Friday, April 30, 2010

This Is Not Good.

Holy crap.

Siobhan Magnus got eliminated.

Sigh...I'm feeling rather disappointed now.

I watched her performing one of Shania Twain's famous country hits, "Any Man of Mine".

I thought it was really superb although I've never heard Shania Twain's version before but I liked how she (Siobhan) delivered it yesterday!

What's worse was that she was never in the bottom 3 at all!

I'm really speechless now. I really thought of seeing her more in this competition and now the only girl left is Crystal Bowersox.

I was so looking forward to seeing somebody as unique as Siobhan to win American Idol but I guess she ran out of luck.

Oh and I realised I actually didn't want Michael Lynche to win AI at all. He lost his charm already. Bleh.

I really hate how the judges try to make the audience think that Siobhan's safe by giving her good comments and probably her fans (that are eligible for voting) really thought that as well.

And to have peeps like Lee DeWyze, Casey James and Aaron Kelly is just like having Danny Gokey, Scott MacIntyre and Kris Allen back on the show again.

I can actually compare each of the Top 5 left in the show with the finalists from the previous seasons but I think I'm just wasting my time so....

Bye, Siobhan. You'll be missed.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Continuation From Yesterday

The sun did come out after all!


Will be blogging as usual after this!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

A great song to describe my feelings now:

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

The sun'll come out
Bet your bottom dollar
That tomorrow
There'll be sun!
Just thinkin' about
Clears away the cobwebs,
And the sorrow
'Til there's none!
When I'm stuck a day
That's gray,
And lonely,
I just stick out my chin
And Grin,
And Say,
The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may
I love ya
You're always
A day
A way!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just Something Thing In Between

Finally finished another paper today.
Only did 40% of my exams and the remaining 60% will be so tough that I'm planning not to leave my room except when nature calls.
Haha just kidding.

I didn't really wanna blog today so I'm gonna bribe you all with my picture overloaded entry!
Here it goes!

My work station. Okie looks more like an entertainment station. =.=

My attire that didn't bring me luck on the first day of exam wtf.
Should have brought Spongie along. Maybe that'll change my luck. :(

Me shoes! :)

Taking a break from what seems like a never ending journey.

Forced myself to smile! =.="

A random creature that paid me a visit while I was revising.
Pardon me for my artistic looking writing. Hahah.

Brainfood. :D

On a cloudy day using Programme Mode with white balance for cloudy days?
Not really sure how to describe it but that's just what it is.

This pula is taken with auto white balance.
Which one do you prefer?
I like the first one though. :)

Reflection of the window. Wtf should be studying already but attempted to take pictures of the lightning but to no avail. :(

And I waited until it rained! But still no lightning picture. Fml.

My loyal container for my exam week. Have been buying food from places thanks to my roomies so that I don't have to eat cafeteria food. T.T

My fake LeSportsac with a thread coming out =.= on my notes.

It's HJ's birthday today! Had a simple lunch at the nearby KFC.
After all, the only fast food outlets that Parit Buntar has are KFC and Pizza Hut. Sigh.

My lunch.

Trying to take a macro shot.

Trying to force my eyes to open wider because I think my eyes are getting smaller!
I really used to have big eyes when I was much younger.. T_____T
Whatever happened to my goldfish eyes.. :'(

Good skin day! Must vain more a little.

My hair is really looking awful. I need some treatment!

That's all for now! Hope you enjoyed my ugly pics. Haha.

Oh, oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HJ! I hope you like the gift!


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You Really Don't Wanna Read This.

I typed this on my iPod earlier and can't find any wireless to update my blog.

So I just finished one paper in the evening and as of writing this, it's already almost midnight.
I'm still wide awake because I can't seem to get over what happened to me in the exam hall earlier.
Well, nothing physical but I think I did badly in my first paper which I thought wasn't a good start to this exam period at all.
There's no one to blame but myself.
Whenever my friends asked me how I did for my paper, all I told them was I didn't have enough time to solve all the questions and that the questions given are not easy.
Blame it all on the questions and time.
When I should actually manage my time better than what I did in the hall.
I'm beginning to think that taking 2 electives at one time is taking its toll on me.
It is too late already anyway.
I don't hope to just pass every time I do my exam papers, in fact I really wanna ace all of them.
But I guess there are times when I feel like I haven't been putting effort onto my subjects so I really thought I deserved the grades I got.

This rant is actually for me to voice out how I did my paper earlier in this afternoon.
It was frustrating to see I left so many blanks and this stupid song kept playing in my head: "Happy" by Leona Lewis.
I know, like wtf???
I wasn't even happy at all to say the least.
More like nervous and filled with anxiety and what not.

Sigh...I don't even know why I'm writing this now when all I should be doing is revising on my upcoming papers.


On a side note, to that particular someone...

Dammit, can you please stop kicking the desks or your chair and slamming your closet so damn hard?
Have you got no idea that our desks are connected and whatever you do to your desk will affect mine too?
I've warned you and told you about the kicking and you just don't get it, do you?
And do you not know what common courtesy is?
Geez, I don't know, maybe words like "Thank you" and "Sorry" ring a bell to you?

It was bad enough that last year I had to suffer from your "raining" clothes (oh I forgot, it was undergarments) and this year I have to face you??!

We all know that you're one iron lady who doesn't need a lot of sleep to get things kicking but for goodness sake, YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE HAVING EXAM ALRIGHT?

When the person nearest to you has already slept, can't you just off the lights so that she could sleep better?
Unless you haven't noticed for after say, 4 months to say the least??

Oh I almost forgot, kicking our slippers?? Seriously??
Have you got no manners??
I don't care if you like to swing YOUR slippers everywhere before you come in but kicking others' slippers till they're flying everywhere and not putting them back together while you swing yours?

Life was so much better when you were not around.


I don't normally rant like this because I don't want this to spread.
But I've had enough of these things that she's doing and I don't really care if she reads this or her friends might tell her about these because we're not even on a talking basis.

I'll understand if I have less readers after this but I guess it's time for me to say it out here.
And no, she NEVER SAYS THANK YOU OR SORRY (not that I've heard it before that is).

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Charlie's Angel

Dear readers,

Charlie will be having her exams until 29th of April and there will be less updates in this blog till then.
Nonetheless, she'll make sure she keeps her readers updated with short posts from time to time.
Long post needs inspiration okie... :P

Oh well, this angel will be looking after her during her examinations period.
She'll follow her to the exam hall and fly around scoping for answers from her coursemates.
Whee!~ Life with Charlie's angel around sure is blissful!

Okie gtg. Bye.

Oh and wish me luck pls..... :)


Sunday, April 18, 2010


Took this early (okie 8am is still considered early to me) in the morning today as I woke up.

Feeling fresh (despite not sleeping for a full 8 hours) and the weather was quite cooling.

I felt the cold wind as I opened the window and it motivated me to do my revision.

Finally, a day which my frown was turned upside down and no more sweaty shirt! :)

Hopefully it'll last long enough till I get ass off this place for good.

ps: Thanks for being my great roomies, girls! :) You girls made my day today!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Devil

I guess some of you are probably thinking that I'm taking this I-finally-own-a-compact-camera excitement a tad too over the top but I'm really excited to own one okay!!
I mean I've been wanting a camera to vain snap nice pics or anything that I feel like snapping without having to worry that the camera belongs to others and when I can get the photos from the owner yada yada yada.

You have got to bear with me just a little while okay! *grins*
So I asked in my previous post which IXUS 100IS color I got for myself.
Did you guess it correctly?
Oh well...I wouldn't really know because nobody bothers to leave me a comment except for YM! Huhuhu :(

Anyway, thanks YM and YOU GOT IT RIGHT! I got the RED one! :DD
Wah so glad a friend knows me so well that she even knows I'd buy which color! Hahah.

Honestly, I didn't wanna buy IXUS 100IS initially because the RRP on the Canon website was written RM999.00.
My hopes were shattered seeing the figures because I can't possibly be spending almost 1k on a compact camera without any proper income.

So when I went to PC Fair last Friday with my cousin, Nicholas, to my surprise, it was sold at RM899!
But no, that was way off my budget too considering that I planned to get the new IXUS 105 which was just released last month (I think) at RM799.

So I went on Saturday with my cousin again to negotiate a better price for both models but the lowest they could give me were RM780 and RM880 for IXUS 105 and 100IS respectively.

So I sort of settled my mind on the 105 as I wasn't willing to spend another RM100 because I'm a cheapskate. :P
BUTTTTT, a major BUTTTTT I came across another booth which offered me a great price for IXUS 100IS and I was sold right on the spot!
The total amount I spent? RM700! :D

Fine fine I didn't buy it at RM700 but the remaining was sponsored by my bro and a little portion from my Nuffnang earnings.

But I have this mission which I don't think is impossible: To make my IXUS 100IS totally free with my future Nuffnang earnings! about the future. =.=
Sigh at least if it can make me feel better then why not right!! :)
But at the same time I need you guys to click on the advertisements that appear in my blog so that I can earn more that way and you can too!

Anyway before I end this entry, I'm gonna share another function my Red Devil (ooh yes that's the name of my camera because I'm an avid fan of Man U in the heart :P) has.
Take a look at the self shot pic below:

It was taken with the portrait function and notice how it gives my skin the soft effect?

This Red Devil is totally a must love!!!!

Finally a last pic to show you guys how much I love my Red Devil:

So much I can even lick it!

Hahaah. That's just pathetic but I still think I look so much better while doing stupid faces. T__T

ps: The functions that I share so far about my Red Devil are the differences it has as compared to the IXUS 105. Do correct me if I'm wrong. :)

pps: Credits to the respective websites for the pics I googled!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Awesome Possum!

Look at what a compact camera can do!

No idea what this is?

Let me give you a better view.

Yesh! My IXUS 100IS can have panoramic view!

Whee!~ Such a little compact cam but it can really do a lot!

Oh well actually the Queensbay pic wasn't taken by my IXUS but I was just trying to let you guys know what it can do!

It doesn't need a big lens camera just to capture the whole area that you want to fit inside a pic!

The thing is, this IXUS has photostitch function where it allows you to take several photos together and combine them without much hassle and wala!

Your compact cam is as good as the big a*s DSLR! *big wet eyes* I've been dreaming of being able to take panoramic view pics (if that's what you call it) but Babe doesn't have that kind of lens so I thought I'll have to wait till he actually buys one for his 450D but no!

Yayyyy *jumps around*

Well of course the picture I took was my first try and I'm too lazy to drag myself out to take a proper view.

ps: Ooh, and guess which color I chose for my IXUS 100IS! :)


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Introducing Fin!

Hello world.
My name is Fin and I'm from Finland.
I was sent to Malaysia as a present by a sweet girl named Pauline who's from Finland to her pen pal in Malaysia whom she got to know when both of them were still very young.
I can't really remember when but I think it was more than 10 years ago.
I'm glad they found each other through Facebook and are still able to keep in touch.
My Malaysian owner treats me very well and I still look as new as when I was first sent here.
I'm in good hands, Pauline.

Oh by the way, my owner just named me Fin because she thinks that every little sweet thing she owns deserves a name now and she can't really think properly because she's going to have her exams soon.

Do you think the name Fin suits me? I think my owner is really not creative in naming things since she got her Charlie name from the famous rove beetle in her campus and she simply takes the name since everyone is calling her by that.
Yet she still accepts various nicknames given to her such as Curry or CL cos she's confused most of the times.

Hahahahah. Okie bye I go study now.
"I" as in CL/Charlie/Curry. :P

So again, any suggestion of names for my Fin Fin?? Aih..looks like I still can't make up my mind!


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cooking Break!

Okie more like study break.
So I have a week of study break now before my first paper on the 20th and guess what I'm doing now T.T

Since I'm still at home, so I decided to do some cooking!
Somehow I find cooking to be one of the ways to relieve my stress (crap I don't think I work hard enough to have stress also sigh).
And one of my favourite low budget dishes would be carbonara!
I know I know for those of you who have been reading since 2008, you'd probably know that I only cook carbonara and not bolognaise etc because I like mushrooms like that. :P

I don't guarantee that this is the best carbonara but I've always liked anything I cook myself.
*self praise*
So I went to buy the ingredients although I cheated on making the sauce cos I bought prego instead and here's what you need!

#1 Prego Carbonara Mushroom! <3

One can can (hahahaha I just noticed the can can but read properly ok) serve up to 3 people unless you're a big eater of your own cook then probably can serve 2 persons. :P

#2 Capsicum!
You wouldn't want you dish to be greenred-less.
Add some vege and I promise capsicum is not hot!
It's actually very nice!

#3 Vermicelli!
I like the San Remo ones probably because I got so used to it that I ignore other brands!
And please do not get the angel hair type.
I found it so hard to like my home cooked spaghetti when I used the angel hair spaghetti :S

So here's what you do to begin!

Step 1: Fill the cooking pot (or whatever you call that) with enough amount of water and my 2 cent advice: Please use a bigger pot than the one I used because I'll tell you later on...

Step 2: Slice or cut or dice the capsicum as you like.
You can put bacon or sausages or anything you like cos it doesn't really matter to me!!
Which also means, when you're broke, get capsicum and sausages (like me after buying my Ixus 100IS T___T) and when you're loaded, get the bacon! Yumss!

Do not follow Step 3: Busy taking pictures of everything else and forgot about your burning pasta.
FML. I screwed up. But I swear I only turned away for 2 mins tops! Okie fine maybe a lil more than that but I felt so stupid la because I should have used a bigger pot and filled it with more water.
I chose not to use the bigger pot because it was really heavy ok...

Step 4: Pour your home made sauce onto a pan and just kacau it with the fire turned on of course.
I'm not exactly sure if you can dump the rest of the ingredients together with the sauce but I pandai-pandai tabur in everything and we'll just see what I get in the end hahaha.

Another piece of advice while heating the sauce: Please pay more attention to it because after a short while, your sauce probably already got evaporated and you will end up getting a really really thick sauce which is so not enough let alone for yourself!
And that's what happened to me too.. T_____T

So anyway there's no Step 5! Because I obviously skipped don't know how many steps so that I can enjoy my meal asap. :3 My tummy was already playing orchestra because I finished cooking at 3pm I think.

No no don't get me wrong. Cooking carbonara spaghetti my way doesn't require a very long time unless you screw up like I did and having to cook it all over again.. T.T

Anyhow, this is the end product!

May I present to you home cooked carbonara ala Charlie's probably-not-the-most-hygeinic-and-safest way!

Verdict: Still very very yums! :D

Okie so maybe I cheated a little more than the steps because the end product was my dinner one instead of my 3pm lunch tea break.
But hey, I got smarter the second time around which was cooked 3 hours after I cooked the first one! I don't know why but I can get hungry so fast...
Please tell me my carbonara taste looks good wahahaha.

And if you notice in the last 2 pics, the sauce seems to be overflowing because I'm a greedy eater. :P

ps: I hope you don't try it out because it'll only work for clumsy people like me ahhahah. Just kidding.

Till then,


Sunday, April 11, 2010

One Shot!

One of the first few pics I took.

Obviously edited with photoshop.

More to come when i get the hang of it!


My Traveled Map

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