Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bio-Essence Mini Miracle Bio Water

Ooh, it's been so long since I last blogged!
I have only one excuse to that and it's been repeated one too many times on the blog so I shall just hush.
Anyway, I've been itching to buy a facial mist for the longest time but didn't get to it because I just can't justify the price for a bottle of what-seems-to-be-like water to me.
One day, I happened to come across this new mini miracle bio water (still sounds pretty much like water to me) and thought of giving it a try.
I bought it at Watsons during its introductory period for about RM7 plus.

The mini bottle fits perfectly in anywhere!

Comes with a spray head for easy distribution of mist.

Apparently, it's not only for the face but many more! 

Verdict? Oh, I LOVE IT!
I'm usually the worst person to clarify my feelings or judgement on things but this has proven to save me lots of those nights I hang out with friends right after work.
I have combination dry skin but somehow (most probably due to my foundation) my face tends to become oily after a whole day of work.
And trust me, it's really disgusting to go out with a face covered in oil especially on those T-zone!
So what I usually do is, I keep this spray in the car and while on my way to dinner after work, I just grab it and spray lightly all over my face and voila! I'm good as new :) 
My face feels refreshed as though I have just washed it and all I need to do is to put some face powder and you probably can't even tell I just had a long day! :)
I've not tried it on other parts like hair and body though but I won't hesitate to try it.

One question though, does water work the same way too?
Maybe I should try spraying some water on my face next time and compare. :P


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