Sunday, May 3, 2015

Yazbukey for Shu Uemura Collection - Out in Malaysia Now!

Being a Shu Uemura fan for the longest time, I couldn't resist myself when I got to know Shu Uemura will be collaborating with Yaz Bukey, a Paris based accessory and jewellery designer after the successful Shupette collaboration with Karl Lagerfeld and his famous cat, Choupette.

Excerpt from the Shu Uemura US site:

Shu Uemura collaborates with Paris based accessory and jewelry designer Yaz Bukey for a frivolously fun and irreverently chic collection. Yaz Bukey is a fairy tale heroine come to life- the Paris-based Ottoman princess descends from Egyptian royalty. She reigns over her own queen-dome, the Yazbukey brand, worshipped around the world for its tongue-in-cheek feminine sophisti-pop.

Did I tell you I went to the extent of buying the Shupette cleansing oil (I had to hold myself back for the other items in the collection) on the very first day when it was launched in Malaysia? Yes, my addiction is that bad!

For this collection, we were informed that it focuses a lot on the eyes and the lips (pretty obvious right) and a very colorful one indeed!

There are 4 types of Yazbukey styles to adopt from this collection:

1. sexy YAZ (red) - it's all about the party yo~
2. smart LOLA (green) - sharp, intelligent and well-centered
3. romantic BETTY (yellow) - charming old-Hollywood style
4. daring TINA (blue) - creative, daring and stunning in avant-garde

Which is yours?

More photos of the collection:

So colorful! Here's the romantic Betty and sexy Yaz. I went for the sexy one haha!

How about the smart and daring one, anyone?

The range of the collection includes (with price):

1. i love my shu shu palette - RM296.00
2. custom case duo - RM 29.68; pressed eye shadow refill - RM62.60
3. lasting soft gel pencil - RM90.10
4. rouge unlimited supreme matte - RM82.68
5. dual fit pressed powder compact case- RM51.05
6. stage performer smooth-out instant pore blurring primer - RM153.70
7. cleansing oil - ranging from RM286.20 to RM381.60 for the different types
8. POREraser UV under base mousse SPF 35 PA+++ - RM134.62
9. flip color yaz / dazzling flare tina false eyelashes - RM71.00

The launch event was held at shu uemura, 1 Utama. Look who were the VIPs!

Gorgeous ladies of GBGTV. Too pretty!

There were even some finger food for the guests, so high tea-like with all those tiers!

This has got to be the one that caught my eyes the most:

Cupcakes with imprinted Yazbukey collection, anyone?

Brenda, who's the shu uemura MUA demonstrated how to create the sexy YAZ look in front of us.

The girls were also pampered with a manicure session! :D Totally feeling the love~

Here's mine:

Hehe so cute right!

That's all for the collection now! Grab yours at the nearest shu uemura outlets (wtf like spokeperson like that)! 

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