Saturday, March 28, 2020

This Too Shall Pass

Wow. How time has flown by.
Feels like we're living in such a weird world right now, with one virus taking the whole world down, killing 27k people and still counting, infecting a total of 600k people worldwide.
Sounds pretty much like a plot in a zombie movie, doesn't it?
But you know what I really feel?
I feel like this is like a wake up call for human beings, to look properly at the simple things we have all taken for granted these years, or even in this life.
To appreciate the little things we have everyday, ie: a hot cup of coffee at your favorite cafe, the smell of fresh air and sunlight in the open air, spending time at home with your loved ones, appreciating the good health we have right now in our hands.
With the Malaysian government announcing MCO since 18th of March, most people have been staying at home, hoping to at least not contribute to the stats of the COVID-19 in Malaysia.
It's not easy to stay at home all the time, to think of what to cook for every single meal and to not be with your friends and family at this crucial time.
But this too shall pass. Let's have faith.
Two months after my last post, I gave birth to a wonderful baby boy who has been a great addition to my world ever since.
He is such a joy to be with, very cheeky but it doesn't matter as long as he is healthy and happy.
Life as a mother is all I have imagined, tiring but there's only smiles at the end of the day.
I went back to work after 2 months of (unpaid) maternity leaves and since I don't have any family in the city, I entrusted my mom to be the caretaker of my baby...until our new place is done.
It's been an exhausting 1.5 years of continuous driving on the North-South Highway every 2 weeks, on Friday evenings after the mister and I are done with our work.
But we would not trade these weekends for anything in the world, as long as we have our arms wrapped around that little joy of ours for the short weekend.
At this point of our lives, we are trying our best to better our lives, to make sure we have everything ready for baby when he's back with us, hopefully by August.
I was supposed to start looking for daycare for him but the virus caused everyone in the company to work from home and daycare centers have since been closed until further notice.
Hopefully all these will wrap up soon and feel like a short few months of nightmare to all of us.
2020 didn't kick off to a good start but I hope it'll have a happy ending.
Till then, stay safe, keep yourself clean and take care of your hygiene all the time!


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Lunch at Wizards at Tribeca, Jalan Imbi

Ever since I got pregnant, it has been a little tough for me to go to cafes by myself especially those in KL because I'm not a KL native and I'm hesitant to walk far and alone, depending on where I park.
Now that I'm officially in my 3rd trimester, I shouldn't even be spending so much time outdoor!

Nonetheless, since it was Raya holiday, I decided to ask the baby daddy (got upgraded from babe haha) to bring me to this cafe at the heart of KL - Wizards at Tribeca.

I first heard of it from CKQ whom suggested it but we never made it there somehow so you can say I was pretty excited when I got to go there 2 days ago! 

The cafe is located at the bottom of Tribeca Serviced Suites (totally had no idea this place existed even though I passed by it quite a few times already!) and if you're not willing to walk like myself, there's a basement parking available.

Parking can be quite pricey there, on weekdays, it'll cost you RM3/hour but because it was a public holiday when we got there, it was RM8/entry.

Anyway, we reached there quite late at about 3pm so we didn't have to wait to get seated. 
First sight when we got seated:

Totally loved how bright the place a sucker for brightly lit space (only natural light though).
And would you just look at the ceiling deco!

For my lunch, I ordered their pasta - Magical Shrooms, creamy tagliatelle served with wild mushrooms, truffles and beef bacon bits: 

Magical Shrooms - RM34

I'm a huge fan of mushroom but I usually prefer spaghetti for my pasta and tagliatelle is something I usually avoid ordering but the mushroom and truffles got me and it was not disappointing at all!
For my drinks, I had the bold hot chocolate. They have a selection between bold or fruity for their hot chocolate but the staff told me the fruity one has a hint of wine so I decided not to go for it.

Bold hot chocolate - RM16

I love how thick the hot chocolate is. At the bottom of the cup, you can even taste the bits of chocolate and it really adds texture to it.

For dessert, aka baby daddy's main (he decided to go for the dessert because he's not a big fan of food unlike me :P) and I recommended him the chocolate molten:

Chocolate molten - RM24
For a chocolate dessert lover like himself, let's just say he's sold. :P

I didn't manage to taste the vanilla ice cream that came with it but I did have a few spoons
 of the lava cake and it was yummy! Only thing is that the chocolate didn't flow out like how a lava cake is.

Will I go back again? Of course! But will probably try to avoid the peak hours because I'll probably be too lazy to queue. :D


Saturday, February 24, 2018

Honeymoon Part 3: Tuscany

On our 6th day in Italy, Babe booked a day trip for us to the outskirts of Florence, Tuscany, to visit some of the famous tourist spots which are a bit of a hassle if we travel on our own.
The bus departs from the Firenze SMN at 9am so imagine how quick we had to be to make it to the bus that morning!
Thankfully though, the hotel staffs were very accommodating and understanding, and made sure we had enough food before we left for the trip.
The tour we took was The Best of Tuscany Tour and boy, we had a ball!
The host was amazingly friendly and even remembered our names so it felt a little more personalized in that sense. :)

The tour includes:

1. Visit to Siena, with a local tour guide who took us around the area such as the Piazza del Campo where horse races are (still) held at.

San Cristoforo - a Roman Catholic church

Posing in front of the Siena Cathedral

2. Visit to Chianti wineyard to have a traditional Tuscan lunch with a scenic view of San Gimignano. We even got to taste the wine and mingled with other fellow travellers!

3. Visit to San Gimignano, famous for its 360 degree scenic view of medieval town from the hilltop and award-winning gelato!

4. Dropped by the famous Tower of Pisa on our way back to Florence.

Won't leave Pisa without giving it a kiss!


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