Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Arthur's Day 2013

Ooh, it's been really long since I attended any concert or parties (wait, do I even attend parties?) but this year, Babe and I decided to go all out because heck, we are not getting any younger!

Anyway, about 5 weeks ago, on 27th September (totally googled that up), Babe and I decided to go to Arthur's Day concert because 1) we've never been to any Arthur's Day before and 2) it'll be fun to do such impromptu things while we still have the energy left!

So off we drove to Sepang after my team dinner (thanks babe for waiting for me!) and thanks to my boss, we got free tickets! At first we were rather reluctant to go because we didn't wanna pay RM130? each to a concert with bands which we are not particularly craaaazy over. But thankfully, we got the free tickets at the very last minute! :)

When we reached, Five For Fighting had already finished their act and The All-American Rejects were just starting!

The All-American Rejects lead singer, Tyson Ritter owning the stage!

More of Mr. Ritter ;)

I must admit that Tyson Ritter could easily win any girl's heart that night. He was witty, entertaining and surprisingly, very sporting! He was acting very funnily on stage, rolling from places to places (literally)!

Tyson getting the crowd excited!

At the end of their performance, I was really glad I made it to The All-American Rejects' act because they were really great in getting us in the mood since we just came not long ago.

After a short break, the most awaited band (for me, at least) finally showed up! The Wanted was almost sure to bring the whole house down as they were the last performers of the night!

Gearing up to start screaming.

Siva acknowledging the crowd.

Crazy people of the night!

Max, Siva and Jay feeling the heat.

The crowd singing along with The Wanted.


With the ladies whom I wouldn't have even thought of going if it weren't for them! 
Really loved the energy brought by The Wanted...it wasn't much of a dream come true as what I felt when I was in Avril Lavigne's concert but it was one hell of a feeling to be there!

The night did not just end with The Wanted, the organisers even had fireworks to mark the end of the Arthur's Day concert! Just awesome!

Both Babe and I went back with our hearts still pounding from standing really near to the speakers and smiles of course!

My favorite performers of the night? The Wanted, of course! I know most of their songs compared to All American Rejects!


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