehicles, factories etc.

However, great skin doesn't just come in small expensive bottles like those you see in the beauty counters.
In my opinion, great skin comes from within, ie: your daily diet, your emotions, etc while skincare products help as barrier from the external environment.

So what I'm gonna do here is to share with you all what I do keep my skin hydrated all day long!
FYI, my skin condition is a combination but towards dry.

Disclaimer: These tips might not be scientifically true/proven as most of them are mere recollections of my years of observations and experiences.

#1 H2O


Wait. Need I say more?
Ever since I was young, I always used to read about drinking 8 glasses of water each day to ensure that we stay hydrated. But I don't do that because I was lazy. Yes, even to drink water. :P
My sister, on the other hand, will ALWAYS have her water bottle with her no matter where she goes and she drinks water like..........A LOT.
But somehow I wasn't influenced, which explains why her skin is so much more nicer than mine even until now!!! :(
However, even though it's a tad late, lately I have slowly grown to love to drink water (as odd as it may sound) because I'm becoming more vain self-conscious about beauty! :P

#2 Vegetables!!


Owwhhhh yes! Me love vegetables! Not.
Fine, when it comes to vegetables, I have my favorites, ie: brocolli, capsicums, spinach, cauliflower, carrots, long beans, snow peas, corn, tomatoes and cucumbers!
Of all the list above, I'm sure most people would squeak at the thoughts of eating raw tomatoes and cucumbers.
But thanks to this fella, my vegetables diet has changed quite tremendously and now I no longer hesitate to eat vegetables.
How do vegetables relate to skin hydration you'd ask?
Vegetables have silica content which can help to hydrate our skin and thus maintain its elasticity. (Yes, I obviously did some homework :P)

#3 Fruits

Fruits are one of the many sources of the main vitamins for our skin!
We all know that fruits are a must in our daily diet but honestly, how many of us skip our daily fruits intake? *guilty as charged*
As we grow older, our skin will lose its elasticity (which means more wrinkles!) and to help to restore the firmness, we need Vitamin B and C which can be obtained from a variety of fruits such as strawberries (and the all the other berries!) and oranges.

#4 Say NO to junk food!

I'm glad to say I am now a convert.
I no longer crave for junk food (in fact I don't even remember when was the last time I craved for it).
Somehow as I grow older, the health-conscious side of me automatically makes my brain think that junk food is not meant for me (or vice versa) and it's like there's no feeling in me or whatsoever whenever I see those twisties and pringles on the shelf.
Yes babes, I'm sure you all know that junk food does no good to anything/anyone except for fulfilling your cravings at that moment of time.

Last but not least,

#5 CRES Wellness

Above all that, a great skin can also be created with the help from skincare specialist!
With the right facial treatments, we can easily achieve our desired skin almost instantly!

Have you heard of Cres Wellness before? Well, it's about time your should! Excerpt from its website:

CRES, a holistic beauty and health sanctuary which offers personalized treatments that helps women understand, manage and pamper their entire selves in order to achieve a total wellbeing exuded by
Confidence, Relaxation, Elegance and Sophistication.

Oh did you know that CRES is the flagship boutique of Cellnique?
One of the treatments available at CRES is the Time-release AquaCell Yoga Visage which is a high-performance treatment for dry and dehydrated skin which reinforces skin architecture to provide a complete and thorough solution for skin hydration.
This treatment is said to keep skin higly moisturized for days while the Yoga lymphatic drainage stimulates the effective absorption of the rich moisture infused.

And did you know that CRES is having its 9th Anniversary Sale end of this month?? :D
All you have to do is to get yourself an e-invitation card to the opening days by clicking HERE (and not to forget to click "Like" on their Facebook fanpage) and you're good to go! :D
Yes my dear ladies, it's time to pamper yourselves with all the wonderful treatments you deserve after the long hours at work!

Captured while on the way to Nana's wedding dinner. :P

So wait no more and click on those links to get your skin some goodness it deserves!
Remember, prevention is better than cure!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Oops. MIA Again.

I'm back from Beijing!

Okay..fine. I've been back 3 weeks ago. But as usual, got tied up with work blablabla. And it wasn't a pleasant experience at all in Beijing, China. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in this.

Anyway, Monday mission ahead!

Have a great 3 hours left of weekend, everyone!


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