Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Lucky Star

To be honest, I don’t even know where to begin counting my lucky stars. I know this is not just a coincidence, since it’s a business trip for a reason but sometimes, with a little luck on your side, you can make your dreams into reality. In this case, it’s my dream to come back to London again.

I’ve been bugging Babe for years now ever since my first holiday in London to visit him during winter. I kept telling him I would really love to visit London again as a working adult.

There’s this thing about London that makes me want to come back here. You can call it the posh-y? feeling (but I was nowhere near living a posh life during my holiday here, more like a struggling student with limited pocket money) I felt just by being able to come to London, the crowded central London or the endless shopping in Oxford St.

After only 4 weeks here, I began to sit down and have a thought over it and these are the reasons I came up with on why I love London:

      1. The people

That's Lily Cole on the screen reciting story to me. @.@
People in London are not as friendly as those back home. Being the hub of…everything, the people here come from all walks of life, just like KL. They tend to appear really cold especially on the non-expression facial expression (if that makes sense) but when they notice you need a helping hand, they won’t hesitate to lend you theirs. I met several Samaritans while I’m here myself. :)

      2. The weather


This is my first time experiencing summer in London and I really love it! It’s funny how when I went to London in 2010, it snowed on the first day I arrived. A friend told me that it was the first time it snowed so early in the 4 years he was in London. The snow was really bad that it caused flights being delayed and people getting stranded in the airport due to heavy snow. Now that I’m here in summer, the heat wave decided to hit London. News said it’s the worst heat wave London has ever experienced in 7 years and it has caused many deaths. Mind-boggling indeed. Despite the heat wave which lasted for several days, the temperature is only about or slightly above 30oC. Most days it’s less than 25oC so it’s really nice to walk in.
      3. The travelling convenience


Everywhere in London (or out of central London) is pretty well connected. Just get a travel card (Oyster) and you can travel almost anywhere in London. If you get a weekly/monthly pass, you can hop on to the bus/train/tube for as many times as you want as long as it doesn’t expire. The fee can be rather expensive (about GBP4 each way) so it’s always more worth it to get the weekly/monthly pass if you are staying for several days.

      4. The architectures


I’m a sucker for Victorian-styled architectures. There’s just something so old and genuine about these buildings that I can’t get bored looking at them. To be honest, I’m not quite a history-ish person and I don’t really bother much about the history behind the buildings. All I’m attracted to are the designs and how interesting they look. These are very rare as we don’t get to see them back in Malaysia.

      5. The shopping

*hyperventilates* If you haven’t been there and you have some free time, do go to Google map and use the drop to have a real look at Oxford St. *hyperventilates again*

      6. The scenery

With a little help with some allowances, I managed to travel to quite a few places around and out of London during weekends. If you ever decide to visit UK, please go to Stonehenge. Despite it being one of the wonders of the world, I’m actually more attracted to the scenery surrounding Stonehenge than the rocks themselves. It’s all green (a little dry since it’s summer) but I just felt really calm and if I wasn’t following a tour, I would have just lied on the grass and stare endlessly at the clouds!

That’s pretty much what I can think of for now. I have 2 weeks left in London and I really hope I’ll be able to find even more reasons to love it.

Okay, I know a lot of you go on business trips so I sound like I'm making a big deal of it but I feel this way because I've always wanted to come back to London, so like I said, it's really like a dream come true and everything is paid for wtf.

ps: The pics are not all from London. But you get the idea. :P


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