Sunday, October 12, 2014

Talika Photo-Beauty Therapy Workshop at Chinoz, KLCC

Few weekends ago, I was privileged to get to attend a workshop organized by Talika, in collaboration with Sephora Malaysia.
I invited CJ along to enjoy this girly pampering session with me at Chinoz, KLCC! :) Thanks for accompanying me babe!

We were the first to arrive at the event venue because we're cool like that and the Talika staff invited us to enjoy the refreshments while waiting for them to set up the place and also the arrival of other guests.
Coincidentally, both CJ and I were starving so the food came just in time! :D

The event started with Talika staff - Cindy, briefing us on the origins of their products. From what I recalled, Talika was accidentally discovered by an eye doctor who was treating a patient with burns at eye level.
And it happened that the eyelashes and eyebrows of the patient started growing! :D
That is why Talika's eyelash/eyebrows lipocils is one of their best-selling products.

Rebecca then continued by providing us with the details of the Talika products. We started off with the cleanser - Photo-Gentle Cleanser which all the guests were given a hands on experience! Really like that part of the workshop because it allows you to feel the effectiveness of their products.

Photo-Gentle Cleanser

After the cleanser, it was time to scrub our face with Talika's Photo-Pure Scrub. This scrub works as an exfoliating treatment for the skin as it removes the impurities and it also helps in refining and brightening our skin complexion. Just like any other facial scrubs, it's recommended to use twice a week.

Photo-Pure Scrub

Next up is the toner, which in Talika's case is the Photo-Hydra Lotion.

As Rebecca put it, these days, most customers tend to prefer the brightening effects than whitening. So, Talika came up with Photo-Beauty Therapy Brightening Serum. I like that the serum feels lightweight and it absorbs fairly quick.

We were allowed to choose the moisturizer we wanted to use - either the brightening cream or the anti-aging. Of course I chose the brightening one! Same as CJ :)

We also got to try the infamous Talika Light Duo+. If you haven't heard before, this sleek device which is slightly bigger than a palm's size, works to improve our skin texture and condition by using light and vibration.

This nifty little thing has different functions, which include smoothening wrinkles, illuminating complexion and as well as improving the absorption of the active ingredients of Talika's products.

The Light Duo+ has 3 types of light - red, green and orange which target different skin concern as below:

Red light - Anti-redness
Green light - Anti-dark spots
Orange light - Anti-wrinkles

Rebecca chose me as the guinea pig of the lot. Haha.

I love it! I like the tingling sensation on the skin which is the effect of the light penetrating our skin. :)

Other Talika products which were given to us to try include the cream booster and eyelash lipocils, which is their best-selling eyelash growth serum.

A quick snap on the event of the day:

Talika products can be found at Sephora stores in Malaysia.

Thank you Sephora Malaysia for the invite!


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