Saturday, November 7, 2015

IKEA Work Desks and Jumpstreet KL!

Productive Saturday! Today marks our first year of moving into the new place and it's been really exhilarating and tiring all the same.
Exhilarating because we have all the freedom to do anything we want (or don't want :P) and tiring because it's not easy to be cleaning the house, making sure everything is in order, well, at least we try. Haha.

So ever since we moved in, we have been using the dining table as our working table and I really wanted to get a proper work desk for Babe because he works till the wee hours at night and I think he deserves at least a chair that will provide sufficient support.
We decided to go to IKEA and it turned out great because we got almost all that we wanted!

Vain pots on the way to IKEA early in the morning!

We cannot possibly leave IKEA without having their meatballs!

This is half of what we bought: Hers.

Haven't put up the photo frames though.

His side is basically the same table but black in color and a Torkel swivel chair with cushion to provide better support when sitting.
Nope, he does not have any decoration like mine ahahah what! I only thought of how to decorate mine and initial plan was to have one table only ok. :P

Anyway, I asked Babe to accompany me to Jumpstreet because I've always been wanting to go there. He obliged (hehe) and so we went!
I bought the 2pm session but we were late so we only had 30 mins left by the time we stepped into the court.

Jump Babe, jump!

Crazy hair don't care!

I was a little disappointed when I found out we only had 30 mins left but Babe said it's more than enough!
Indeed, I almost felt like puking in the first 5 minutes but got better after that haha.
Honestly, 30 mins for a beginner like me is really more than enough!

All them flush after all the jumping and sweating!

I will definitely be back again next time, Jumpstreet!


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