Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back In Action.

Finally, 5 papers are done.
Left one more on the 21st.
At first, things are bright.
But now, they're all darker than ever.
I failed to make myself proud of what I did.
Enough said.

I planned to talk about lots of shit for this long awaited day.
But sigh. Not really in the mood.
So, this post is not gonna sound as interesting as I want it to be.

Well, there are few things I've been restraining myself to do due to exams.
First, I'm GONNA SHOP, SHOP and SHOP till I drop!
But, the thing is, I need to wait till I get my scholarship $.
Oops. I know that's bad but there's a reason why they give us the scholarship right?
So that we can help to spend their money. :P
Yes, that's me.
Welcome to my life.

Second, I'm so freakin' sick of my current hairstyle.
I don't think it's even called a style.
I'm gonna cut it short!!
I think I sort of decided to follow my sis' footsteps cause when she was in uni, she used to have different hairstyle for every semester!!
I cut my hair short last semester.
Still wondering what kind of hairstyle suits me best.
Any idea?

This was how my hair looked like before rebonding years back.

This was the length of my hair before I decided to cut it short after rebonding.
And exactly how I entered uni with.

After lots of complaining about the weather at my uni, I decided to cut it short!! The shortest I ever had since erm...very long time ago.

And this was how my hair looked like during a dinner.

This is my current hairstyle. Lame right. I know.

And now...the problem comes. What should I do with my hair? Curl it? Rebond again? Cut it real short or just short? What about my fringe? Should I have bangs?
Sigh. I've been thinking about it for quite some time.
I need opinions!!!!

Let's just continue with my to-do list after exam.
Next up would be...EAT, EAT and EAT!!
Yes, I love to eat and I think because of exam, I've grown fatter.
Even if not fatter, some good things are happening! HAHA.
*zips mouth*
Thanks to eat, study, sleep, eat and study again.
And not to mention, online in between of course. :)
And because of all this shit and stress,
I'm going to spend lots of money on food.
To grow fatter of course.

Basically, that's all I can think of now.
Shop, hair and eat.
I realised I have a weird habit recently.
When I'm revising halfway, I'll sometimes stand up and walk to my closet and guess what I'll do?
I'll start combing my hair.
For no apparent reason.
I think when I'm stressed, I do that a lot without noticing.
Weird, huh?
It happened quite often but I only realised it like yesterday?
Oh well.
I'm know I'm weird.
Till then, BYE!

ps: If you happen to find a lot of the 'shit' word in this entry, it was because I was very pissed off and upset earlier. Now, back to normal lame mood.


Jaryn said...

ur nightingale shirt!!!!!!!!!! hehehehehe!

Kokd said...

I miss your old hair.... sobs
Ah well, you might look like a new person with short hair.. which is not bad.. Although, longer might be better!

CL said...

ahh...yes Jaryn..I still wear that shirt but at home of course. Haha..where's yours huh? :)

hmm..about the hair thingy, a week has passed but i'm yet to reach any decision. poor me. sigh..

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