Sunday, September 6, 2015

#AskTheChef - Brunch at VCR


How's everyone's weekend? It's been quite a stressful week for me at.....home.
Well, a little stress from work but it's still good but at home, it's a little out of control.

So, for the past 2 days, it's been nothing but relaxing thankfully!

Photos are taken with Sony Alpha 6000 with no editing.

My view this morning.

#OOTD this morning. Striped skirt from Tapas Fashion in Paradigm Mall. Flats from Tizio, Pavilion KL.

Sunday is never complete without a good cuppa! (and brunch as a bonus :P)
So I took Babe to VCR which I have went once here with the girls but it's an entirely new place for him!

VCR full menu and price

Latte at RM 12.

Usually Babe will order the big breakfast but he changed his mind this time and ventured onto something new:

Turkish Egg Style (RM26) comes with chickpeas, chicken chipolata, spinach Greek yogurt, toasted pistachio and poached eggs and sour dough at the side.

Unfortunately, he didn't like it. It tasted a little odd for him probably due to the yogurt.

While I had this:

Potato waffle (RM24) - Russet potato waffle, mushroom friccasse (I don't know what it means too), herb salad, tomato fondue and poached eggs.

I'm always a sucker for mushrooms. Honestly, this was the reason I insisted to come to VCR again.
It didn't quite disappoint but I think it could use more flavours?
Tasted a little bland and I'm not a fan of the herb salad..I thought it was spring onion initially. :P

Verdict? Totally not worth the price but I don't mind trying new things, just not too sure if I'll be back for the same food.

Have a good week ahead!


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