Sunday, January 17, 2016

Sharing Sunday #1 - Sephora Galactica Loots!

Okay. I totally came up with the title randomly.
I thought if I come up with specific series, I might actually stick to it at least on a weekly basis. :P
Let's see how it goes!

To kick start my first Sharing Sunday, I'm gonna talk about the beauty stuff I received from Sephora recently.
Sephora is undeniably every vain girl's heaven. Ever since it came to Malaysia, I have made it my go-to beauty shop even if I am only interested in feasting my eyes without making any purchase. :P

Last month, the Sephora Gift Galactica bus made a brief stop at Nu Sentral and I was lucky that my office is right next to it! Since I was waiting for Babe, so I decided to join in the fun and it was fun, indeed (for me at least)!

There were tonnes of goodies to give away and guess who was one of the ultimate winner haha!!

Here's what I got from them:

I have not used these goodies yet so I'll review them when I do! :D

Sephora sleeping mask.

I've always wanted to try this Sephora sleeping mask since they launched it not long ago but could not justify spending the amount for something so...little. But am so excited now that I got it for free!

Nail buff!!

Hehe another goodie that has always been on my list since my (very few) pampering manicure sessions. Never got around to buying because again, it's not cheap!

Sephora Pearl eye mask

I'm gonna try this tonight! Will review it soon!

Fresh beauty goodies!

One of the most expensive ones in my loot of freebies! Am totally excited to use them up during my short travel trips! :)

First Aid Beauty (FAB) face cleanser! 

Can someone tell me how do I use these? Are they cleansing wipes aka make up remover? Or can I use them as a replacement for facial cleanser?

Butter London in Ruby Murray.

I have wayyy too many nail polish so this is on my Carousell list now.

Look up for me on @clconquers to see my listing!

That's it for now! Will share more when I've used them. :)


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