Sunday, April 2, 2017

Honeymoon Part 2: Florence

On the 2nd leg of our honeymoon, we made our way to Florence via TrenItalia.
Everything went smooth until the evening when we arrived, it was pouring like mad!
We could have walked to our hotel with our luggage but we decided to take the mini bus instead since it was raining.

Dropped by McCafe for their warm pastries!

Not able to do much on a rainy evening, we decided to take shelter at the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore (Florence Cathedral - no fees to go inside the cathedral!) and to cross off the list of places we wanted to visit in Florence.

Breathtaking artwork on the ceiling!

Our 2nd day in Florence was so much better! Woke up to an amazing weather!
Decided to walk up to the rooftop garden of our hotel and look what they've got!

A beautiful rooftop scenery overlooking the Cathedral and on the far right, there were snow capped mountains!

Next up was to visit the Basilica di Santa Croce. The church is where some of the famous Italians such as Michelangelo and Galileo (I don't know the rest) were buried in.

As we arrived about 9am, we didn't have to queue for the tickets.We paid €8.00 to enter and took our own sweet time to be amazed by the work of art.

From Santa Croce, we made our way to the Museo di Palazzo Vecchio where we continued to be fascinated by the amazing artwork of the famous illustrators and it was just so easy to roam around and get lost in the museum for hours because it's almost never ending!

Ticketing details can be found here.

We bought the Museum + Tower and Battlements for €14.00 each and if you're planning to head to the tower, prepare yourself to climb 416 steps to see this view:

It was no less awesome.

After all the climbing, we headed for lunch before walking to the famous Ponte Vecchio, where almost everyone in Florence was (it was so sunny and crowded!).
The ponte is lined with jewellery shops so make sure to drop by and have a look if you like gold!

View from Ponte Vecchio
With nothing much planned after that, we headed to Boboli Gardens to spend the rest of our evening there while waiting for the sun to set.

Boboli Gardens was huge!! I don't even think we covered all but I believe we did good enough to see what Boboli Gardens had to offer haha.
As we were there quite late in the afternoon, we did not make it to visit the Silver Museum and only managed to walk around the gardens and a quick walk at the Costume Gallery.

Part of the Boboli Gardens.

The next day, we went on a day trip to Tuscany! More on that in my next post!


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