Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Flying High On Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas everyone! Owh okay..I guess it's a tad too late but there are 12 days of Christmas no?

I'm back in uni and life has been rather mundane since not everyone is back from holiday-ing yet.
Personally, I don't celebrate Christmas formally but I simply love how colorful and joyful this occasion is every time when it's drawing near.
You can hear the bells jingle, caroling groups singing Christmas carols..beautifully decorated Christmas trees..boy, Christmas is just so fun and loving!

So, my question is: What did you do on the night before Christmas?

Did you go to Gurney Plaza and joined those Ah Tu's and Ah Kau's (useless brats) spraying foam all over people's cars and gave a good shake to their cars before hitting the RELA members after they (the RELA team) caught one of your Ah Tu's or Ah Kau's for your idiotic actions?
Get a life, people.
These are the actions made by irresponsible people who are merely celebrating Christmas Eve but not Christmas itself.
Wtf alright. I was so pissed when I read that news on the Star.

To Ah Tu's and Ah Kau's who are reading (I doubt they are since I don't think they even know what a blog is):
"I admit spraying foam and making a fool out of yourselves on Christmas Eve are essential parts of your lives in order to make into the news headline. But for everyone else's sake, please go get a proper life. You all suck egg"

I might not know exactly the true meaning of Christmas but I believe it's not to make people's lives miserable.
I was one of those people who went to Gurney to join the so-called Christmas Eve celebration a few years back but we don't spray on people we don't know okay.
Let alone those cars that pass by that unholy road that night.
I usually spray to the air. (Hahhaa. I know la..sounds quite lame haha)

Anyway, gone were the days in Gurney on eves of public holidays.
To the grown ups, they probably had a good drink or two in pubs or just hanged out with close friends till the clock struck 12.

Initially, Babe wanted to drive down to KL on Christmas Eve so that we can have a good celebration in KL.
But it wasn't till the last minute that Babe changed his mind since he was tired from working and all.
Heck, I even turned down my friend's invite to Sri Sayang... :( so envious now after looking at their pics.
Haha..anyway because we ran out of ideas on what to do on the eve, we decided to go to Queensbay just to walk around and see what was going on.

The atmosphere in Queensbay was all calm and Christmassy, which was the total opposite of the situation in Gurney that night.
The crowds here were mostly matured adults with families and small children...maybe a few couples (like us).
I consider myself lucky to change my mind from Gurney to Queensbay. :D

It was almost 10pm when we reached Queensbay and Babe went to S&J to buy some gifts for his parents.
After that, as usual, we took a few photos in Queens but I was a lil' disappointed with their Christmas decorations though.
Gotham City at the main atrium. =.= Obviously to attract kids nia.

Texting away~ to Babe! He claimed that no one knows his new number in Malaysia and he felt sad cos he has got no Christmas messages so I secretly texted him a message for this Christmas. Heeeeeheeeee.

After that, we ran out of ideas on what to do again.
So we walked up to the seashore and saw this!

The evening sky was nicely painted by the colorful kites flown by the people there that night!
It was really an amazing sight seeing so many different kites up in the sky.
We didn't wanna be left out, hence we bought ourselves a kite as well!

And guess what, it was both our first time flying a kite!
But the kite just wouldn't listen and didn't wanna fly up and kept hitting back to the ground.

So Babe decided to make some modifications on the kite but to no avail...
and it was already half an hour to midnight!

Finally, after much struggles and brainstorming, the kite flew!!!

My expression when I'm happy and successful. Hahha.
In flying a kite, that is.

And then it just wouldn't come down!

I think it was midnight already when we took this photo.
I was really happy because the kite didn't fail us!

Babe's turn! See the kite surrounded by the heart shape?
Kinda puny, though. Haha.

He's happy!

And we're happy! =.=

Got tired of flying the ish-ish kite that refused to come down and went back to Babe's house to unwrap my present!
Look at the process eh:

First must pat pat Kiki first so that he won't bite me. Haha..nah, he doesn't bite me..

Kiki wants to share my present! :D *sniff sniff*

Sweat betul. Look at my expression..I totally ignored the camera because I was curious what Babe got for me!

A 4-in-1 gift! Hahaha..exclude the Canon lens cover though.

I wasn't surprised he got me the Spongie because he knows I've been eyeing for one since forever..but to get a soft toy for ownself sounds I have been waiting for someone to give me just that.
hahhaa..wish granted!
Together with a Maybelline foundation powder which I had no idea he actually heard what I mumbled to myself in Watsons.
He even got the correct shade for my skin tone. Can I use wtf for this?
Next is a cosmetic pouch which I totally needed because I dump my make ups everywhere and slot them into whichever places that are possible to fit them in.
Totally inhygienic, tsk tsk tsk. But not anymore!! :D
Last but not least, is a 2010 organizer! Syoknessssss~although I can't guarantee if I can make full use of it but I'll try. :) Hehehehe.

THANK YOU, DEARRRRRRRRRRR! although you don't really have to spoil me this way..hehee

More on my Christmas trip to KL soon!

ps: Just in case if you're wondering what I got for him, it's a POLO belt! An automatic belt without holes so that he doesn't have to keep wearing the buaya belt. Hahahaha.

I loveeeeeee Christmas. How about you?


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Land of The Lion 4

Finally my last post on Singapore trip. phew
I think I've been procrastinating, or maybe not, because my schedule has been so packed since Christmas eve!
I didn't attend any parties, any gatherings but I spent a great deal of time with my dear.
I have so many posts pending!!!!
Anyway, back to my actual post, I realised I haven't posted up any pics of the breakfast we had at York Hotel.
Everyday there're some differences in the menu but it was more to Western breakfast I'd say.
Thumbs up!





Orange juice

Apple juice

Back to room to pack up and watched some Oprahs and Ellen Degeneres on tv.
Tiger Woods' cheating were all over the news! Scary..I guess this situation is pretty typical when you have a combination of fame and fortune, you'll easily attract the gold diggers. :)

Candid shots while putting ICI on my face.

Forgot to post this up earlier..haha
No, I didn't wear the same outfit for 2 days.

One of my biggest regrets in Singapore was not to swim in the hotel's swimming pool.
Really sad alright...
It was raining as usual and I got so moodless thanks to the weather :(

While waiting for the rain to subside, we decided to take some photos in the hotel itself..

Only when the loo is empty. Hahah.

I guess we were pretty lucky on the last day because the rain eventually stopped after around 30minutes!
Thank god for that because if not we would be drenched while on our way to the airport.
Meanwhile, with some time in hand, it's photography moment again! :D

Walked to Wheelock Place..

I this!!! As a shoe fetish who hardly buys shoes (I know lah, oxymoron right), I find this phrase really interesting!

If I'm not mistaken, this is another end of Ion Orchard?

Imitating the trumpeter snowman~!

This is my first time seeing an escalator of such! How cool! Or maybe I've always been living inside a shell?

Finally found the restaurant both of us have been craving for!
It was pretty disappointing that they closed up the branch in Gurney Plaza :(

I remember the last Fish n Chips I had in Fish & Co. in Gurney was only priced at RM9.90!
Crazy cheap and delicious!

It was their 11th Anniversary and all the Fish n Chips were priced at only S$11!
Although it wasn't as cheap as the one in Gurney, but as long as my Babe is satisfied, so yayy! :D

We've been missing you, Dory (the fish, no, I don't mean Nemo's friend).

Nicely architectured escalator!

At the entrance of *read yourself*

For those of you who missed out on the Christmas tree in front of Ion Orchard, fret not!
I took some pics of it and here's what you see from the inside.

*smoochies* for my beloved.

Here's the outside.

Walking pass a gigantic Ferrero Rocher Christmas tree, now that's what I call a CHRISTMAS TREE! Oh, for the love of my favourite choc of all time~

On the escalator of one of the malls along Orchard Road..can't remember where's this.
Look at the CROWD~ *choke choke*

Another Christmas tree! Basically Christmas trees are everywhere in Orchard Road. Kinda sick of it for a moment..

There must be some extravaganza sales or something in Gucci and Prada..there were even people queuing outside Louis Vuitton!
But I don't remember such brands have sales or discounts before....correct me if I'm wrong?

The time I despise the most has finally arrived.
Time to fly back to homecountry.

Not to my surprise, we reached the boarding area right at 7pm! That was the time we were supposed to check in la..
Lucky for us again, the gate wasn't close yet! Hee.
Almost out of breath as Babe and I ran towards the counter..haha.

Unfortunately, our flight got delayed for almost and hour and finally took off at 8.20pm.


Been to so many places in a day on foot was really tiring.

Took Aeroline at 8.30am at Sunway Pyramid the next morning.
Anticipating my first time on Aeroline~!

The food and beverages we were served with:

Subway burger! Wheee!~

Fancy a cup of milo on board, anyone?

Love love.

Last few camwhore pics to end my getaway!
And definitely two thumbs up for Aeroline!

All in all, it was my first time in Singapore and I'm glad it was Babe whom I went with.
Although it was only for a few days, we were able to spend so much time together and it makes me appreciate him even more than I used to.
*I shall leave the words that might cause severe goosebumps to some of you for his ears alone*

And I shall say it again, I LOVE SINGAPORE! Till we meet again!

ps: I noticed my grammar mistakes in my last few posts but I just couldn't be bothered to change please don't learn English from my blog y'all. Hahahha.

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