Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jingle Bell Rocks the Party! Not Santa Claus!!

Whatever the title means. Hmm. My uni friends decided to change their minds and came to Penang Island today instead. But since I already promised OCY, so I couldn’t join them. Sorry people!! Oh well, here are some of the events that happened at Sunnyville that night :

::: Lots of cute and hot girls, be it Caucasians or Asians.

::: Dutch, German, Finnish, American dudes…*speechless*

::: We practically brought the house down without having to be in a club. Nah, just kidding. Haha. It was more decent than I thought it would be.

::: Vodka + rum = Minty. Not exactly but still, it felt like your throat is burning after drinking it.

::: The most adorable girl award goes to Katzu San (I hope I got her name right), the cute Japanese girl we met that night.

::: The hottest guy award goes to…I shall keep it that way. Haha. Wouldn’t want them to find out whom just in case if they happen to read my blog then I’m doomed!!

::: Smokes, cigarettes, liquor. Not really my kind of thing.

::: Santa in an undersized shirt with his belly and boxer shown and a strawberry image behind it. Think about it. And when he was drunk, OMG.

::: Gift exchange! I got a pack of chopsticks, small notebook and a book holder from Robert, the Dutch. Though they’re all made in Penang, but it’s alright lah. I bet they didn’t expect so many Malaysians to be there anyway. Hehe.

::: Food : Plenty of varieties. The starters filled the whole table and silly us for thinking that that was it. I didn’t even try the main course!! Mashed potatoes from Lauri, perhaps? Hahaha.

::: Photos : None taken by yours truly. *frowns*

I was accompanied by high school mates : OCY, Eve, KQ, KR and HF! It was a new experience for me, being under the same roof with a whole bunch of Caucasians and not being intimidated by them! Hahaha. Though having to sustain a conversation especially with …. was well, a little torturing but haha, nice experience.

How was your Christmas people??
OMG I feel like a grandmother compared to what KQ has written about the party. Heehehe.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Ahh. Now I know what has been bugging me lately. Decision making.
To go with my heart or let my mind lead the way?
In the end, I chose to go with my heart.

I've been trying to make up my mind on whether or not to spend the holiday with my university friends or join my good ol' friends in a party with a bunch of foreign exchange students.
I know, I know, most of you will say it'd be nice to make new friends and what's more, I'll be joining my old friends.
But, I bet most of you know how 'well' my socializing skills are, no?
I'll tend to be superbly quiet when I'm around newly known people.
Hmm...probably it has something to do with self-esteem. Okay fine, TOTALLY.

And so...the almighty CL Teh has made a wonderful decision.
:::Christmas Eve will be spent with my old high school friends, not to mention with the hope of meeting cute German guys..hee..and thanks to my cousin, Nicholas Saw, it's possible now!!


:::Christmas Day will be booked for my university girl friends!!

Ain't I just so brilliant? HAHAHA.
So I guess my holidays won't be that boring anymore!! *grins*

However, good things must always come to an end. WHY??
After Christmas Day, I'll most probably be hibernating at home again unless miracle happens once again.
The dumbo*&^%^$ mechanics just can't seem to keep up to their words and I'll be car-less for the weekend.

I have so many things planned out for my weekend holiday and thanks to them, none will come true.

And guess what my first Christmas present of the year would be??
It's gonna be the FIRST and the BEST!!!
Need some hints perhaps?
It is a gadget and its name starts with an I and it has a D letter in it.
4 letter word. Any more letter will be rather redundant because it'll easily reveal what it is.
I shall reveal it when the time comes (when I finally get to feel it).
Am so excited right now!! *grinsgrinsgrins*

Here are some pics for you to enjoy while I'm away during the holidays!!

My first Christmas tree!!

Before the lights are lit.


Just some random views from my house window.

I likey this!!

Anyways, before I end this entry, to all my fellow friends and readers:



****A WONDERFUL YEAR OF 2009****


Monday, December 22, 2008


At this time of the year, most people will usually reflect on all the things that had happened to them throughout the year, regardless of the good or the bad ones.
Same goes to me, for the past weeks, staying at home gave a me a great chance to do that.

I thought about my family, him, friends and my future.
I thought about my family, the reason I'm here and what would I be without them.
I thought about him, the source of my happiness.
I thought about my friends, the people who shower me with great love when I needed it.
I thought about my new semester, another step closer towards achieving my goal.
I thought about my final exam results and it made me smile.

2008 has been somewhat meaningful to me as I've began to explore deeper into the relationship between human beings and how they can affect our lives.
However, I still feel missing. Somehow there's an empty space in my heart and I have the urge of filling it.

Am I being greedy?
Something just doesn't feel right in me. I can't seem to be excited even when festive seasons are around the corner.
Maybe these 6 clones can do the trick?

Courtesy of KOKD

First Day In The New Sem

Three cheers to those who made it to the new sem!! Hip hip......bleh.
Today's inspirational quote from an experienced lecturer, "I'm a well-planned person".
Gawd. Never actually knew a lecturer would praise himself that way.
Nonetheless, he's well respected by the students.

Sigh. I need to gain back my composure before actually writing a proper blog entry.
Right now, as I'm doing this, I'm thinking of someone far far French Alps. ARGGHH!! I wana go there....but nvm, there's always a better time to do that.
Gotta rush for my lab period now! (",)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It Wasn't That Bad After All

Luckily, God has a better plan for me after all that has happened to me during the past weeks. Now that my face has gotten better, I realized good things are on their way to me!! (Just in case if you’re wondering what happened to my face, stop wondering.) Mei Chen text me that final results are out today. I had no idea how I should feel. I was terrified when Hui Juan and Fergie asked for my results. I haven’t checked yet at that time and they sounded so happy. Good for them, I thought to myself. I messaged Kok to check my results for me and he kept me waiting for more than 2 hours!! I was in agony thinking of my results and finally he called but not with the results. Sighs sighs sighs. And I realized I gave him the wrong web address. Oops. Hehe. Sorry Babe. I then called Eve immediately to get the correct web and I practically laughed throughout the phone conversation with Babe after knowing my results. And from that moment onwards, I think I started to believe in miracles. HAHAHAHA. Seriously lar. Nevertheless, I'm proud of myself. HAHAHA. Anyways, after 2 weeks of pain and tears, I’m finally prepared to get out from the house and be my old self again. This time, with a new skin (FYI, I did not undergo plastic surgery) not only for myself, but for my car as well!! There’ll be a high school reunion tomorrow night. Hopefully OCY can make it then we can all meet up again!!! Nites people.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Unconditional Love

Ahh. As though the day has not been sad enough for me and now MixFM has to play Avril’s “When You’re Gone”. I decided to write this entry right after I finished reading “Dear John” by Nicholas Sparks. (WARNING: Nicholas Spark’s fans who haven’t read this one, please do not continue reading my entry J)It’s been quite a while since I read good books like this one. Initially, it took me quite a while to get hooked to this book not only because I’m not an avid reader but the beginning was pretty expected. Lovey-dovey couple story, how they met and fell in love. Everything sounds typical in the beginning. It wasn’t until 2 days ago that I decided to grab the book and continued where I stopped. As the story goes on, I realized I could somehow relate the story and the characters to my own life. It wasn’t entirely similar but I guess I could feel how Savannah, the girl in the book felt, having to wait for a guy who can’t be beside you most of the time. However, their case was much worse than mine considering that the couple can only meet 2 weeks in a year whereas I could see Babe 3 months in a year. Sounds pretty ok but after reading the book..gosh. My heart shattered into pieces. It’s so unfair how two people who are so much in love with each other but in the end they couldn’t be together. The story revolves around a guy, John Tyree who enrolled in the army after finished schooling and during one of his breaks, he met and fell in love with Savannah, a grad student and volunteer in some house building for the poor or something. So, it went about on how they eventually fell in love with each other and that John’s time was up and had to fly back to Germany to resume his service. She was willing to wait, at first as he still comes back in June, but for 2 weeks leave only as usual. It wasn’t easy for a girl who just fell in love with someone and to expect her to wait for someone whose chance of surviving isn’t certain, was definitely a tough one. However, 9/11 occurred and as a devoted soldier, he chose to serve the country instead of love. The waiting took its toll on the girl and she somehow felt in love with Tim, her best friend since they were small, who has always been in love with her. The climax of the story happened when John’s father passed away and left him a whole lot of money. While grieving over his dad’s death, John went to find Savannah and found out that she got married to Tim. Heart was crashed as he kept dwelling with his past with Savannah but soon enough, John got to know that Tim has Melanoma and some complications after the treatments and surgeries. Savannah barely made it through the days but they both know they still love each other but it was too late. Savannah is Tim’s wife now and she loves him, but not exactly like the way she felt for John. It was this conversation that made them went on with their own lives as John told Savannah it’d be better if they don’t meet again, because in this way, it can only mean that Tim’s gonna be okay and John will never be with Savannah. Finally decided to take the money his dad left for him and contributed in Tim’s medication and in the end, Tim did not entirely recover but it seems that he has a better chance to fight the challenge now. And the hero and heroine did not live happily ever after. I couldn’t hold back my tears. It was a bit too much for me because I was afraid the same thing would happen to me. Hopefully not the death and the disease but the way their story ended. But all I can deal with now is the present, not the past nor the future.

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