Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Wedding Diary Episode 2: Of Choices and Advices

I'm sure we all have heard it all before: Marriage is NOT a 2-person affair.
It's more than that.

If you're lucky, it will usually involve just the family and the couple.
If you're a little unlucky, it will also involve the family, the friends and the couple.
If you're just pure unlucky, it will involve all of the above and people whom you have not even heard of but decided to stick their nose into your marriage affair anyway.

Depends on how you see it, my marriage planning so far involves the family, the friends and us.
I have no one to blame but myself because I'm always the play-nice type where I don't like to hurt anyone's feelings and eventually I end up being the one getting hurt.

In terms of family, there'll be issues on...well, everything.
As much as you want to have your OWN say in certain things, there'll always be some family members who will think that it's best if you do it their way because after all they are the ones who have the experience, not you.
They will think that you do not know how to look for reception venues, pre-wedding shoot, bridal gowns, bridesmaids' (and best men's) attires and duties, flower bouquet, videography, well, you get the gist. Pretty much EVERYTHING.
Worse is when you tend to deviate from their opinions, they will end their sentences with, "Ok la it's up to you. It's not my wedding anyway." I can practically see my blood veins ON my skin now.

As for friends, from selecting bridesmaids (AND MOH), to deciding who does what and when, who to follow you to the bridal shop to select the gowns, etc, all these should sounds rather easy, you'd say?
See what I meant when I said I always play nice?
I know it's my wedding and I should just do what I want. 

But...if you think of it, my wedding is just one most 2 days. 
These people will be around more than just those 2 days. 

Anyway, quick update:

We have finally decided on our bridal shop and pre-wedding photography!

More to come!


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