Tuesday, November 11, 2014

My Pet Peeves

Today, I decided that I should write about something personal because I need to remember, my blog is not just about beauty products. :( Although it does seem my life revolves around it.
Anyway, I'm going to talk about my pet peeves today.
Just in case if some of you were to wonder what a pet peeve is, here's the proper definition for it:
pet peeve or pet hate is a minor annoyance that an individual identifies as particularly annoying to themselves, to a greater degree than others may find it.
In other words, it's something (could be an act of a person) that you get easily annoyed at but not necessarily annoy others.

Here's my list!

1. People who dry their hands by shaking them vigorously after washing.

Let me explain further. You have a sink in front of you which I believe fits at least 2 pairs of hands. Okay if you want to argue, at least it fits both your hands!
So you wash your hands and decided to dry them by shaking the water off. Someone also happens to be washing their hands beside you.
Instead of shaking off the water in the sink, you think that it'll be easier to do it outside the sink.
Next thing you know (most of the time the person who does this doesn't seem to know), the person who is washing their hands beside you gets all the water from your act of hand drying.
This is probably the mother of all my pet peeves I tell you. Damn brainless.

2. People who do not flush everything away in the toilet bowl.

Nobody likes to see the waste of anyone else's except their own babies' perhaps. But it doesn't harm or hurt the eyes if you were to ensure you flush away your own waste before leaving the loo.
I can understand if the flush doesn't work and there's no water hose/pail to fill the water, then maybe you should just put down the toilet cover to indicate that.
But if everything is there and is working well, wth can't you just spend a few more seconds to ensure everything is clean and proper before you leave the toilet??? Urgh!
If you're wondering why it's all about the loo, it's because I go to the toilet very often and these are the things we could easily miss but it's important to know it's part of the washroom etiquette.

3.  People who do not switch off the power switch after using.

This is a bit subjective. To me, it's okay if you don't switch off the main hall lights or room lights in your house if you were to go out for the night and come back right after. But if you have switched off your laptop or done charging your phone, wouldn't it be great if you can switch off the charger as well???
It's like you just leave the power on with nothing connected at the end of the wire. I don't get it. :S
Yes, it's about the people! Things that annoy me easily are usually done by other human beings.
But please, this is rather personal as it's MY pet peeves. What's yours?

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