Sunday, July 26, 2009

Malacca III!

Just about time for me to blog about my 3rd day with Babe in Malacca!

Due to time constraint, Babe and I went to the A Famosa Water World on the last day of our trip after having breakfast at the same place as the day before.
Right before leaving the hotel, I took a pic of Babe and vice versa.

This is how the pic I took for him turned out:

And this, is how my pic turned out:

Oh well, at least I can put my url at the bottom. (=.=")
Anyhow,we went straight to the water world after I got over of being annoyed by him. :D

I didn't know what to expect cos I've never been there before but according to Babe, apparently it's quite big and kinda fun.
So, since I have so much trust in him (ahem), I was pretty excited and thought that probably I could have the best day of my trip on the last day in Malacca.

Then Babe told me, "Hmm..the park looks smaller than it used to be. Probably the last time when I came, I was small in size so all the slides looked huge back then."
I was like, "What.....!@#$%^." Nah, just kidding.
But that already took 30% of my excitement of the day away. ):
However, there never is a bad day when Babe is around.
So yeah.

*I wished I could do something to the 1st pic.*

There were only very few visitors as it was a weekday so we didn't have to queue up for the slides (which was the best thing that could ever happen when you're in a park).

I think we pretty much tried all the slides available there (except the kids' slides) in about 3 hours.
So, the rest was just playing the slides over and over again.

I did amaze myself though.
I went to the body slide with Babe and it was like so steep!
Definitely more than 50 degrees, at least.
I was very nervous at the moment when I walked up the staircase, thinking that I could have just died of heart attack or flew off the slides and got pulled down by gravity and hit the bottom of the slides with my tengkorak cracked open and my brain rolled towards Babe.

I mean, like really, I'm still searching for the new courage I found when I was on the slides.
Never have I thought I could actually survive going down that slide without even a scratch on me-self!
Ya la ya la..I'm exaggerating. But I was trembling okay..
I remember seeing a bunch of girls and guys looking at me when I reached the bottom while only 2 of their guy friends tried the body slide.
Heheheh. Bangga.

So, yeah I did enjoy myself (thanks to Babe) and I overcame my fear (of going down the body slide although I just realized I had that kind of fear in me which I hope is no longer a fear for me)!

Conclusion: Don't expect too much from the water world or it'll let you down and you won't die going down a body slide which is 50 degrees (or a little more) steep.

And to Babe, thanks for the Malacca trip! I enjoyed myself so much because of you and I look forward to the many many holiday trips with you in the future! *kisses+hugs*

*Gosh I think I just ruined my last day pics in Malacca with my wet hair! Sigh.

Till the next holiday trip,


Thursday, July 23, 2009


In case you haven't noticed, I've been refraining myself from blogging daily.
Results havent' been that convincing, what more to spend so much time blogging, right?

I have a lot of things to say, a lot of thoughts to share and a whole lot more of complaints to talk about.
But lately, after Babe left for Melbourne, I've been reflecting a lot on my life.

I ask myself questions.
Questions even I couldn't find appropriate answers for.
I doubt myself for so many times in so many ways for such a long time eversince I was in high school.
Could there be no solutions to these questions?
I don't believe that, either.

People say, think positively, stay optimistic and be more open and all.
Is it really possible to be in that position?
Maybe to some, yes because they only look on the bright side of life.
But I just can't, no matter how many times I ask myself to, somehow the overwhelming negative thoughts get the better of me.

Sigh, so emotional I am.
Probably it's just PMS.
Let's hope it is.

It all comes down to practically everything: Love, family, friends and academics.
Nothing of the above can I escape from.
Maybe it is very common to deal with all of the above in our everyday life but I'm starting to feel tired.
Tired of being labeled as the girl who looks like she has everything when actually she doesn't.
Tired of competing with everybody else just to make myself feel and look good.

Okay, enough for today.
Maybe I'll get back to writing about the 3rd day of my Malacca trip with Babe soon.


Because I need to get rid of these thoughts and place them somewhere before it gets overloaded in my tiny brain.


ps: Just before I end this, I want to tell u all that my English class is not as interesting as I thought it would be. Yes, read that right. ENGLISH CLASS in UNIVERSITY. Maybe I should be more grateful. Sigh.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bidding Roses Goodbye

Babe bought me a bouquet of beautiful roses last Friday!
I wasn't really as surprised as he thought I would be.
I guess women's instinct can be really accurate (most of the time, at least).

Beautiful, isn't it? Thank you, dear!!

Well, to be honest, I don't really know what type of flowers I like so I suppose roses are the easiest type of flowers to win my heart?

I can be so confused with myself at times.
But to be frank, I like all types of flowers.
Nothing in particular as I don't have like dozens of admirers who'd buy me roses every now and then.
Even if it's only a stalk, it'll definitely put a smile on my face. :)
Believe me, I'm as simple as that and am easily satisfied.

Anyway, I camwhored with the flowers last week!
(and did some photoshopping, too!)

ps: Finally I conquered the ways to make simple polaroids using photoshop! ON MY OWN!! *Yayynesss! (a slight mistake on the first photo though, hehe)

pps: It's official now. I'll only get to see him again this December but hey, think on the bright side, the duration is now half the time I used to wait for him for the past two years!! :))

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It Isn't That Bad

or so, I told myself.
It's the 3rd time he's leaving so I suppose it should be easy-peasy compared to the many times before.

It's not easy, to hold back your tears in front of your fellow coursemates.
But I did what I had to do.
To look strong on the outside as I slowly find more strength within myself.

My man told me:

and indeed he kept to his promise!


..............we're going to see each other again tomorrow!
Although it's more like I'm going back to him, but heck! WHO CARES!


Despite that I'll probably only have like 3 hours with him, the fact that I get to see him again brings much joy to mua!!!!!!

Shit. I sound like a lil' kid.
CL, get a hold of yourself.......

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! *screams out loud till the whole hostel building collapse*

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Malacca II

Second day in Malacca was even better!
We had breakfast provided by the resort in the Cowboy Town.
Babe and I chose to have Western Breakfast.

After satisfying our dearest tummies, we got ourselves prepared for some adventures at Animal World Safari.
As soon as we entered the safari, 2 tigers greeted us and the workers there asked us to pose behind the tigers.
I was a bit dumbfounded because I didn't expect the tigers to be there.
Then, they took a picture of us with the tigers and obviously wanted us to purchase it later. =.=
Anyhow, I quickly asked Babe to sneakingly take this pic!

If you'd notice, one of the workers' hand was trying to block Babe from taking a nice pic of me with the tiger!
Although he did spoil the picture a lil', but too late!

Beautiful parrots were making lots of noise when we arrived.
Amazingly enough, they are not tied to any chain or kept in a cage but they are free to walk and fly anywhere they like.
I tried teaching them a few words with the hope that they'll be able to repeat after me but to no avail.

Our timing can't be better than that day!
The safari shows all started about the time when we reached.
Not bad, huh.
At least we don't have to wait for long for the shows to commence.

Meanwhile, some pics!

Pardon my cacat-ed fringe. I don't know why my fringe becomes so weird as it grows longer.

Oh, one pic only. d:

The first show we watched was the Wild Wild West show.
It was not bad but it started with two 'Red Indians' riding their horses across the set, screaming.
Only for 3 seconds.
Then, they vanished.
I do not understand the purpose of that.
It did catch our attention but still...I expected more actions from them on the horses.
Then, a few comedians showed up, shooting each other with the fake guns.
I think they were trying to save the Red Indian girl from being taken by another cowboy.
Don't really get it. But it was pretty cool. The set and all.
The actors all seem so friendly on set.
But as soon as we got down to snap a few pictures with them, they seemed so unfriendly.

But the 'Red Indians' were not bad especially the one beside Babe.
At least, he seemed pretty approachable.

Next up was the Animal Show.
The schedule was pretty packed for us that they as we move from one show to another.
The animals were great. Much better than the Wild Wild West Show in my opinion.
As we entered the show area, we saw an Orang Utan drawing on a piece of paper.
Then, the emcee came out and the animals started performing.

This is a sunbear. He knows how to ride a scooter!
Then, we were even entertained by a little cute otter, who collected rubbish so cutely, without being instructed.
Of course, he's been trained before lar.

Then came the battle of the heroes.
Superman vs. Batman.
Both of them were really adorable!
They were competing on who could lift the barbell for a longer duration and guess who won?

Tadaa! Superman won. :)

After about 45 minutes of the animal show, we hurriedly walked to the next show: Bird Show.
Real busy and hot day.
Bought a chocolate ice cream while waiting for the show to start.

The Bird Show was pretty awesome, too!
Somehow I think animals and birds are better entertainers than humans. Hmm.
Although I don't really agree on them being entertainers to earn money like this.
I felt it's a bit torturing but I hope they are treated well there.
So, what's so cool about the show, you might ask?

Well, besides watching some birds flying around, one of the parrots (from Aussie) actually knows how to aim for your RM10.
Not from your pocket of course!
The emcee asked for Rm10 donations for the bird conservation fund.
Right after that, people started donating like crazy!
Especially the Iranians! They are very generous!! Like really!!

Can you see what's at the parrot's mouth?

Here are some of the pics for the show:

Then, we went to the chicken farm.
Not exactly farm but it's a place where they breed all species of chicken.
As soon as we entered, I can't stop smiling!
Because hundreds or probably thousands of hot chicks came to greet me!

They came running towards me as if I'm their food. =.="
But they were all so cute and I think they're all twins? Triplets? Quadruplets? Gosh.
I don't even know how to start naming them. Haha.

Boy, they sure are hawt, aren't they?

Right after that, we were supposed to go and watch the Elephant Show but Babe was a bit reluctant because he said he watched it before when he was small and it wasn't that nice.
So, we started walking around and snapped a few pics again!

Babe trying to imitate what I did earlier to the parrots.
He failed.

However, everybody else was at the Elephant Show so I pulled him there in the end.

Elephants playing football.
Or does it look more like a polo game without the mallet and horses?

This is interesting. The guy there was supposed to get some massages from the elephant.
Instead, he was asked by the emcee to lie on his back and the elephant, Lisa (I think) started 'massaging' his private part!
Lisa seems quite miang also.
I think that Iranian guy was enjoying it, though.

Then Babe drove us to the Eye On Malaysia!
It was my first time seeing it and I must honestly say, I was pretty amazed!
I agree that the view of Malacca from the eye isn't that breathtaking but looking at it from the ground was already more than enough for me!
We didn't enter the wheel though.
But I like the lighting there and so, we started doing some photography! :)

Then we walked and walked around for a little while before heading to the Malacca River Cruise.
We wanted to board the cruise but the worker there didn't allow us because they require a minimum of 10 people to be on the cruise.
Not very disappointed, we continued with our photography. Haha.

This gigantic ship behind was supposedly a Portuguese Warship turned into a museum. I can't remember its name.

The water wheel! As recommended by Darrel. So was the Malacca River Cruise.

Before we headed back to the resort, we had some light supper: chicken satay and Neslo!


Day III awaits!

ps: Probably most of you didn't know, one month's up and Babe will be leaving to Australia this Sunday. This morning was the last time we saw each other. I'll have to start my countdown again this Monday.

pps: Let's hope I'll be stronger this time around.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Weeks With Him.

The new semester just started and I'm feeling so lazy already!
Lazy to blog, to be exact.
I still have 2 days of Malacca I need to cover here but I can't seem to find the time to edit my photos!
So I guess you and I both will have to be patient and wait for the entries! (:

Anyways, for the past few weeks, I've been spending almost all of my time with Babe.
I know I might sound corny but I really love spending time with him.
Although the weather hasn't been very nice lately since it keeps raining everyday but having Babe with me, it feels like the sun shines on me all the time. *laughing my head off*

What's more, in the past 3 weeks, I think I've learned so much about cooking more than I did in my 21 years of existence.
*Yes, with the exception of this year*
I baked, fried, barbecued, marinated, cut, chopped (until finger also bleed) and prepared sushi for the first time in my life!

Somehow, I'm really thankful to have someone like him to share with me his knowledge (be it in engineering, cooking or any other general ones) because it shows how versatile the person I love is.
Maybe I might sound like I'm boasting, but truth be told, I've never met someone who seems to be so close to perfect.
Yes, like I've said before (somewhere..I can't remember de), everybody defines perfection differently.
So, yeah. He's almost perfect in my goldfish eyes. (:

Anyway, I better get back to my lab report because I have an invigilator scoping me from behind, kicking my ass asking me to finish my work. d:

Before I stop, I'll leave you guys with this. It just occurred.

My conversation with Babe. We do sarcastic things at times. He's just behind me. haha. And yes, he's the invigilator.


Monday, July 6, 2009


Just a moment ago, I was so furious with my uni for categorizing blogspot under pornography.
Not only I can't view my own blog, I can't even sign in or view other's blog.
Only those in blogspots though.
I'm not sure if it was because of my pic in that swim wear which they think it's some kind of porno or was it caused by others in my uni.
No 'eye deer'.
My uni is just being ridiculous.
They cannot be more ridiculous than what they just did.

Anyway, here's my entry on my Malacca trip last week!

Babe drove both of us to Malacca for a getaway last Monday as he promised long long time ago.
We took off at about 3pm and reached Malacca an hour later.

Somehow camwhoring is a must during holidays.

After checking in, we decided to drive down to Malacca town.
The town was situated about 45mins away from the resort.
Poor babe had to drive for so long but I offered okie.. :)

First stop: The Stadthuys

It took us quite some time to actually find that place simply because the directions were all wrong on the map.
Lucky enough, he has good sense of direction.

Love the red!

With love!

Nothing beats spending the time with your loved one after NINE months of being physically separated.

Malacca is simply wonderful!

We went around the town to search for the famous chicken rice balls since it's a must try if anyone were to be in Malacca.
Too bad for us, we failed.
However, we met Darrel and he brought us to eat clams at a hidden alley.
If it wasn't for Darrel, we wouldn't have noticed it!

Group pic with the Malacca gang!
Thanks a lot you all!

Stomachs were still growling after that.
So, Darrel and friends brought us to the famous Satay Celup at Capitol Satay.
It's pretty much like Penang's Lok Lok, only difference was the sticks were dipped into boiling satay sauce unlike Lok Lok.

Darrel told us that the last time he came with his coursemates, the queue was like the distance of 3 shoplots.
We were there on Monday night yet we still had to queue up for like 20mins?

Nevertheless, it was a great experience cos if it wasn't for Darrel and friends, we wouldn't have known this place on our own.

My first day in Malacca ended after satay celup.
Pretty satisfying, if only more places in Malacca are developed like its town or better.

Day 2 is up next! :)

ps: If you'd notice, I didn't mention the name or road of the makan places because this is what you get when you don't update your blog right after your holidays. Sheesh. I need the map to name the road which is obviously not with me right now. Hehe.

My Traveled Map

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