Sunday, November 15, 2015

Yeast Bistronomy At MidValley

Brunch time yesterday! I seldom do brunch outside these days but yesterday was an exception because I got to hang out with the ladies!

We went to Yeast at MidValley and oh boy I was late. I always somehow tend to dilly dally when it comes to unofficial appointments with family and friends but thankfully I am not like that professionally. :P

Eggs Benedict with turkey ham - RM22

Girls being girls, after months of not catching up, we had SO MUCH to talk about!
We basically sat there from 10am (well I was there at 10.30am :-/ ) until 3pm. Yup..that was how long we chatted!
Soooo good to see them again! :D

With ma ladies from ex company!

Then on my way back, since I didn't have coffee at Yeast, I decided to grab a quick cup from Starbucks..also because I wanted to buy their Christmas tumbler.
I have been resisting myself from splurging since August so just let me be ok!! :(

Oh #redcup, sometimes I feel like I live from Christmas to Christmas only for you.


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