Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's Serena's!


Hope you'll have all your wishes come true and don't worry, you're going home tomorrow!!


See you.............. less than 30 minutes?



Sunday, August 23, 2009

Miss Malaysia Universe 2009

Hence, the delayed posts of everything.

Anyway, since today is the day where the new Miss Universe will be crowned in Bahamas (or already crowned?), I decided to share something I recently found out about our dearest Miss Malaysia Universe 2009 : Joannabelle Ng from Sabah.

Heck, she's only 21!!!

And boyfriend is a pilot somemore.

Tsk tsk tsk. Such a great couple.

Anyway, I found this picture of hers where she was in a fire accident last year and a year after that she was crowned Miss Malaysia Universe 2009.

Joannabelle now.

Our nation's pride:

I am really happy to know the fire accident didn't deter her from having faith in herself and becoming a beauty queen.

I was once bitten by a bug called charlie last December and my cheek-chin area was severely burnt by the acid as well.
But look, I'm still fine!
But obviously I'm not gonna join some beauty queen pageant's not like I have the qualifications also, right?



I hope she wins tonight!

ALL THE BEST, Joannabelle!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

OXO Cafelab

This is like one my way overdue posts.

I brought Evelyn to OXO Cafelab which is located along the shoplots beside Queensbay Mall since we both never been there before.
It's quite prominent, easily spotted.

I didn't manage to capture a lot of pics though (in fact, only a few clear ones) since my friend here isn't a big fan of photography.
How I wish I could put up a pic of the cafelab here but all the pics I googled have url of the respective owners on it.

So, I don't wana take their pics hence, google it yourself! :)

Anyhooo, this is what happened when I tried to take Eve's photo:

She tried to avoid her pic from being taken.

I always wonder why we never had a decent photo together when we're hanging out except those taken during my sis' convo.

Anyway, I ordered spaghetti carbonara and we shared a cake that caught our attention when we first reached there.
Can't remember what cake is that because it's been too long.

Very yummy indeed!

The carbonara was good, but it could have been better if they use vermicelli instead of fettuccine.

Because I wasn't really hunting for new food, so we didn't order much.
But I really liked their service!
It was fast and efficient!

Will go there again in the future to try some other food! :)

and I'm................

...................missing LOVE.


Friday, August 21, 2009


I hate it when some people (*POINTS DIRECTLY UP TO THE ROOM ABOVE MINE) don't know how to wring their clothes properly and hang them to dry straight after washing.

Although I know it might stretch/spoil your clothes, the least you could do is to think of the others who have their clothes drying on the clothesline (especially the ones who stay below you).

If it drips a little then is okay, but it seems more like a whole bucket of water dripping from your damn clothes onto mine and now they're wet again.


After all, we're all staying in the same hostel.

And with that said, MIND YOUR OWN AREA (on behalf of my friend) as well!

We paid the same amount as you (or probably you paid less but you want more) to stay in the hostel.

You have the right to dry your clothes at your own area but not other's.


Enough is enough.

Don't blame us if anything happens to your clothes when you dry them on our side of clothesline.


PPS: Err..bless the person who stays below me for having to suffer from the same consequences whenever I'm not hanging my clothes, which means the water drips directly to from 3rd floor to 1st floor!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Just a short update! Okay..maybe not.

I know it's not very typical of me to be MIA here although it's not such a long hiatus..
but somehow it's been really weird for me lately as I keep reminding myself to update my blog since I still have tonnes of things to blog about but I simply can't!
Because I have like so many assignments deadlines to meet and reports to do.
It's taking its toll on me, AGAIN.

Oh well, it seems a lot of my friends are having their mid term break now.
Too bad my campus cancelled our break if not I might be having as much fun as my friends are having now!
However, I'm not quite a person who likes holidays because they make me become a lazy fat pig as if I am not one already.
Okay fine lazy skinny pig. :)

Okay this post is so random I don't even know what to write but I have KFC for dinner today!
With a bunch of crazy friends, lab friends, classmates, friend whom I dream of when I need her to fetch me home, pregnant-with-3-year-old-baby friend, friend who throws everything outta my pencil case suddenly just to see my reaction and etc.
I wanted to have McD but fyi, Nibong Tebal does not have any McD franchise AT ALL!
But as weird as it may sound, it has 2 Pizza Hut and 2 KFC restaurants, located very near with each other.

I like Mondays now because Monday blues are definitely not for me this sem!
Wonder why?
Because Monday is the day I get to enjoy myself doing lab report..okay maybe not.
But it's the day when I get to talk crap to friends I seldom talk to for the past few years.
It gives me a sense of exhilaration and excitement because I am able to connect with more friends in my class and I <3 making friends. AHAHA.
Sounds wrong but I just feel that way somehow.
You have to be me to understand lar.

So I've been back in Penang almost every weekend (oh, I miscalculated. I never missed a weekend actually) and being the only person in the house who takes care of her skin more than anything else, I actually forgot to bring back my facial cleanser from my house.
Do you have any idea how it makes me feel??!!! or my skin feels for that matters??!!
It's been only a day without my facial cleanser, I already spotted one humongous zit on my forehead.
Damn stupid right.
Must drink more water d. Sigh.

Life's been pretty good but hectic so far without Babe around.
One month has passed and I'm still looking forward to the things I can do while waiting for him to be back.
I think I'm becoming more optimistic now. :)


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Summary of the Past Week

Summary of what I've been up to for the past week:

1) Another addition to my nail polish family! :D

Never had a nail strengthener before! Hopefully this works well. :)

2) Country Hide Sling Bag (another new lurve!)

Silly pic so stubborn just won't rotate. Ish.

It costs quite a bomb to me if I were to pay for it alone but hehehe. The other 2 girls in my family paid a big sum of it!
Hence, it's not entirely mine. :( But it's alright! :D

3) Out having a good time with old pals! :)

Smoky Jack is located along UPR where all the famous clubs in Penang are.
Such as Mois.

Nice and cozy environment but the girls are wild! (us, I mean. :D)

*forgot to take a proper pic with YL. Will take from Judy soon!

4) And me wearing white to join a contest! Which contest you may ask?



Monday, August 10, 2009

Guess Who Blows The Candles Today?



Yes, today is my mom's birthday and I hope she's happily celebrating with the rest at home today cause I have to be in uni. :(

I believe every mother's special in their own way but as for my mom, she's special to me not just because she's my mom and she gives me all the love I need (you know, the typical mom) but it's her admirable characteristics.

She's always willing to work hard although it means sacrificing the quality time she has with us because all she wants is to give us a better life.

She does not have a very impressive education background but she thinks and acts better than those who are highly educated.
(eg: politicians = brainless).

And of course there are lots more but my time is very limited, hence this is it for now.

As my wish for her this year is that she'll think more of herself than to think for others.
And that she'll be able to retire soon!!

Which is like never in her entire lifetime because she's a workaholic and she told me before she's not gonna retire even after her youngest child (me) steps into the working world. Sigh.

Last but not least,


ps: my fonts gone crazy. OMGGGGG look at the SIZE!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Some Time On Hands

My instinct of skipping classes is usually very inaccurate and today is no different as well.
I figured that the lecturers won't enter the classes yet I still presented myself only to find out that I should have followed my instinct instead.

After 1 week of 'holiday', the lecturers still decided not to enter the classes.
I wonder if they're afraid that this contagious disease will get to them if they are exposed to the students.
And yes, there are lecturers who are back yet they still didn't enter the class hence wasted the students' time (including mine) for waking up early in the morning just to enjoy the polluted air in the campus.

Okay fine sorry I'm being ungrateful again but I'm not quite a morning person and sleeping is one of my favourite past time.

Anyways, since I have quite some time on my hands, guess I'll just write about my newly found culinary skills which I didn't know I could have. Haha.

1) Baking skills

This isn't my first time baking but if I'm not wrong, one of the first few cakes I baked was during CTC camp where Judy taught me how to bake a biscuit cake.
Honestly, it's still one of the best cakes I've ever tasted! Thank u, Judy!

The pics below were taken around a month ago when I promised Babe that I'll bake a chocolate cake for him.
I wanted to mix the ingredients myself but Babe being Babe, he said pre-mix is a lot less hassle. Haha.

It wasn't tough at all but you must always get ready your baking utensils such as the appropriate tray and mixer.

Yes, it does look very distasteful as you mix it. But trust me, the outcome is far better than you expected! :))

The cake is now ready to be served! But the whipped cream melts easily so remember to refrigerate it and consume the cake when it's still cold!

We decided to give a shot in baking cupcakes as well! Hehehe. Oh boy, BAKING makes me HAPPY!

A simple tip for making the whipped cream:
**Pour the milk or liquified cream into a bowl and mix it well for a few minutes with a mixer. DO
boil it or mix with any other stuff to make it viscous.

In other words, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS stated. Unless of course if you buy the whipped cream in the bottle.

*Just for fun*

2) Making sushi

I've never made sushi before but when Babe's around, it feels like dreams do come true! Haha.
Oh well, it wasn't really our actual plan to make sushi but when it comes to unagi and fish roe, who can resist!

Pardon me for my weird body position. Blame it on gymnastics!

It was so hilarious cos I was telling my friend that making sushi rice is very easy, just press the button on the cooker that says "SUSHI".
Then they were like, our cooker doesn't have any button with sushi word written on it!
Haha. Try your luck then. Maybe about 45mins? At least that's what written on the cooker when I pressed the button.

And I proudly present to you the result:

Satisfied. Heheh.

Well, I did more than just baking and making sushi. But these are the only pics that were taken so..I guess that's it for today.

And a gentle reminder for those who are about to embark their journey in baking/cooking/chopping:



Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend Trip to KL!

Back from my KL trip!
By right, today I should be back in uni but guess what!
My campus' closed due to the H1N1 and tadda!~
I have a week off.
Probably gonna have to replace it sometime later.
Sheesh, there goes my mid term break.

Back to business, I went to KL last weekend with my sister and GF.
Met up with UJ at Pudu Bus Terminal (one of my least favourite places to be at but I have no choice) then UJ drove us to Jalan Alor to have supper!
We ordered roasted chicken wings, clams and grilled stingray!
To be frank, that's probably the best chicken wings I've tasted so far!
Too bad no photos with me now. Probably will update later.

Woke up the next morning feeling excited cos it's shopping day!
But before shopping, we went to have breakfast at Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles at Taman Desa.

According to UJ, the soup was made with evaporated milk and some rum, I think.
It tasted really different, quite different yet delicious in its way.
I thought the milk taste was gonna spoil the whole noodle taste but no!
It was quite subtle but really nice.
But again, no photos with me. :(

First destination was The Curve where a couple of events were held there.
Such as The Biggest Loser Asia audition and MTV World Stage's roadshow.
Guess who was the MTV VJ hosting the event?
Hawt. Hawt. Hawt.
It's like she has this super loaded Energizer battery in her!
Seriously, she was so energetic and she definitely hyped up the crowd there!
I didn't manage to snap any pic of her, though.
But to those who have no idea who she is,
here's a peep:

I know I'm right about how hawt she is. :)

Then we went to IKEA to buy some essentials before heading to IKANO.
Honestly, it was my first time to both IKEA and IKANO.
Kinda sad cos I didn't try their Swedish Meatballs but I did buy their hotdog and curry puff!
So cheap yet sooooo delicious!

Sis and GF wanted to surprise UJ by buying her a cute pillow from IKEA so both GF and I sneakingly bought it while UJ and sis went to put some stuffs in the car.
We hid it under her bed with the hope to surprise her on her birthday end of this month.
However, she found it eventually cos she was probably searching high and low for her lost watch!
Haiya, mission failed.
So, to UJ, I hope u found ur watch already by now!!

As for dinner, we went to the ever so famous SS2 Murni!
My second time there but the place there was as crowded as usual.
We had Mi Raja, Claypot Lo Xu Fan, Roti Hawaii and Tomyam Soup!
All I can say is, YUUUUMMMMMMMMYYY!!
Words can't even begin to describe how delicious the food in Murni was.
A must try for those who go to KL to find good food!

Claypot Lo Xu Fan.

Mi Raja.

Roti Hawaii.
Made up of minced beef, sliced pineapples, sausages and cheeeeeeseeeee!

GF, sis and I.

That's for our first day in KL.

On the next day, we went to have breakfast at USJ 14.
Tried their Pan Mee!
Another first time!

You can either have it the dry noodle or the soupy one.
I ordered the dry one and it was pretty good!
I don't really know how to describe the taste but it was good.
Haha. How 'convincing'.

Sunway Pyramid was next!
Since I didn't do much shopping the day before, so I told myself I must make it up to yesterday.

In dilemma. Which pair should I buy?

I've always wanted to buy these sneakers since I bought myself a pair of skinny jeans early of the year.
But I couldn't find a really nice one with nice design.
I didn't wanna buy the typical Converse or North Star sneakers.
Their shoes are good but not their designs. Too common.
But this shop (can't remember the name) was exceptional!
They have plenty of different designs and I like that every design has only 1 pair for each size!
I guess the chances of bumping into someone with the same shoes should be low since I already took the most common size, SIX!
*evil grin*
Unless of course, the staff lied cos I asked for a new pair but she told me only 1 pair for 1 size.

Then, we walked and shopped as usual.
We bought a few other stuffs but I still couldn't find my pair of Nike Sneakers. :((
But when I finally found one I like, they ran out of sizes. :(((((

Bus leaving at 1630 so we had a quick lunch/tea break at Carl's Jr.
I never tried their burger before so I thought it's be nice to u know, try something new. :)

Not that I think the burger's huge also...probably they shrank the size?

Chilli cheese fries at Carl's Jr. Yummy-ness! :D

That's it for my KL trip!
I'm still craving to shop for more...
Shopping's never ENOUGH!

Let me leave u with this.
Presenting my latest crave:

My skin is not that darkkkk. Man, the toning. Haha.


My Traveled Map

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