Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy 28th to Me!

Not sure if it's a good thing to still be announcing my age this year now that I'm nearing 30, but heck, it's not like it's a big secret anyway.
So yes, I'm 28 this year and I celebrated it with a bang!!
IGC KL division was discussing on how they want to celebrate my birthday a few weeks before so they came up with a few suggestions to get the green light from me. Hehe.
Here's what we did!
1. Checked in to Doubletree Hilton cos I have points to spend! Woohoo!

A huge mirror along the corridor? Take pics of course!

Called the hotel to tell them I'm celebrating my birthday with my friends that night. #beipaiseh But..they spelled BIRTHDAY, BIRHTDAY. Wtf...

Vainest of them all!

2. Birthday dinner at Cantaloupe! Totally being spoiled silly by the girls :P

This is...foie gras lollipop? Can't remember what it's called.

I had this! It's fish and it's yummy..oh god. I can never blog about food.
My lovely companions for the night.

It's not everyday we get to go to such place, so we're not gonna act all high class and pretend it's totally fine not to take any photo... :D

OCY and CKQ!

I can haz balloons on my birthday!! :D
3. Back to hotel, awaiting for Miss Chan to appear..

Evelyn joined us later after having dinner with her parents. We actually asked the parents if we could join them for dinner. :P 

Love this shot!! Thank you CKQ for bearing with the bimbos.. 

Yay everyone fit in the frame!

Love this too!!
4. The next day, we went for high tea at Majestic Hotel, KL. Seriously, any reason to pamper ourselves silly. Haha.
I'm not a fan of desserts but look at them tiers!! How to say NO??

Hehe very creative blotches of food paint? on a white chocolate.

Last but not least, the ladies without whom I would have a very dull life here in KL:

Thank you for the love. :)

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