Friday, May 22, 2009

The 8th American Idol

*Before you start to read this, please note that I've updated my previous posts and pics as ENJOY!

Okay, I guess this is old news.

I’ve watched the final performances and also the results show.

Obviously, I was pretty devastated like many others in the US with the result.

I don’t deny that Kris Allen has a really good voice but to me, Adam was better.

I’m not sad that Kris Allen won the title, but I’m sad because Adam lost.

If you know what I mean. I have nothing against Kris Allen, but I just felt that Adam deserves it better.

Yes, it’s undeniable that Kris Allen is very talented, with his looks and petite size, I was easily blown away by him. Hehe.

To me, Adam’s voice is really unique. I know, I know, who am I to judge their voices, right.

I’m just saying this from a fan’s point of view.

I liked the way he (Adam) hits the high notes with seemingly little effort although Kris Allen’s voice was much easy listening.

In my opinion, it is evident that Simon wanted Adam to win.

Like they said, Kris is the underdog who emerged as the winner.

It’s all up to Americans anyway. It’s their idol, not Malaysian’s.

But like the previous seasons, those who join such reality shows usually have a really bright future ahead of them, so I think Adam will still do very well in the coming years.

I’m only thankful that Danny Gokey didn’t win. Haha.

But honestly, I prefer Kris’ version of ‘No Boundaries’ co-written by Kara Dioguardi, better than Adam’s.

It (Kris’ version) sounded much better and easier to remember than Adam’s.

Kris sang it more like a winning song, in my opinion. Argh, man. I think I like Kris, too.

Ps: Another *ka-ching* into my pocket this weekend! Whee~

pps: Oh and about the gay Adam Lambert with his pics in the internet kissing other guy, yeah I knew about it quite some time ago. Nope, I don't have problem with that. No discrimination ok..


Monday, May 18, 2009

Freedom Again!

Finally I’m free again! Yes, I’ve been working for the past 3 days. To my friends who saw me there, I’m sorry for not being able to stop and talk to you all because I was kinda busy at that time. Hehe. Feeling exhausted is definitely an understatement when you have to stand and talk continuously for 10 hours. I got to know a lot of new friends and I even smiled to hundreds of strangers. Truth be told, I’ve never been that friendly before in my life! My skin has not been so thick before and I amazed myself when I came out of it alive. There were moments of embarrassment, joy and no tears shed. Haha. It’s been really a wonderful experience but I guess I should have enough of it. It’s not that I don’t like the people there but I guess I’m not suitable as a salesperson. I feel that I am not convincing enough, hence explaining why my sales weren’t that good. However, I did conquer my fear of approaching strangers and I hope I learned something from it. Furthermore, this experience showed me a new perspective of how a human reacts when desperation for something material is involved.

Funny things do happen during my interactions with some of the customers. Don’t you think it’s weird when you’re promoting something to the customer but the customer turned out to promote his stuff to you instead? In just 3 days, I was approached by 4 people from 4 different companies who offered me part time jobs in their respective fields. I’m really honored by their moves but I have a hard time believing in strangers. Probably that’s why strangers don’t believe me as well. Haha. I’ve got their name cards, ranging from sales, banking and insurance companies to body slimming company. Scary, I thought.

So you see, all you people out there who complain of being unemployed, it’s really up to your own decisions. I believe there are still many jobs available locally, only that they are probably not up to your expectations. Who knows I could be one of them after I graduate. *crossedfingershopei’mnot*

Ps: I was offered another job again this morning! Haha. But sorry BK, I have to reject your offer due to some reasons.

Till next time,



Thursday, May 14, 2009

Vote For Lambert!

Just a short note since I have connection now:



*I know I have a regular reader (or maybe more than one) from the States. So, please, whoever you are, VOTE FOR ADAM LAMBERT on behalf of me!!!!

I'll reward you when you come back to Malaysia, ok?
Although I'm not sure if you're a Malaysian, but my instinct says you are.



Wednesday, May 13, 2009

First Part Time Job of The Year

Was it fated or just coincidental?

I texted my friend, ST on Wednesday and asked her if she has any job to recommend me.

I know I could go back to my old workplace but I was thinking of getting a new experience at a whole different place, you know, just to widen my network in a way.

She told me to go for a briefing that Wednesday evening regarding a new product launched by one of the major Telcos in Malaysia as they’ll be having a road show in Gurney Plaza this weekend.

So, I did and at first I was pretty taken aback during the briefing because I’m totally new with this product called broadband.

I’ve never had any broadband knowledge in my life ever and now I’m supposed to inform everybody about Mbps, HSPA, Modem etc.

I did think of rejecting the job but I gave it a shot because I guess it’d be good for my reputation and experience as well.

But I was pretty okay with the job also mainly because I have my friends with me!


Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

The day to celebrate the one and only person who would sacrifice everything for us just to ensure we’re safe and happy.

So, what have you done for her on this very day?

Maybe for us as students, we could hardly do much.

Well, leave the jewellery and dinner for the elder siblings, we could still do some house chores to let her rest more especially for those moms who are working today, like my mom.

My mom has been the best mom in the world (my world, at least).

She has been working really hard just to make sure my family has the best she could give to us.

I’ve always been closer to my mom than my dad for some reasons.

I looked up to my mom as someone who inspires and motivates me at times when I’m down.

She doesn’t need to reward me with expensive gifts when my results are good or during my birthday.

It’s been 22 years she has taken care of me.

She’s a lady who gives us everything yet asks for nothing in return.

I’m grateful more than ever to have her.

Everyone who knows me close enough can tell that I love my mom a lot.

I talked about her all the time to them and I can never imagine how my world would turn out without her love.

As a child, I do take her for granted at times.

But as I grow older, I began to understand her better and now I’m doing my best to not hurt her feelings and spend more time with her whenever I can.

Seeing that both my brother and sister are working now, all I could wish for is for her to retire by the time I step into the working world as well.

I’m not really a huggy person but I gave her a hug today.

It feels good to hug somebody you love so much because I believe simple gesture like this does mean a lot.

I could continue a whole long entry solely about my mom but I guess I should stop now.

I wished she could read this but I guess it’s rather impossible.

Anyhow, I just wanna say;

I LOVE YOU, MUMMY! You’re and have always been the brightest star in my life. I’m here because of you and I’ll repay you one day soon after I graduate. Thank you for everything you’ve done and given me throughout these years. I love you to bits! :)


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Hair Cut Again!

I decided to get my hair chopped again today. I know-lah..crazy right?

But since young, my hair has been really thick and trust me, it’s not always a good thing to have thick hair.

I find it difficult to manage so my mom asked me to trim my hair.

I heeded her advice and went to Apex Haircut at the Yellow House in Sg. Dua with sis.

But before that, we went to Queens again to get some stuffs first.

Sis bought another present for her friend’s daughter at Toys‘R’Us and a good Samaritan offered her Star Card to my sis so that she (my sis) could buy the present at 50% off price.

Then I bought this:

Oh and when we first reached Queens, we were asked to write our name and phone number by a Lancome staff at the entrance and with just that, we were entitled to a complimentary eyebrow trimming session and allowed to try their new mascara at their lash lab.

I didn’t go for the eyebrow trimming but my sis did.

The staff at the Lancome counter in Jusco was really friendly but one of the two staffs in the lash lab looked as if somebody has just stepped on her tail.

Unlucky me got her to apply the new mascara on me.

She simply applied the mascara on me and the mascara smudged on my eyelid and under my eyes but she didn’t even care.

She was so harsh on my eyes, ok.

Immediately after she applied the mascara on me, my eyes became teary because of the force she put on my eyelids.

Worst, we were supposed to try their NEW mascara but none of them care to even explain or introduce to us the mascara they applied on my sis and I.

I even took a pic of that sulky looking staff for everyone else to see and know her poor service to customers.

**Can't upload again. Sigh.

Apex Haircut is next! It was my first time there, my sis suggested that place.

The place was not big. But customers kept coming.

They only have 3 hairstylists at that time.

We were greeted by a friendly woman who seems to own the place because the other 2 are young, hunky (maybe a little) and good looking guys.

No wonder all the customers were female at the time we went there. Heehee.

However, due to the limited workers and quite a number of customers, we waited for quite some time.

I’m pretty satisfied with the results. I might go there again.

Be it because of the hunks or the skills! Haha.

You know, I think I’ve been pretty lucky while having my hair cut.

The first time was when I had my hair permed beginning of the year, the woman’s assistant, Alex looks like Alexander Wang Lee Hom! Haha..I’m serious.

I wanted to take his pic but was a little too shy. Heehee.

Then the 2nd time was cut by a don’t count that la k.

Now, the 3rd time, another good looking guy cut my hair! this lucky or what?

The latest guy’s name is Anson if I’m not mistaken.

Let’s see how long this good luck charm will last! HAHAHAHA.

PS: Happy 21st Birthday, lil’ girl!


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