Thursday, August 1, 2013

1st Weekend in London - Hilton London Green Park & Oxford Street

This week marks my 4th week in London, darn, it's been too fast!
As much as I hate to be alone, I actually find that spending time with myself is actually not bad after all.
The loneliness usually hits during the weekdays when I feel demotivated to go to work but when it's the weekend, it's a whole different story!
So I've been spending my weekend away from London (most weekends) because I'm entitled to it! :D

I reached London on Saturday so I pretty much didn't go out of London on that weekend because travelling so much in a day is rather tiring.
After meeting up with my colleague, we went to Camden Market, too bad didn't take any photo because I didn't wanna look too touristy in front of my boss. :P

Anyway, I'm gonna share my first weekend in London in this post.
So, the first hotel I stayed in London was the Hilton London Green Park.
Located at Half Moon St, it's only less than 5 minute walk to Green Park and a short distance away from Hyde Park.

Entrance of Hilton London Green Park

Basic bathroom amenities.

Bath tub!

Peter Thomas Roth toiletries products. Meh, not that I know what brand is that. Kinda like the beads in the shower gel though. :P

Queen sized bed for one person.

The nearest tube station is well, the Green Park Station. A rather colorful one I must say.

It's pretty convenient to get around London because the tube/underground stations are pretty nearby.
I always feel safer even when I'm walking alone in London as compared to *coughs* KL because people in London basically don't give a damn about what you're wearing or doing.
However, you can see the soft spot of them as many of them will give a hand to people in need.

On Sunday, I decided to walk around Oxford St. (accessible through Oxford Circus Station, Marble Arch Station and Bond St. Station) but alas, most of the shops there open at 11am or 12pm!
And guess what, the shops close at around 5-6pm on Sundays! Damn I like their work-life balance!
Oh, in case you didn't know, Oxford St. is a very famous place to shop in London, carrying labels like Topshop, Mango, Jane Norman, Dorothy Perkins and etc.
Primark is usually the brand that will come to mind whenever one mentions shopping in London.
It's a 4? storey high retail shop and it's very affordable, you can get a decent dress for less than GBP10!

Selfridges entrance.

Selfridges on the other hand carries brands like Marc by Marc Jacobs, Ted Baker, Alexander McQueen, you get the drift.

Oh and breakfast was at Angus Steakhouse, just next to Bond Street Station along Oxford St.
Bleh, typical English breakfast..getting tired of eating fries/potatoes, really.

*lost blogging mojo suddenly because I'm distracted by the tv*

Anyway, first weekend in London was pretty much spent roaming around familiar streets and landmarks.
Many more interesting weekends (and really dull and stressful weekdays) ahead!


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Catherine said...

This is a nice hotel and it has all amenities. How long is it from Stansted? I think I can hire a minicab to Stansted from here.

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