Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Red Bean Bag & Pavilion Christmas 2015 Decorations

Back again! This time, I went back to The Red Bean Bag in Publika, Sri Hartamas because I really missed their Eggs Benedict!

Usually I'll order the hot latte to go with it but the weather was a tad too hot so I got the iced latte instead.

Iced latte.

My all time favorite Eggs Benedict!

The reason I liked RBB's eggs Benedict is because they have mushrooms and the spinach was really good too.

Another up point is the toasts they made are always soft and fluffy which goes really well with the eggs, the Hollandaise sauce as well as the mushrooms and spinach.
I dislike hard toast breads. :-X

It would be even better if they have asparagus though. :P

It was around Christmas time so I decided to visit Pavilion to see their decorations this year.

Sadly, it wasn't as impressive as the previous years...however the photos I took below were before the decos were lit up.

Sponsored by Swarovski.

My Sony Alpha 6000 definitely made the decos look nicer. :P


Bukit Bintang entrance to Pavilion.

I wrote a letter to Santa!

and mailed it to him but Santa no reply. :(

Abrupt ending so that I'm able to post up my older photos!

Till then!


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