Sunday, January 29, 2012

Welcoming 2012!

Woah! 2 3 weeks have gone since I last updated my blog! *wipes dust*
The sentence above was written weeks before I even updated my blog with the recent anniversary post! *zips mouth*

I must say, I didn't really think that work will take up so much of my time until I can hardly find time to blog!
In fact, when I'm not working, I would prefer to be non-productive by lazing around and do some shopping!

Anyways, am gonna blog about New Year and how I spent it!
Fyi, my life now mostly revolves around Instagram so most of the photos below were taken by Snowy (my iPhone)!
If you haven't signed up on Instagram, download the app right away and follow me @clconquers if you want!!

Our last meal in 2012!!

Beef ramen - the taste is mehhh

Love the leg room!

Chicken teriyaki bento.

Hello dear!

Anticipating 2012~

Oh wait, I've posted this up before! :-X

Giving the reindeer a smooch!

We then headed to the hotel and managed to catch Ella from SHE singing! Although what we saw was just her back! :( Damn cheapo! Hahaha.

We even witnessed the annual fireworks at Sunway Pyramid! It was my first time spending New Year in Sunway and it was rather fun (except for the fact that we had to squeeze our way to watch the singers perform live)!

Went to MidValley the next day in hopes of getting myself new outfits for CNY! *excuses, actually just wanna shop for fun*

Treated the bf and his bro to Esquire Kitchen for the new year!

Speaking of which, we (or perhaps it's just me) had a  fairly bad experience during our first dinner of 2012 in Esquire Kitchen, Sunway Pyramid.
Not sure if you guys noticed, you are entitled to 4 fried dumplings for FREE if you dine at the restaurant with bill more than RM45 provided you have an active Jusco card.
So since our mel exceeded that amount, we informed the waitress about the free dumplings and she jotted it down onto our order list.

This is how the dumplings look like in their menu.

More than 30 minutes later after we have finished eating our meal, we still didn't get the dumpings so I decided to ask the waitress again but to no avail.
After 3 attempts, the dumplings were served to us and this was how it was presented to us:

The photo I took was exactly how it looked like when it reached us except that one was eaten already.
Other than that, nothing was moved.
Such poor presentation, it kinda make me feel like they were not satisfied with giving us these free dumplings and decided to come with such poor presentation and look at the OIL!!!
And no, usually the dishes in Esquire Kitchen are nicely presented but not for this dish!!

Gonna ban it for sometime now. Thanks for ruining my first dinner of the year, ESQUIRE KITCHEN!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy 8th Anniversary!!

It was our 8th Anniversary yesterday which also coincided with the 2nd day of the lunar New Year!

We had a simple dinner and took a stroll on the beach while reminiscing on our journey thus far.
It was nothing out of the norm but I'm happy because he's finally back to celebrate this special occasion together after so long!

Taken with my Snowy at Sunway Pyramid on 31st Dec 2011!


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