Saturday, December 31, 2011

Highlights of 2011

So this year has been....*shrugs*, I don't know...I just feel like it whisks by so quickly and now I'm reaching the last day of the year.
I've done things which I'm proud of, yet there are also many things which I wished I could have done better.

So to recap what I've done or been through this year, I decided to list down the 10 moments in 2011 which have left a deep impact in me (in non chronological order):

1. Welcoming 2011 in London

This is by far the most awesome dream of mine which came true much earlier than expected.
After all the years of LDR, I've always have this thought that I'll only see him after 9 months (which is supposed to be June this year) but he has always proven me wrong.

The London Eye was completely covered by the fireworks in the orange sky!
The fireworks in London during this New Year (2011) was by far the best fireworks I've ever witnessed.
I was simply lost for words to describe how I felt at that very moment and I'm just glad he was there with me. :)

2. Attended Johnnie Walker event for the 1st time

This was probably one of the weirdest yet exciting moment of my life in 2011.
I came back from a not-so-fine day at work and upon checking my fb, Johnnie Walker surprised me with 4 VIP tickets to its Black Circuit Party in Penang (which I blogger about here and here).

The thing is, I didn't do anything to win those tickets! Such a  blessing in disguise!

3. Passing of grandma

It happened just last month.
I was about to head for dinner with my colleague when i received a distress call from my sister asking me to talk to my grandma who was then in a coma due to heart attack.

I was heartbroken. Before I left to KL, she told me to come back more often to visit her.
I did go back, but it wasn't often enough.
She was the first closest family member of mine to pass away. 

This was the last photo I took with her in October.

RIP, Grandma. I miss you.

4. Graduated

After 4 years, 


 I FREAKING GRADUATED! Fine, not first class,  but 2nd Upper is good enough!

5. Landed a job with world's 3rd largest oil & gas company

It was always just a dream....a dream which I never thought would come true at all.

Taken during the Ma' Daerah trip where I played with baby turtles!!!

6. He came back for good

Yes! Like finally! Although I know in the UK, he'll get paid much higher than in Malaysia but I'm glad he's back here for good. 

Christmas decorations in Pavilion.

Thank you for everything you've done for me dear. :*

7. Moved to KL

This is also something which I have never really expected.
Ever since I chose engineering as my bachelors, I have always seen myself working in one of the engineering companies in Penang (which is like really abundant btw) and be the typical 9-5 engineer for maybe the rest of my life or at least until I retire.

But I turned out to be wrong! In fact, I'm glad I was wrong because nobody wants to be ordinary.
Leading my life as said in the above paragraph would be what everyone is expecting out of me so I guess I'm just glad I changed it.

8. Won consolation prize for a competition

Oh yeah, remember I joined this competition a month ago?
Thanks to all my friends, I got number 7!!!

Spot me! Spot me!

I was only hoping to get number 10 but it's much better than expected, so THANK YOU!!!! :D

9. Have the most awesome colleagues ever

I'm glad I found these funny people!!

10. A new smartphone as Christmas present!

I got a white 4S! A promise which he made for me years ago. :)
Oh and I name it Snowy...because it's white and it came during Christmas! :D


Anyhow, everything that has happened in 2011 will only be a distant memories of the past.
Embrace all the good things you have done and learn from the wrongs!

Have a great year, everyone!

HAPPY 2012!!

ps: Iitiatially this post is supposed to be much longer but my throat is killing me...and the cough syrup is making me drowsy.


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