Sunday, October 18, 2015

Taiwan Day 1 - Shilin Night Market

For this year, the girls and I headed to Taiwan for a short getaway. E was supposed to join us too but she got sent to Cambodia and forgot that it's also a long holiday there...zzz..

Anyway, here goes a brief of our 6D5N trip to Taiwan!

Obligatory mid air photo! Ahh, them shades of blue just make my day!

We took Air Asia X and it landed on time at Taoyuan International Airport.

The first sight of the airport upon arrival.

Our first stop in Taiwan was Taipei. If you're going to Ximending (XMD) like us, upon landing at Taoyuan Airport, head down a level and get a Kuo-Kuang bus ticket to Taipei (NT$125).

Kuo-kuang bus that will take you directly to Ximending via Taipei Main Station.

While waiting for the free shuttle bus from Taipei Main Station to Ximending.

The shuttle bus will stop by the side of the huge XMD junction and you can easily just follow the crowd to go to shopping area.

Part of XMD at night.

Entrance to XMD in the morning.

It was a Saturday night when we reached and the crowd was crazy! There were soooo many people around!

Common crowd scene at XMD.

We booked an AirBnb at XMD which can accommodate the 3 of us nicely here -
If you would like to know the exact direction of the place, you can comment below with your email details. It's not that easy to figure out because we had to call the owner while he directed us to the AirBnb.

Everything about the room was amazing except for the fact that it seemed more like a guesthouse than an AirBnb but it's fine for us as the place looks exactly as shown in the photos on AirBnb so we're good nonetheless. :)

Our Day 1 itinerary was:
To reach XMD by 5pm (actually we reached at about 6 I think) --> Shilin Night Market.

Wasted no time and headed out to Shilin Night Market via MRT.

Their MRT was really easy to figure out! It would be helpful to have a printed MRT map like the one I had on my hand in the photo above hehe.
Do stop at Jiantan Station instead of Shilin Station as the former is supposedly nearer to the night market.

First look of the night market upon coming out from the station.

Madness continued at the night was so crowded we were basically touching shoulders with strangers!
It didn't help that it started to drizzle a little when we reached.

A little food galore ahead! I don't really snack but my 2 other friends went crazy with the food!
So many choices and some of the famous stores really have queues that are ridiculously long!

Extremely huge sausages, anyone?

I suppose this is a typical scene at Taipei's most famous night market..

Quail eggs for NT$20!

Yummy beef cubes!!

More sausages and skewers!

Apparently eating at a temple's steps is a quite a common thing to do..

Our tam chiak faces!

We had the skewers on our hands because it was almost impossible to find trash cans!
It's either the visitors here are really dependable that they don't simply dirty the streets or there are just lack of bins around...

Apparently a quite famous fried chicken..the queue was very long!

Freshly fried and super hot. A little too spicy for my liking because the chilli wasn't distributed evenly so some parts were not spicy at all while some are too hot!

It's not just about food at Shilin, you can also play lots of games there!
Among the games we played were:

Goldfish scooping - Catching goldfish with paper! So fun and exciting because the papers are easily torn! 

Mahjong tiles - match the tiles to form a Bingo and get a prize of your choice! 

That's all for our first day. We had too much food and it was a good night market experience though we could hardly feel our legs that night...


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