Sunday, April 27, 2014

Life's Not Free

Just like the famous saying, "There's no free lunch in this world". Unfortunately, there are many in this world who are born with a silver spoon in the mouth.
Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong to be born with that but to grow up with the thinking that life is always a piece of cake and all you need to do is chill, is very, very wrong.

In my 27 years of life, I have obviously not seen it all. However, I've been lucky enough to go through the ups and downs of life, with much more to come in the future.
Growing up, I've never had a birthday party thrown for me or a birthday cake (I only remember the small party I had with my family when I was 1 year old because there were photos).
I've never known how it feels like to have tonnes of birthday presents laid on the table filled with cake and snacks and to have friends come over for a birthday celebration because my family could not afford it.

My parents work so hard just to be able to put some rice on the dining table with simple dishes such as eggs and tomatoes. 
If we're lucky, my grandmother will cook up delicious food such as chicken curry and prawns for all her grandchildren.
And because of that, I am thankful. I am thankful that none of us among my siblings is spoilt and none of us made my parents' lives difficult by wanting the impossible. (Well I did throw a tantrum when I was small for not getting a doll for my birthday but I was too young to know what was going on then. SORRY MOM!)
Every year during my birthday, my mom would give me a red packet with a small amount of money (about RM12 by the time I know the value of money) and that is all.
I even remembered telling my mom I wanted a bicycle if I scored straight A's for PMR, which I did but didn't quite get the bicycle.
Needless to say, I was disappointed because I didn't feel rewarded after all my hard work but the feelings passed after some time. 

As I grow up, I begun to realize that nothing in this world is FREE. You want something, you go get it yourself.
Nobody is going to feed you unless you're disabled or something (that is also if you're lucky enough to have someone to take care of you).
It's you who have to get a grip of your own life and if you're not willing to help yourself, sorry to say, no one will do the deed for you.
There's no right or wrong in life. If you messed up, stand up for your mistake and learn from it.
Life is cruel, move on, suck it up and be a better version of yourself.

But I'm glad that now the most difficult times have passed for my family. Since I was young, I can't wait to graduate so that I can join the workforce (rat race in other words) so that I can provide for myself and my parents.
I've stopped taking money from my parents (angpows are not counted) the moment I stepped into uni.
I sustained myself with the PTPTN loan I took from the government and no, I don't agree to abolish PTPTN repayment because I got my degree thanks to the loan and I'm more than willing to pay it all back.
Now that I have started working for real, I couldn't be happier. Please, no Masters, no PhD. I've had enough of books and papers.

What I'm trying to say here is that we all want a good life. Nobody will ever deny that.
But how many of us know that good life does not come by doing nothing beneficial to yourself?
Good life does not come by shaking your legs, waiting for money to fall from the sky every month.
If you want a good life, you go get it. If not, don't fucking complain about it.

Up till today, my mom never fails to remind me how difficult life was back then so that I will always remember to appreciate the little things in life and not to take things for granted.

Happy Mother's Day, Mummy. I know this is early but I need to write this down before my blogging mojo disappears again!

Disclaimer 1: I know I do not have the worst of life but I am only writing this for those who have almost everything in life yet do not seem to know how to appreciate it aka LAZY people.

Disclaimer 2: This is actually not a Mother's Day post but my mom made a huge impact in my life. I am who I am today because of her as well.



lalala said...

i was given 1 extra hour of "computer time" for my birthday.
it was happy time back then haha.

CL said...

Oh, that's a luxury already! :)

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