Sunday, May 10, 2015

Review: O!Mega Lash in Blacquer by Marc Jacobs Beauty

I am really enjoying myself talking about beauty, aren't I? :P

Anyway, I have a lot of beauty products and I really want to share it out on my blog!

Today, I'm gonna talk about one of my recent purchases  - the O!Mega Lash in Blacquer by Marc Jacobs Beauty.
If I'm not mistaken, Marc Jacobs Beauty has just surfaced not long ago despite being in the fashion industry for so long.
In Malaysia, Sephora carries a wide range of Marc Jacobs Beauty and I decided to review on the mascara for this post.

My previous holy grail for mascaras was Majolica Majorca's Lash Expander but I have passed that phase now that my requirements for mascara are more towards thick and long lashes.
MM is really good in holding the curls but they are not thick enough for me.

So for Christmas last year, I asked Babe to get me the Marc Jacobs one after drooling over it for a few weeks. Haha.

This is how the mascara looks like:

The bristles look pretty common and even when I first opened it, I noticed there are already some clumps on the bristles which is a no-no for me!

Notice the clumps?

Here's how it looks on my straight (sigh) lashes:

Normal lashes with no curls and mascara.

My curled lashes after using the eye lash curler.

Here's after applying a coat of O!Mega Lash in Blacquer.

Honestly, I'm very disappointed with it! Although I've only applied one coat, the formula weighs down my lashes in no time!
I understand that this mascara is more towards volumizing which could be the reason why my lashes are being weighed down so quick!
I'm sure with a second coat, I will get back my straight lashes. :(

So, unless you have really nice curled lashes naturally, I would advise you to go for other mascara which is of lengthening rather than volumizing.
This is epic fail for me. :(

In fact, last weekend I actually bought one lengthening one and I'll share it in my following posts!

Till then!


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