Sunday, October 4, 2015

Nara Kitchen & Co., Damansara Uptown - #narawithlove

The girls and I went over to a new coffee place last week called Nara Kitchen & Co.
If you're new to Damansara Uptown, it might be a little difficult to spot the cafe because the entrance only says "Nara", like this:

Photo taken from
There's usually a person standing in front of the cafe to usher you in. 

Loving the spacious looking area in the cafe. Simple and minimalistic.

Here's what we ordered:

Brilliant breakfast pudding, totally beautiful!

Plain Jane croissant


Fresh lobster in a bread roll and fries.

I think the food is a little overpriced but I have got to give it to the environment and the atmosphere.
Didn't manage to ask my friends how's the food as I only had latte but I didn't hear them raving about it after that so...hmm.


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