Sunday, January 31, 2010

Highlights of 2009

# Freaking permed my hair because I've never permed it before and I wanna have fabulous hair like Jolin Tsai. hahahahaha.

Aunty CL

# Another anniversary spent apart. I wanna cry no more.
# Arguments started.
# But I missed him.

# Glad that there are still friends who remembered my birthday and surprised me on my birthday! I love you all!
# Argued again.
# Genting with uni mates! :) One of the few moments in my life which I was really happy.

# I missed him.

# Argued like shit despite it was his birthday. Happy 21st birthday, dear. I cannot bear the loneliness anymore.
# I missed him.

# Finals. Screwed up totally. Efforts to maintain last sem's GPA were not seen or felt.
# I missed him.

# Worked as sales personnel. Working was so much fun than arguing.
# I missed him.

# When you don't handle your emotions well, you can't handle your relationships well and your academics as well. Was disappointed with my results. Dropped 0.6 from my previous GPA. So f-ed up.
# Love came back for me. For us. For everything that's worth coming back for.

# I still missed him.

# First time in Malacca! Had a great time but I wished we had more time to spare.

# He left so that he can come back to me again in 4 months' time.
# I missed him.

# I missed him.

# I missed him.

# Got my passport done for the first time! Went to the Immigration Department for the first time and was alone throughout the entire process. Lonely soul wandering around seeing strangers lurking everywhere. Scary somehow.
# I missed him.

# Finals!! Screwed my final final's paper badly.
# Babe came back again. Love never felt so strong.
# I still missed him.

# Toured Singapore with Babe for the first time! :) Loves.

# Application for internship in Japan was turned down but few days later was lucky enough to be informed that I got an internship position with Fairchild Semiconductor!
# GPA got pulled up by 0.5 from previous pointer. Got lucky again! :) Wild difference. Lesson learnt: Do not argue with your bf when you're still studying. It sucks. Big time. hahahah.
# Went clubbing with Babe for the first time and together with a bunch of great friends! Heeee. It was wild....

# Flew a kite for the first time in my life with Babe!

# I miss you.

So, this pretty much sums up all that had happened in my life in 2009.
As you can see, the first half kinda suck but it went well in the end. I guess that's just part of life.
Lots of things happened in the family and we have been busy throughout the year..I guess there's nothing much to talk about it..

I'm beginning to see some hopes in 2010! :D


Friday, January 29, 2010


Things in life you shouldn't take for granted.

Good friends came together and pulled off a hoax to con innocent (maybe not so innocent) coursemates. Hahahah.

I like.

We should do this more often!! :D


Sunday, January 24, 2010

6th Anniversary

It's here! Our 6th Anniversary together is finally here and this year, we're celebrating it together, side by side!
Life is a bliss.

More on that soon!

Thank youssss to those who wished us! :) Muax!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Straight Hair!

After much contemplation, I decided to go for straight.
Nothing drastic, just to play safe. Boring, I know.
But I was thinking, if I could get temporary curls with my current straight hair, so why not, right?
Silly me for not thinking about this and went to curl my hair permanently in the beginning of 2009.

Kinda regretted it but it (my hair) became so much better after half a year of perming it.
But a year is enough for me.
I wanna change my hairstyle every year, if possible. :)
I've changed my hair 3 times since I entered uni and I'm in my 3rd Year now!
Not bad, huh? hahah.

Anyway, I went to the hair salon called Apex Cuts & Hair Saloon at Jln. Sungai Dua which is located opposite Sg. Dua McD in Penang.
This was my 2nd time there, the first time was to have my curled hair trimmed. Very nice service (or maybe it's the looks I'm talking about! Hahah).

Both my sis and I were greeted by a young and handsome looking guy whom I thought he was a friend initially because he smiled until very super friendly.
Gave me a shock actually. Hahaha.
I think I got the same hairstylist, Anson (whom I think is the BOSS because he seemed to touch every single customer's hair before passing it to other hairstylists).

That's Anson for you!
I'm not 100% sure but I'm quite sure. ahaha.
Very very friendly looking face and he's kinda cute, too! :P

Despite having to wait more than 30mins due to the lack of stylists and too many customers kept coming, I thought it was worth the wait.
But then the torturous 5 hour 'journey to get my hair straightened' started.
Ok laa...not torturous but I sat on the chair till my butt pain like hell.
After all, I haven't done anything so permanent to my hair for one year already.
Oh and sis got her hair permed!
Haha..we're so opposite.

But hers was much faster because her hair was shorter. So I ended up sitting in the salon for so long and even witnessed how many customers came and gone..I lost count actually.

After that, sis, Siaw Ting and I went to the Sg. Dua night market and I was so starving already...

Candid by sis. Totally no editting done.

The results: Everyone says I look YOUNGER!
Waahahahaaahah....just feel like laughing so loud because haven't heard that for so long d. Hahahahaha.
Some even said I look like a famous superstar at certain angles...almost choked myself upon hearing that but THANK YOU! Really appreciate them although I disagreed. hahahaah.

I like it! How about you?

Now I can curl my hair anytime I want and just wash it off to have my hair straight again! Hhehehehe.

Oh and I said goodbye to my trustee Freshlook contact lens early this month.
I'll miss you! (although you burnt quite a big hole in my pocket and I can only use you for a month...)

Okie, gtg back to my work now.


Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Hair For The New Year!

I know I've been neglecting my blog for the longest time everrrr!~

Sorry to those who kept reloading my page with the hopes of new updates from me but I'd love to hear from you all as well, you know! *hinthintleavemecommenthinthint* haha.
Ok la..maybe not a lot of you but I'd appreciate even more if you do. Heheheh.

Anyways, I still have a lot to update, from highlights of 2009 to what I did on New Year's Day.
But I've been very occupied with my uni work/assignment/lecturers who can't speak proper English/lecturer who speaks English with foreign accent/lecturer who mumbles and laughs at his own jokes and he said orang terpelajar should know this and that but he as orang terpelajar doesn't know how to use powerpoint%$*&^*&*(&)($#*!!!!

Super pissed with orang-orang terpelajar nowadays.

Oh and look at my new hair!

I got so tired of having tangled/messy/dry hair so I decided to change from this (click here) to straight/young/vibrant/smooth hair!!
Haha..okie la..I took that picture with my super tired face after doing housework from morning till night that I don't even have time to breathe so that explains my tired looking and pale face.
Will update more on my new hair soon!

ps: Now I can finally comb my hair from top to bottom with no hassle! Hooray to straight hair!
pps: Pocket one big hole :/
ppps: Okie..I officially have another yet-to-update post now. Screwed.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Worst Shopper

Woke up on Sunday morning to this:

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 in 3D!! wtf! So surreal and man, kids nowadays are lucky!
I used to play RCT1 and it was nothing like that!
Gonna get hooked on it once I get a mouse for my laptop.

Oh yes, I've been doing editing in photoshop using keypad. Even for my blog header!! :)

After lunch, we went to Pavilion in hopes of taking photos of the "snow" there. But heck! We were too late. :(

My first time conquering KL roads! Die die must show evidence. Hehehe.

Walked to Pavilion after parking in Times Square. Luckily we weren't caught in the jam because Babe was smart enough not to park in Sg. Wang although it's nearer and cheaper to Pavilion.

Mangkuks in front of Pavilion. Didn't see this the last time we were here! :)

Babe pointing at sexy ang mohs. hahah. Just kidding.

Did you guys notice the reindeers at the entrance of Pavilion?
They have balls!! So obscene okie. I don't understand why must they make the reindeers with balls and they're so obvious I think little kids must be wondering what are those 2 things dangling at the reindeer's torso. =.="

Forgot to take a pic of the huge-balled reindeers. Hahaha.

Still feeling Christmassy!~

Walked back to Times Square and did some shopping. I saw so many clothes I want...T.T

In fact, I think I want all the clothes I saw. :(

In sis' all time favorite store, Nichii!

I wanna have these as part of my wardrobe, can?
And that red signs....I can't resist anymore!!

So, I put one on.
Ahhh...the satisfaction. Indescribable. But I didn't buy in the end because I just couldn't make up my mind!! Arrrgggh!

Anyhow, after some window shopping (my shopping experience in KL is really sad :C ), we decided to head back and suddenly Babe saw Krispy Kreme!
He claimed their donuts are much better than JCo's and Big Apple!

The shiny glaze..*drools*

And we realised we were running out of time before getting charged for another hour for parking.
So we ran like mad towards our car and *look below*:

I think I should put FML for the first time in my blog. Mummy, Yatz was the one who taught me that. Hahaha.

We paid a friggin' RM10 (which is the maximum amount one pays in Times Square) for parking alone!!! Grrrr.....

So imagine having to pay so much for the parking and not getting anything that actually worth the time we spent there. T____T

End of the lamest shopping event one can ever have in KL and back to home sweet home on Monday morning.

Taken with BB!

Hopefully I'll go there again before CNY to do more shopping! *crossed fingers hope that it's not gonna be window shopping again*

ps: Oh, I actually bought a dress in Times Square. Will update soon!

pps: Pics are all taken using BB (iPhone).


Friday, January 8, 2010

Post Christmas '09

I spent the whole weekend in KL!
Initially I wanted to do more shopping there but I could only find holes in my pocket so save it then. :(
So anyways we went to SS2 Murni on Saturday night!
As usual, it was packed and a lot of shops on that row weren't closed yet so basically there were too few tables to accommodate the number of people which was increasing super fast.

Google map didn't fail us! Or was it vice versa?

Murni's Menu. They have EVERYTHING. @.@

Finally found a table for 2 beside the wall!

Babe posing for the camera! :)

Okie it's really time to get a new hairdo.

I think Murni's employees are the most hardworking employees in the world!!

The food we ordered that night:

Roti Hawaii @ RM 5 (Totally recommended!)

Chicken Maryland @ RM7.50 (I think).

Triple H @ RM4 (Totally recommended!)

Babe 'dissecting' poor breadie.

Yummss! Basically it has 3 slices of bread and in between those bread, there are cheese sausages and beef/chicken patty (can't remember which) and it was wrapped with egg! *drools*

After Murni, we decided to go to Swensens for dessert! :)

Guess which ice cream we picked?

Babe still deciding.

Posing with Coit Tower @ RM16.90 (the name of the ice cream)!
This is far better than the dessert in Bread & Olives! It has banana slices with strawberries, chocolate ice cream and all others that make a great ice cream! Heee...I actually forgot what else is in there all I knew is that it was really DELICIOUS!

If you were one of those who read my fb status on Christmas week, you'll know that I initially planned to go to The Cave instead.

The pic I took with BB (iPhone) from Babe's car.

But before I went out for dinner, I did some homework about the food there and it turned out most of the reviews weren't convincing at all.
Then I changed my mind and wanted to drink sky juice there only because I still wanna feel how it's like in there (too cheapskate d) but it eventually rained as we came out from Swensens.
So, The Cave, maybe next time! :)

2 more days in KL on Christmas weekend!


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas 2009 In KL!

I guess my title doesn't sound interesting anymore now, does it?

Sigh. I didn't keep to my words in the previous post.
I'm not gonna give excuses saying I'm busy with school work and all, because I AM NOT.
I've been wasting time, or more like editing my pics and at one point of editing them, I felt so tired and got distracted by other unimportant things.
Actually I'm still editing my pics and writing this at the same time...sigh.


So anyways, as promised (although late by one day), this was how I spent my Christmas last year!
Not very glamorous but we were together :) That's all that matters, no?
Okie I just browsed through my calendar, I realised I have a gazillion things waiting for me to complete. Someone please, *Russian Roulete* me.

Okie okie here's my real update:

We drove to KL on Christmas Day itself after a light breakfast with Babe's mom.
Luckily we managed to avoid the jam which happened to be on the opposite side of the traffic!

this time around, we finally got to go to the Lookout Point in Ampang!
It was almost 10pm when we reached there and gahhhh, the crowd was crazy.
As though that's not bad enough, we were even charged Rm5 for the open car park!!

Walked around feeling a little cold, we then found a nice seat (although not beside the railing) and decided to do what we do best: order one thing at a time so that we can do some restaurant/cafe hopping! :)

Me ordering while Babe scoping a guy behind whom he thinks look like his friend.

Super failed photoshop.

All smiles! When I still can.

Jam packed!!

There are 3 different restaurants/cafes at the lookout point. Our first choice was at Bread & Olives.

Finally made our decision to order this dessert which I can't remember its name.
They're lucky I don't remember the name of the dessert. It tasted nothing like how the menu described, it was so darn sweet and sticky and gooey and whatnot and it makes you wouldn't wanna have the second bite at all.

I'm not exagerrating.

We were really disappointed by it. Maybe because it was Christmas night and the chef was probably thinking of family and love that he decided to direct his bay-syokness (dissatisfaction) into this poor thing.

So, we decided to hop onto the other cafe instead, which is Gasoline Cafe.
As we walked towards the table beside the railing, a girl who was sitting beside the table we were heading to shouted at her guy friend in Mandarin saying there's a cockroach.
T________T !!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't wanna be cockroach's good friend so we headed to the inner seats instead.
As we sat down, I realised it was already past midnight and both of us were so tired after the morning journey and all.

So we got up and took a few pics before leaving.

The moon was really helpful that night. :)

Pat our shoulders, please! We still managed to pull a smile for the camera. :)

See you not again~!

After reaching Sunway, we walked across to Pyramid to take a few pics because of the Christmas decorations!

I don't know how can anyone actually drive this car on the road especially Sunway's which has sooooo many road humps.

I never fail to love this view of Sunway Resort. So majestic looking. I like. :)

The reflection was perfect!

Picture purrfect!

Love this! Thanks Babe! *for putting up with my photography demands! hehehe*

This was hilarious. I initially wanted to take a photo of Babe with the branches which have really nice bulbs hanging on them.
So I asked Babe to pose and as I was counting, 1,2, *lights go off* 3! Snap.

So we walked outside to take photographs again. Hahah. Photography is such a fun thing to do.
No one should hate it!!!

It's already past midnight as I finished this entry.
Make that 2 days late. T___T

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