Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Year's Eve Dinner at Beast, The Intermark

Here's us right for our New Year's Eve dinner!
Initially, we didn't have any plan but Babe said it's New Year's Eve and we should do something nice. 
I've always wanted to visit Beast at The Intermark so we called to book on 30th Dec. Thankfully it wasn't fully booked! :)

My date for the past (almost) 12 years. ;)

Yours truly.

I kinda love the ambience at Beast. It's a little too dimmed but overall it's fine because it gives out that rather romantic vibes and the staff were attentive as well.

Took some shots while waiting for the food.

If not mistaken, steaks are one of the main purposes people come to Beast.
I ordered the pan seared sea bass (I had way too much steaks for the past weeks, so I'll just pass) while Babe ordered the tenderloin (if not mistaken).

Pan seared sea bass with potato risotto and mushroom.

I love the potato risotto! It's my first time having it and I thought it was commendable.

Babe said the steak was pretty good too. I tried it but I still think nothing beats Maria's Steakhouse's steaks! :P

Tenderloin steak.

We ordered the portobello mushroom for was yums!
This side dish cost RM45 but it tasted really unique with the cheese cubes which tasted salty but they complement the mushroom really well.

Some shots of the menu:

A happy girl after a satisfying last dinner of the year. :D

After dinner, we moved on to the rooftop bar on the 29th floor - The View at G Tower.
Thankfully we came here to The Intermark at about 7.30pm and avoided all the jam!
The huge crossroad in front of The Intermark was in a grid lock by the time we finished our dinner, around 9.30pm.

Our New Year's Eve view.

There's a club and a bar at G Tower. We're too old for clubbing so we went to the bar instead haha.

One last photo together before we call it a year!

Last but not least, Babe surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of roses!
He knows I didn't have a good year in 2015 and he wanted to make sure that at least I ended it in a more beautiful way.

Especially after he told me how much he went through just to secure these flowers! :-X

Thank you dear. I can't help but to keep saying how pretty these roses are.

Have a good year ahead, everyone!


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