Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Good Batch, Damansara Uptown

I'm blogging about food today! :)

This time, it's The Good Batch at Damansara Uptown, along LDP Highway on the way to 1 Utama.
It's just one of those days in the month of June which I took leave just because I needed a break from all the hoo-hahs at work.
What better way to chill than to have a good brunch!

The interior of the cafe.

As I was alone, I only managed to order a dish and a drink to go with my food.

Here's what I decided to have that day:

Latte - RM8.50

Portobello Road - RM19.90

I'm a sucker for all things mushroom. Give me any mushroom dish, I'll just eat them like I've never had any mushroom before. :-/
It's not surprising that I ordered portobello because from the reviews I read online, it seems like it was going to be great choice!

But, it's wayyy below my expectation. As I sliced the portobello, the juice oozed out and I know a lot of people seem to think that it's juicy and nice, but I think the juice is a little too much that it eventually affected the taste of the lettuce, bread and dressing,
It's just too much of a portobello juice for me.

My brunch! Just in case you're wondering, Miranda Kerr is not naked on my phone wallpaper. ;)

Overall: 4/10. I didn't quite like the seating arrangement in the cafe. Some seats require you to share a table with other customers and some customers just can't seem to stop shaking the table. :-/ I eventually changed my seat to a single one. The latte is normal but the portobello was quite a disappointment.

Till then!


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