Saturday, September 17, 2016

Wild Honey Brunch @ Mandarin Gallery, Singapore

Making a trip down south to Singapore is never a good choice now that the Ringgit is traded at 3.0 against SGD..I can't even...

But I had pretty good reasons to make that 2-day trip to Sg last June with the girls - I was on a 3 week break before transitioning to a new job (or rather, back to my old company) so I really wanted to take a break from everything before it all starts again.

One of the places I've wanted to try is Wild Honey for their brunch menu. I went there with OCY whom was my roommate and as tourists, we were obviously unfamiliar with the places and got a bit lost while trying to locate their Mandarin Gallery branch.

At the entrance of Wild Honey @ Mandarin Gallery.

OOTD details
Top: Laced cropped top from Zara
Bottom: White jeans from Zara
Sandals: Charles n Keith

We waited quite a bit (probably 15 minutes) before we were seated. The place is kinda cosy except the part where we had to be seated at a long table, side by side with total strangers. Don't quite fancy that because it feels like we don't have much privacy for the price we were paying :P

Stranger left shortly after. Haha.

Hmmm fancy napkins.

While waiting for our food, I took a few snaps for remembrance as I usually do.

I do appreciate the hipster-ish vibes at the restaurant but I'm not sure what else I appreciate other than the ambience.
Service and food was pretty...meh for me.

Finally our food have arrived! Serving was pretty small for me and the toasts were a little too hard for my liking.
We had the European (wrapped in bacon) and Norwegian (wrapped in salmon), which are their versions of eggs Benedict) and which to my opinion was really nothing special. :-/

Unfortunately, the experience was quite a disappointment probably because I did put some sort of expectations on it after hearing so many people raving about it.

Would I go there again? Well, I did 2 weeks ago...ONLY TO BE DISAPPOINTED AGAIN.

The 2nd time around, I didn't even bother taking a photo of their looks like something I can do on my own at home and I had no idea why I paid RM100+ for it!!

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