Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking Back at 2014

Woah. I think that is my word for this year. 2014 flew by just like that even before I can blink an eye. 
I still remember vividly what I did on the last day of 2013 and after that, everything just happens in lightning speed.

Here's how my 2014 has been (in no particular order):

1. Visited 3 countries - Singapore, Philippines and US!

With the one whom I've spent almost 11 years of my life with. :) In Singapore for our 10th Anniversary!

On a horse carriage with our lovely host in the Philippines!

Biz trip cum personal trip. Holler at DC!

2. Finally made a resolution for the year - to conquer Mount K. Hey, my blog didn't get its name for nothing you know. I usually don't believe in resolution but because we made a booking last year for the climb with a group of friends, I want to make sure that I achieve it no matter what. 

And guess what, I did it!

3. A family affair - my sister and Marcus got married! Also, my second time in Borneo (with the first one during the trip to Mount K haha)!

So happy for my parents. Finally one of us is married. Haha.

4. Revisited Redang Island but this time with the stars!

Many of them not in the shot though. Loving the moments!!

5. Decided that life is too short for any regrets and decided to take the plunge to do things out of what I would normally do.

Cut bangs!!! The last time I did it was probably.......I don't remember at all.

Partnered up with Babe to be Sandy and Danny in Grease. I never would imagine there will be a day when I would curl my hair up like this. *faints*

Traveled solo to New urge to visit the city overcame my fear of being alone.

6. Moved into our new house! Not done with the house warming yet though..
Thanks for coming!!
7. Learned that lives are too fragile especially with my dad not being at his best of health, lost of friends' loved ones and aviation tragedies which all happen too close to home.

8. So, I ate a lot more, lived a lot more, tried to love a lot more and bought a lot more stuff (sampah or rubbish according to Babe) so that I keep my happiness level as high as possible.

That's pretty much my 2014. I hope everyone will have a much better 2015 together with their loved ones.

Signing off for the year.

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