Thursday, October 22, 2015

Taiwan Day 2 - Sightseeing At Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall & Mengjia LongShan Temple

For our 2nd day, we decided to do some sightseeing.
There are actually a few places in my mind but I thought that it might be a little too short a time to go up North for the National Palace Museum and Beitou Hotspring hence we only managed to go to 2 places for sightseeing - Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall and Mengjia Longshan Temple.

But before that, we went to the famous braised pork (Lu Rou Fan) chain restaurant - Formosa Chang to have a quick breakfast.
The one we went to was at the Houshanpi MRT Station, where Wufenpu, the famous wholesale shopping district is located.
To get there, right after coming out from the MRT station, take the Wufenpu exit and walk towards the main junction.
Without crossing the road, turn left and continue walking until you reach the junction below. Formosa Chang is directly at the corner of the junction.

I had no idea what lu rou fan is until I tasted it. It's basically tau eu bak in Hokkien + rice. I love it!

This is how the restaurant looks like from the inside.

We wanted to go to Wufenpu after having breakfast but it was too early and we reckoned the shops are probably still closed.
Hence we headed to Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall which is conveniently located at the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Station! Damn easy I tell you! It's only like a station away from Ximen Station.

The exterior of the hall and the garden surrounding the hall.

Ahhh...I love old buildings like these!!

The 3 musketeers in Taiwan! Haha.

Changing of guards ceremony at the altar. I saw nuts but thankfully my camera screen can be tilted hence I can snap from as high as my hand can go..

So heavenly alright! This was where the exchange of guards ceremony was held at.

The bonus of our trip to the CKS Memorial Hall was that we were mesmerised by an amazing voice throughout our walk there..
Little did we know it was Yoga Lin Youjia who was rehearsing for his concert later that day!
Such soothing voice and he just kept performing!
CKQ was totally smitten by him and she just stood there and stared at him the entire time! Haha. 

After all the walking, we decided to have lunch at a restaurant which apparently has the best xiao long bao known as 杭州小籠湯包 (I think it's called Hangzhou Xiao Long Bao) which is located along the opposite shoplots on the left corner of CKS Memorial Hall. 

Radish cake! Yums!

The famous xiao long bao! If only there is more soup though..felt a little dry for me. :-/

Siew mai! (I think)

After all those walking and eating, it's time for our next stop - Mengjia Longshan Temple.
I requested to go to this famous temple because well, it's famous!

Loved the CKS Station!

Next up is Mengjia Longshan Temple! This place is even easier to get to!
A look up on the MRT route, you'll notice Longshan Temple MRT station is just below Ximen station! Easy or what??

Getting stares from uncles who all speak in Taiyu...

Upon alighting from the station, you'll notice a corridor where there are lots of uncles playing Chinese chess etc along it.
Anyway, walk out from the corridor and you'll see a temple with a rather majestic looking entrance below:

Doing all the touristy thing.

Another one!

It was a rather quick pit stop at the temple though we did pay our respects and walked a little around the temple.
After that, it was back to XMD for dinner. Ahh, time passed so fast when we least expect it!

Snack along the way was at this little corner store selling all sorts of fried stuff eg: chicken, squid, mushroom.

For dinner, we went to a cute risotto restaurant which requires ALL OF US to order at least one set meal each because that's their policy and NO ALA-CARTE is available except for take-outs. Wtf?
This is how they earn money kns.

The portion was so huge leh!! How to finish!! None of us could finish the risotto and the set comes with soup some more wtf. 

The only good thing about the restaurant is that it has a very cute golden retriever:

Just look at that face, will ya? How to say no??

Since I didn't like the food, I decided to compensate my feelings by taking a photo with the cute retriever :)

BEST.SHOT.EVER. Hahahahahha.

So, for Day 2, our itinerary was:

Formosa Chang Lu Rou Fan --> Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall --> Mengjia Longshan Temple --> Ximending

Day 3 begins shortly!


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