Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sharing Sunday #3 - Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush vs Real Techniques Foundation Brush

Don't know what to talk about for #SharingSunday! Thought I'll just make a quick post on the foundation brushes I have and now I'm only sticking to one! Find out which one below!

1. Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush

Dense but soft synthetic bristles, feels really comfortable on the skin. 

2. Real Techniques Foundation Brush (from which is now acquired by Sephora!)

Curve in at the middle part of the brush allows good grip of the brush during application.
The bristles are out of this world. I'll explain below.

So the background of the Urban Decay brush is that I wasn't happy at all with the Real Techniques foundation brush I bought from Luxola.
In fact, because of that, I actually thought Luxola could potentially be a scam website because after all RT brushes are highly raved and with the first use of the brush, I already wasn't excited about it anymore!

Not too sure whether it applies to everyone but I noticed some of the reviews on (the now obsolete) Luxola's website has poor review due to the same issue which I'll share below.
If you're thinking why I still bought it even reading those poor reviews, it is because I was stupid laaa ish.
I was in the impression that if so many people raved about it, a few bad reviews should be quite common, no? How wrong I was!

Upon my first foundation application using the RT brush, I was appalled to see visible streaks from the bristles on my face! Everyone knows you're not supposed to have those streaks on your face if you apply your foundation correctly.
It happened every single time I used it without fail and as much as I tried to smooth out those streaks, it just takes too much of an effort and the bristles are honestly a little rough for the skin.

As for the UB Optical Blurring felt like man made heaven I tell you.
If not mistaken, I had Babe bought it for me for Valentine's Day (men say you have to tell them exactly what you want, hinting doesn't work) and I have been loving it since!
The application was easy and the bristles are oh-so-soft!
I have been using it with the various liquid foundation I have and so far it's nothing but great!
The optical blurring term used on this brush is true! In fact, it's a Photoshop term and it means blurring the flaws (my own definition hahaha).

So there you have it. UB is more expensive than the RT one but so far, it's really worth it!


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