Tuesday, March 30, 2010

iPod Apps Mania!

This is weird.
I never expected I'll make a post label called Game in my blog and I think I just did.
All thanks to the iPod Touch Babe gave me on my birthday!!

Mixed feelings. I think I should be happy but then again this is what I've been doing EVERY single night without fail before I sleep.
Maybe I should be happy because at least now I know the competitive side of me hasn't died yet even after secondary school life.
Hahah...oh yesh, my uni life is still competitive but only academic wise to me.
Lazy d lor. Where got time to concentrate on so many things like I did in secondary?
Almost cost me my grades ehh.

So anyhow, these are the games I've been playing every night because I like to beat my own scores.
How lame but it's interesting! :D

This game is called Rat On The Run.
Nope, the rat isn't running away to save his ass but he actually needs to eat all the cheese before he can successfully go to a higher level.
Nothing much interesting maybe but this Ratty is very cute!
Not only he can walk and jump (as expected), he can even ride a scooter!!!

Here's Ratty trying to eat as many cheezels as possible.
Got wear helmet some more eh! My Ratty is very safety conscious.
Like me *cough cough*

This is Ratty falling off the platform but still looks very steady and he falls with style eh!

And this is Ratty skidding!!! Not willing to fall off just yet! It actually has that annoying skidding sound omg I just love iTunes apps!

This, on the other hand is my latest addiction. It's called Monkey Flight.
It's pretty self explanatory from the printscreen (yes, even iPod does that!) that all the monkey has to do is to grab as many fruits as possible by bouncing!
So cute right!
The cloud fluff and elephants are supposed to help the monkey to bounce higher to get more fruits!

But have to be aware of the puddle of mud and rocks in between!

So cute so cute I love the colors!!!

This is called Air Coaster Lite and it's totally BORING. I downloaded it because I thought it'll be something like Roller Coaster Tycoon.
It turned out to be just.....sitting on the roller coaster and feel how it's like to sit on one and..that's all.
Maybe it's more suitable for those who dare not sit on a real roller coaster because if not, this is so not thrilling at all.
But I have to give credit to the view! Very nice!

At the beginning.

About to go downhill and look, there's a speedometer!
It's like you're the only living thing in the desert...

And because of these, I've been sleeping half an hour later than my usual time every night just so that I have some entertainment before I call it a day.


ps: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SZM!!!! I hope you like the present I gave you! :)


Friday, March 26, 2010

Idol's BACK With Season 9!

Yay! Finally American Idol Season 9 Top 10 is revealed!
As much as I loveeeeeeeeeee American Idol (AI), I didn't get to watch it this time around because as usual, I'll spend most of time in uni and I can't even stream online so I can only view the results online.

Photos are taken from americanidol.com

Anyway, I managed to catch a few rounds up till Top 12 and I have already selected my favourite few!
One of them is, if I may say, the most outstanding one yet and almost got cut-off because of his big-mouthed father, Michael Lynche aka Big Mike!
I guess with Big Mike's size and look, I'm sure a lot of people can imagine how he sounds like and man, he's really really gooooooood.
He could be the next Reuben Studdard in the making, who knows! :)

Michael Lynche aka Big Mike

The next one is Katie Stevens. I think she's 17 and still has a long way to go. But somehow she gives me that kind of feeling that she'll probably go far in this competition. Or not.
But she's been rather lucky thus far!
So let's just see if she'll make it to the top!
Although in the end she'll probably lose to Big Mike..I mean have you heard Big Mike sang before??? I was having goosebumps throughout his rendition of "A Woman's Worth"!

The still very young Katie Stevens.

And above all, I think I like this one the most, Siobhan Magnus!
Such a unique name to go with the sweet look, right!
I must admit I don't really remember her performances YET but somehow she's very outstanding in terms of her looks and I kinda like her so.... :)

And then there's one who has so much resemblance to last season's winner, Kris Allen but I can't remember his name.
But I don't think I want to see a Kris Allen lookalike to win this competition.
Time for a new look!


But who knows she could be going out in the following week but must have faith!!! :P

Here's my takes on AI last season!
1. Alexis Grace
2. Adam Lambert
3. Season 8 Finale


Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Have A Date With Spring Him

It was months ago when I had dinner with Babe after his work at PWC.
We went straight to Gurney and decided to dine at Nandos.

6 years ago, I didn't know how the food in Nandos tasted like because then McD was probably still my favourite and I can't really afford Nandos with my daily allowance. Haha.
It was Babe who took me here (yes, the first Nandos we went to was at Gurney as well, only that it's now relocated) because he said Nandos serves really good chicken and not forgetting the Mediterranean rice which we still have problem stealing the recipe from the chef. =.=

We normally order half chicken with 2 sidelines and the sidelines would be peri chips and Mediterranean rice!
But this time, we decided to try something new: Espetada! (with 2 sidelines as well, no prize for guessing what are the sidelines we ordered :P)

Lo and behold, this was what that came to us:

and this was Babe's priceless expression on how the Espetada was presented to us! Hhehehe.

Maybe we're noobs because we had no knowledge about what is espetada although it was written on the menu that the chicken is served on skewer but we didn't notice that at all.

And the height of the skewer....the least of our expectation. :P

Some other food we ordered:

That's all for now!

I have a presentation tomorrow.

Wish me luck!


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yeeee Haaaa! (Materials Nite '10)

Finally a really long overdue post on my course dinner which was held at Paradise Beach Hotel in Penang on the 30th of January!
It's the juniors (3rd year) who are organizing it and that means my year!
Besides being part of the organiser this year, I brought a special guest with me! Hehe.

Anyway, I took a very long time to get dressed up in the hotel room together with the girls and guys and my special guest ended up waited for me for an hour or so at the lobby.
Sorry bb. :( My bad cause my useless crap phone battery decided to go against me that night.
So I was practically hp-less that night! =.=

And I finally reached the ballroom and it's picture time!~

I was totally not prepared for this theme at all because I really didn't feel like splurging on boots and rusty looking clothes so I ended up with:

♫ a pair of my old faithful white heels
♫ an RM8 cowboy hat my friends bought in bulk
♫ my sister's white shirt
♫ denim mini skirt which I totally love!
Country Hide sling bag which is so cowboy-like!

And to add some fun on my boring attire, I decided to tie the shirt up and show some flesh. Hahahah.
Dare not show too much. That's as far as I can go. Hahahah.

I felt a little under-dressed as compared to my friends that night but I guess it's the company that counts?

I was lucky to have Babe with me because besides accompanying me, he took the job as my photographer!
Whee!~ Aren't these photos look AWESOME??
I didn't edit any of the color/saturation/hue etc. All I did was the photo arrangement and the wordings!
How can you not fall in love with a DSLR?! Thank you, dear!

The dancing group!

My most important task on that day was to perform the dance which my girlfriends and I had spent so much time and effort on!
Although the dance was shorter than I initially planned, but I still feel the satisfaction of dancing in a group like I did when I was in secondary.
It all went well although I did stumble a little somewhere..hehe. Oops.

Everything went well as planned and the night was awesome~!
Seeing everyone with the smile on their faces showed that our effort totally paid off!

Forgot to take pics of the freshmen. :P

And to my most favorite pic of the night:



credit to Scythe who took this!

Say you like this pic toooooooooo!



Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Fell In ♥, Again.

It was yesterday when I felt like I needed to watch some movies.
I took advantage of the 'sharing' service which is available throughout my campus.
As I was scrolling down the list of movies, Twilight caught my attention.

I have never been a fan of Twilight, neither the book nor the movie.
Or should I say I've never taken the initiative to do any of the above.
But somehow, I clicked on it and waited patiently for the movie to be downloaded.
The line in campus was surprisingly good and it was done within minutes!

Then I began to regret and questioned every single move I just did.
I got hooked onto it the moment I saw the scene where the Cullens walked into the cafeteria.
I've heard so much about Edward Cullen but I knew so little about the rest of them in the family.
Yea yea amazingly no one bothered to tell me (or I never bothered to ask) anything about Twilight other than a vampire falls in love with a mortal and Edward Cullen is hot/cute/handsome giler and the likes.

Honestly, I used to really dislike how Robert Pattinson looked like in the film.
Whenever I saw Twilight posters or images online, I have sort of a disgust feeling towards him because he's too 'white'.
Ok lor I know he's supposed to be a vampire and all so it's ok for him to look white.
But as I watched the movie, I realised I've slowly began to change my perception on him.
except the fact that he's still too white

Sigh. I can't be any lamer than that.
I have a lot of soft spot for guys who utter romantic words to girls and you can totally tell they mean what they say with the look in their eyes.
Of course not those puppy love kind of thing.

And I couldn't stop watching until the very end of the movie.
I even replay it again for the 2nd time now. =.=

And I actually like how Kristen Stewart portrayed that kind of weird, tad nerdy and anti-social kinda look but at the same time she's so attractive.
Damn. Must be some kind of vampire spell Edward had on her.

Ooh and I fell in love with the pic above. Can't stop staring at her it.


On another note, I've been contemplating.
Should I:


A camera is totally ideal for a person like me who loves to take photographs (although not professionally) but at the same time, I wanna revamp my wardrobe!

Is it really too much to ask for.....

Okie lor maybe it is because I only have enough money for one. :(

Shopping will never be enough anyway.

Compact camera it is! *I hope*


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Remake of "Ghost"

Today I did something so romantic for the first time.

But he wasn't there with me.

Come to think of it, maybe I should be thankful that he wasn't there.

Because if he was, then *starts watching the 1990 film: "Ghost"~ *

Hahah. Yes yes you have got to watch the movie to understand what I'm talking about.

And YES! I did pottery for the first time!
It sure was fun as hell although my supposedly 'vase' turned out to be a really odd-shaped erm vase...
But it was really an experience and I was hoping someone would actually do that scene with me but I was erm..too shy to ask.

Ahya...should have asked PS to do with me instead. :(


Monday, March 15, 2010

Want Eyelashes That Stay Curled For Hours?

Ever wished you have eyelashes that stay curled for hours?

Here's a trick (okie maybe not exactly a trick because there's nothing special about it but people always tend to ignore this step which I'm about to mention)!

Here's what you need:

#1 Eyelash curler (you don't need those from Shu Uemura, Shiseido or branded ones etc, just get one from the night market which will only cost you a few ringgits)

You don't need to get those heated eyelash curler or etc. This works wonders, too.

And please have the patience to curl your eyelashes because you wouldn't wanna go too fast with the curler when your real eyelashes are at stake!

#2 Majolica Majorca Mascara (the one I'm currently using is for volumizing which I bought wrongly because I wanted the eyelash expander one but it (the volumizing one) turned out to be better than I expected!)

I've always thought Maybelline mascara was the best till MM came to town! Maybe MM mascaras are a bit pricey but for the quality you get, it's totally worth the money!

I bet a lot of you might say MM mascara's a b*tch to remove but all you need is Johnson's Baby Oil and a bit of patience and wala! You're done!

And last but not least, the most important step that people always ignore:


Yes, this definitely helps A LOT. I used to think the rubber doesn't really matter as long as it's not broken and all.

But I guess rubber has its own expansion limit so when it loses its elasticity, then girls, time for a change! Don't need to change the whole curler, just the rubber alone.

The results:

Eyelashes that stay curled for hours!
I think I look like I was upset or angry with that expression but I wasn't!
I was just trying to show how nice those lashes became! haahahah.

I'm not sure if the results will vary with different mascara but MM mascara can really maintain the curl on your eyelashes!

Till then, enjoy, girls!


Sunday, March 14, 2010


I....I...stepped into another world today.

I hope you didn't notice the difference. Hmmm.

Anyway, went out with Big Brain darling today!

Updates soon loves!


Friday, March 12, 2010

My BF's Wedding

Specially dedicated to Sharan & Eugene:

"A wedding is the entrance to a marriage:

One drives through, and suddenly one's there!

Stepping from a fairy tale carriage

Into quite ordinary air.

Life is now a dance, though beautiful,

Requiring intense coordination;

Each self becomes, in ways inscrutable,

More fully what it is in combination.
And we who love you wait, of course, outside

As you become through love that mystery:

One flesh made whole of separate groom and bride;

Two selves, one life; two notes, one harmony.

When you are one, we then may cherish two:

Loving not just one, but both of you.

-Nicholas Gordon-

So I was invited by Sharan to her wedding dinner which was held at E&O in Penang last January.
It was the first time I actually attended a close friend's wedding dinner!

And yes, Sharan was and still is one of the closest friends I have back when I was in secondary school.
When I first stepped into SGGS, I barely knew anyone in the class because my primary school mates were all separated into different classes.
Sharan was one of the first few friends that I made back then.
She was warm and friendly and man, who could ever forget that sweet smile that she always has on her face.
Always ready to help and always one of the top girls in class. Tell me who wouldn't wanna be a Sharan.

We were in the same class for the first 3 years of my secondary school life and sisters in guiding! :)
Amazingly, her house number was one of the most dialed numbers I had back when I was still hp-less. (I actually remember her house number very well even till now because I think I always have a hard time trying to forget numbers that keep repeating in my life)
I'll usually call her to ask about homework and guiding stuffs, which she was always ready to lend a hand or two.
Sharan is best known for her intelligence, friendliness, neatness, responsibleness and whatever good -ness you can think of, she's that, aka awesome.

(I wish I could be as eloquent as I am in my blog when I was asked to give a short speech about her that night =.=)

However, this girl who has both beauty and brain, went on to have her tertiary education in Perth and we sort of lost contact for a couple of years and thanks to facebook, we were able to keep in touch again! :)

So to keep the story short, these are the pics taken that night!

Credits to Danny Lee for the beautiful pics. Blur pics were taken by bb. Heehee.

Sharan's the one in red.

I always have goosebumps when I attend wedding dinners and always have to hold back my tears.
No prize for guessing why.
That night, especially seeing Sharan who was so excited with the new phase in her life made me feel like I wanna get married too.
Haha. I know, I know, I haven't even graduated yet and am not even certain who's my future husband.
But what I'm certain of is that I wanna have the look on her face on my wedding day.
I wanna have the joy she portrayed every time we asked her about her life as a married young adult.

So anyway, before going off, to Sharan (if you're reading this),

I'm really happy that you've found your other half to continue your life with and I bet Eugene will be a great husband (although not knowing him for long but he seems nice! :) ). You've always been an inspiration to me and you still are. I hope you'll have a blissful marriage and we love you!!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

To The Awesomemest Guy

To the (my) man who:



♂ cooks/bakes/etc.

is optimistic

plays musical instruments

does chores


drives & is always driven

plays hard but studies smart


never gets bored of my nagging(s)

is always up for all kinds of sports


thinks everyone he sees is somehow related to him...hahahahahaha (inside joke)

and the list goes on and on and on...(just before I bore you guys with the continuation :P)



although it's another year which I can't celebrate with you by your side, but I hope you'll still enjoy yourself and remember that I love you!

Hugs to my guy!!! :)


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