Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Shu Uemura Foundation Review: Lightbulb Foundation vs. skin:FIT Cosmetic Water Foundation

This is the review I have been waiting for for the past months!
Finally after experiencing these 2 foundation, I can come up with a short review on them and which is my favorite!
I will not go into details as I'm not a make up expert and I do not want to fake things up by pretending as if I know what cosmetic water is!
So, here's my side by side comparison on both foundation based on 4 major characteristics of the foundation:

1. Bottle design

Lightbulb: Sturdy and heavier than skin:FIT's. Cylindrical shape, just like skin:FIT, no gripping issues. Nothing unique.
skin:FIT: Smaller than lightbulb and easier to bring around for travelling. No gripping issues, too!
WINNER: Draw, depending on the situation at which you are using the foundation. If you travel a lot, skin:FIT would be a better choice.
2. Texture of liquid

Lightbulb: Thick with buildable coverage. Perfect for those who like to look flawless upon application.
skin:FIT: Lightweight and more liquid than lightbulb. Pouring the foundation onto the palm might be a hassle as the liquid tends to run down the lines on the palm so extra caution is needed. 
WINNER: Lightbulb for me, of course! I love foundation that does its job well and hassle-free!
3. Application method

Lightbulb: Comes with a unique custom sponge. Both ends of the sponge are catered for different purposes. The rounded end is to give you a flawless and glowy finish while the sharper end is to enable you to reach the corners which are difficult to reach.

skin:FIT: Also comes with a pentagon-shaped sponge with a brush function on one side to pick up the liquid and spread across the face while the other side is to absorb the excess liquid.

WINNER: Draw, cannot be compared directly since both application methods are different.

4. Finishing look

Lightbulb: Glowy, smooth and dewy look.

skin:FIT: Lightweight and no finishing powder needed. Suitable for those who do not like heavy make up.

WINNER: Lightbulb because I'm all for the glowy look!

I guess it's pretty obvious I like the Lightbulb foundation better haha. 

skin:FIT is great for those who are not used to heavy make up and prefer to wear foundation on a 
daily basis as it is lightweight and the coverage is just nice for daily usage.

Lightbulb on the other hand gives a really good glowy finishing which I really love because it can transform my dull skin to a healthier-looking one!

Hope this helps!

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