Saturday, June 23, 2012

Flew Off!


As you're reading this, I'm already basking in the sun in Beijing, China!
My first time in China and I hope I'll enjoy myself..........
Well, they say it's always better to have lesser expectations so I'm betting on it!

Be back soon!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Snowy Snaps!

If you have read this post before, you would have known that Babe got me a 4S not long ago and I call it Snowy.
I know, I know, who am I to get a 4S from him right?
But he got a good deal and I'm making full use of it so I guess the harm done is less severe? :P

Anyway, here are the random snaps I took with Snowy and decided to share them here for fun!

Chocs bought by my colleagues all the way from UK!

A random sushi date months ago during his birthday.

Woo Bin fish head noodle at Taman Desa!

A very nicely renovated Penang International Airport.

With Quin at the hotel porch during our recent trip to Koh Samui.

On the last ferry heading towards Koh Samui. It's all pitch dark.

Lazing in the hotel bed at Devasamui Hotel.

Coke bottle at Fisherman's Village, Koh Samui.

At CY's before heading to the airport. The photos got jumbled up when I uploaded to the blog I have no idea why.

All set to go to Thailand for the first time!

Breakfast with the girls at Ben's General Food Store at Bangsar.

Om nom nom nommmms.

CY's pizza at Ben's.

An undeserving reward I got for myself.

Snapshots at Pasta Zanmai with my girls!

Mushroom spaghetti at Pasta Zanmai.

Movie date with him!

Ahh, this post is totally random.
But I guess I'll make Snowy Snaps a series of occurrences from time to time.


Monday, June 18, 2012

Some Lovin' Goodness Back Home!

My life has been pretty smooth lately.
Of course there are unavoidable glitches here and there, but when you look at them on another side, you'll see that life is actually pretty beautiful.
So as cliché as it may sound, be grateful!
Good days don't come too often now, do they?

Anyway, on the 1st weekend of June, I decided to drag Babe back to Penang because he hasn't been back for the longest time (business trip back to hometown is NOT going back to hometown if ya' know what I mean) and it was my dad's birthday!
Okay, maybe the latter is the main reason why I wanted to go back. :P

We woke up so early in the morning only to be stuck on the highway around Ipoh, no thanks to an accident.
Babe said he saw a dead cat on the fast lane and that it might have flung out during the accident.
Poor cat. :'( Always be safe on the road, peeps. In fact, be safe everywhere you go!
Crime rate in Malaysia has NOT gone down unlike what some big shots recently mentioned in the newspapers.
How ignorant some people can be. Big shame to you, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

Back to the topic, I was bored throughout the whole journey and decided to fiddle with my Lumix.
Hence, the random shots below. 

Love macro shots!

The tunnel along the north-south highway which indicates that home is near!

Expressive mode. Chopped off the hair already! :D

Retro mode. My favourite handbag. No, that is not an engagement ring or whatsoever. It's just...a ring worn on the ring finger because I like it that way. :P

Finally we reached Penang at about 10.30am after being on the highway for 4 hours or so.
We were hungry like mad so we went to Genting coffeeshop at Island Glades to grab some hawker food as breakfast!

Chee cheong fun. Is it still the same owner?

2 herbal tea, a plate of chee cheong fun, popiah and char koay teow. Total damage? A freaking RM10.50! You can't get this anywhere else I tell ya!!!

Om nom nom.

Char koay teow!! Crap, my tummy just groaned.

At night, we drove all the way to Butterworth to meet up with my Ah Kong (grandpa) and had dinner in conjunction with Father's Day.

Happy Father's Day!! :D

Be back soon!


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Blogging Mojo Is Back?

Taken at Starhill Gallery, Bukit Bintang.

It's weird. The blogging mojo is back.
Hopefully it stays that way because I have something bigger planned!
I don't normally like to plan things because I always tell myself that I want to live the moment as it is.

But I guess planning is not a bad thing after all.
Will see if it works but it definitely will have to take some time to get used to it.

On another note, I have been gaining weight, which in a way is a good thing but gaining weight at the wrong parts is totally unacceptable.
I used to think that my tummy will be the only body part that gives way when I gain weight but hell was I wrong.
My face is getting rounder as well.. T______T

I've never had to worry about the portion of food I eat because I take as I want and my friends always comment that I'm always hungry (true that) and that I eat a lot for a woman of my size.
As much as I take that as a compliment, I recently realized that all these are not doing any good for my tummy and face. :(
So from now on, I shall take appropriate portions and see if it works.

Bye large portion of food. I shall return to you again in the future. *crosses fingers*


Sunday, June 10, 2012

(Almost) Out With The Floral, In With The Neon!

It's summer time! Well, in the Northern Hemisphere that is.
Although in Malaysia we only have summer all year long since it's on the equator (5 degrees to the north to be precise), people here tend to follow the seasons in the Northern Hemisphere instead of those of Southern Hemisphere.
Reason? To me is because Christmas season is typically perceived as being cold and full of snow.
Hence, summer is here to stay in June!

I've been doing quite a lot of magazines flipping and fashion blog hopping to see what the latest summer trends are.
I must admit, as much I love to look at those clothes in the magazines and blogs, I seldom have the heart to pursue them.
I'd probably wait until I get my own walk-in wardobe before I can manage to do that or else someone's gonna kick me out of the house. :X

Anyway, I know it's very rare for me to blog about fashion but being a girl who likes to dress up, I just feel like sharing these few pieces which I thought are really summer-y!

#1 Jessica Alba spotted in bright colored outfit - pink blazer and bright blue jeans


Suddenly I'm subscribing to Jessica Alba on Facebook and Instagram which is the reason why she tops this post.
I've seen a similar blazer in MNG but only available in beige and the bright colored jeans can be obtained practically everywhere now!
Love the scallop detail on her top btw!
Such an inspiration for my summer holiday although the Prada bag will have to wait. :-/

#2 IULIAL - Off white jeans and bubblegum t-shirt with light blue sneakers


I've been secretly in love with floral leggings, cropped top and Oxford shoes for quite some time now but somehow I never got around to owning any except for the cropped top.
I know my title says out with the floral but I guess spring has not entirely left us yet so I suppose a lil' floral won't do any harm, right?
Oh and that envelope bag I've been eyeing on...

#3 Mulberry Alexa bags

If I have these babies, my life is complete (for now).
It doesn't have to be Mulberry (duh, who am I kidding, like I can afford one now~), as long as it looks like Mulberry inspired, I'm happy!

Anyway, all those I've posted are of personal preference and I'm not a fashionista...just someone who likes to dress up and see pretty things in life.
I don't guarantee the accuracy of the trends though!

Last but not least..........

Summer is the season to play with colors! Unleash those colors in you before it's too late!


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